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Day 1 - IFA International

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NEWS Beko Targets New

NEWS Beko Targets New Markets The Home Appliance brand leverages IFA to announce global expansion plans Beko Barcelona fridge Hakan Bulgurlu and Eric Abidal Beko, Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brand, has set its sights on significant growth by expanding into Asian Pacific and North American markets. Speaking at Beko’s IFA press conference, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of the Turkish parent company Arçelik, said the company’s aim was to be one of the top three brands in every market in which it trades. Beko is currently already sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Bulgurlu said: “Beko is our leading global brand and is already performing strongly in Europe. We will maintain this, while taking the Beko brand to new markets in America and the Asian‐Pacific region.” Bulgurlu said he is determined to create a trade corridor between Turkey and Asia Pacific to build a stable, reliable foundation for the business, adding, “We will build a ‘Beko Road’, just like the historical Silk Road expanded trade from the East to the West, taking market leading positions in countries along the route.” “Beko has been Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brand for the past seven years. We have increased our market share in leading markets like France, Italy, Spain and Poland. We continue to perform strongly in the United Kingdom, the most competitive market in Europe, where we are the best selling brand”, said Bulgurlu. Bulgurlu said the key to Beko’s global success is partnership. The brand has positioned itself to create solutions to everyday tasks and challenges that improve its customers’ lives. Launched this year, the brand’s global campaign – Official Partner of the Everyday – aims to build connections with customers and cement the concept of partnership. NEW APPLIANCES INTRODUCED @ IFA Beko introduced new technologies in cooking, cooling, laundry, dishwashing and small domestic appliances. The brand, which has been a partner of FC Barcelona since 2014, also unveiled a range of four FC Barcelona co-branded refrigerators. In the cooking category, Beko unveiled its Split&Cook and Surf technologies, which enable users to cook “your food, your way” with specially developed temperature and timing controls. With Split&Cook, the ovens 82-litre capacity is divided into two sections, allowing consumers to adjust the cooking function, temperature and time settings of the two cavities as needed. With the added Surf technology, additional hot air is blown from the side walls of the oven ensuring food can be cooked evenly. Beko said that Surf technology also results in up to 30% faster cooking. Beko’s new built‐in hob features HobToHood technology that enables the hood to receive information on which cooking zone is used and what the cooking level is, and automatically adjust the ventilation levels, according to the active zones on the hob. BEKO LAUNCHES SMALL APPLIANCES Beko also made its first move into the small domestic appliance category with the launch of four products: a kitchen machine, bean-to-cup coffee machine, vacuum cleaner and iron. Hall 5.1 Stand 101 28

NEWS Dr Markus Miele, Managing Director, Miele & Cie. KG, during Miele Press Conference @ IFA 2016 Miele Unveils a Plethora of Innovations @ IFA Expanded product line-ups and the launch of Miele’s first bagless vacuum cleaner Dr Reinhard Zinkann, joint managing partner of Miele, told journalists at IFA that with the launch of his company’s latest washer-dryer, WT1, the company is sending out a strong signal to the industry: 4kg of laundry washed and dried in less than three hours. Dr Zinkann said, “These machines offer increased capacity, starting with a 7kg load in the wash cycle and 4kg during drying; for more laundry, the WT1 range offers a version with an 8kg load capacity (wash cycle) and 5kg (drying cycle). These machines can be linked to the Internet via a WLAN connection. Miele announced that a laundry care lexicon and a programme assistant for washing and dishwashing has been added to the Miele@mobile app which is used to control domestic appliances. By the end of this year, Miele said that networking applications will be available in most European countries. Also in home laundry, Miele announced that, for the first time, its entry-line washing machine, W1 Classic, will offer the exclusive CapDosing feature. The T1 Classic tumble dryer, meanwhile, will include a fragrance dispenser (FragranceDos). Dr Zinkann said that Miele’s new G6000 EcoFlex dishwashers require less than an hour for an A-rated wash cycle. He added, “In the Eco programme, the dishwashers even surpass the required value for a topclass A+++ energy-efficient programme by up to 20%.” Dr Markus Miele, joint managing partner of Miele, unveiled the Blizzard CX1, Miele’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. Mr Miele said: “Blizzard CX1 protects the user against the exposure to noise levels which are so typical of this product category. And add to this Miele’s proverbial quality and many a clever detail which can be found nowhere else.” Miele previewed its new ArtLine series of built-in appliances. The entire collection of appliances dispenses with handles, blends in seamlessly with the flush furniture fronts. Mr Miele said: “Full, flush glass fronts and integrated appliance displays characterize ArtLine design which encompasses a variety of products and therefore allows entire kitchens to be designed without a single handle.” The portfolio includes ovens, combination steam ovens (for 45cm and 60cm recesses) as well as steam ovens with microwave. Miele has also launched the TwoInOne, which combines induction technology and an integrated downdraught extractor. On the 80cm wide hob unit, the centred extractor is framed by two variable PowerFlex zones. The Two-In-One extracts vapours and odours reliably and precisely where they originate. There is no need for consumers to change their habits as pots and frying pans with a variety of diameters can be used. In this respect, PowerFlex technology proves to be exceptionally versatile, allowing two individual rings to join up automatically when large pots or pans are placed on the surface. To mark the 30 th anniversary of Miele’s thirdlevel patented cutlery tray, the company is offering its customers the Jubilee SC with attractive features. The most salient feature of the Jubilee SC is the new entry-line pricing for models with the 3D cutlery tray which have now been reduced by around €200 Hall 2.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2016 29

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