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Day 4 - IFA International

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SOUND SYSTEMS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Qualcomm's ALLPLAY Allows listeners to use the native control apps of their favourite streaming services 2 Dual multi-room modes Share the same music throughout the home in Party Mode or different music to each speaker location with Multi Zone 3 Sound-enhancing Technologies Second generation LincsD-Amp applies noise shaping technology; XBS Master amplifies low-frequency sounds; Multi Band Gain Control eliminates unnatural sounds; H.BASS adds harmonics PANASONIC ALL STREAMING MULTI-ROOM SYSTEM With Panasonic’s new ALL system, users can stream to any one of their units directly from a number of music streaming apps. Party Mode sends music to multiple speakers simultaneously via a dedicated Panasonic Music Streaming App. » HALL 5.2 STAND 101 Panasonic’s SC-ALL8 is one of three different kinds of speakers that make up the Japanese giant’s excellent new sound system. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 New sound Added dynamic equalisation delivers richer bass and finertuned audio at any volume 2 Smarter Speakers Smart session management lets users return to previous listening sessions 3 Fresh look Fashion speaker grilles available in a range of neutral and vibrant colours Jongo T2X Multi-room Speaker JONGO X MULTI-ROOM SPEAKER SYSTEM Pure announces the Jongo X Series, a major update to its Jongo multi-room speaker system that delivers a fresh look, a new audio profile, and enhanced overall performance. The update builds on the recent ‘Bluetooth Caskeid’ innovation that enables users to stream any music service such as Spotify to single, stereo or multiroom speakers from any smartphone or tablet. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 113 HAMA DIR3100 INTERNET RADIO Hama is heading its digital and internet radio line-up at IFA with the leading edge DIR3100 radio. A bright 2.8-inch colour display shows what’s being played from the internet via Spotify Connect, or from an FM or DAB network. The integrated Wi-Fi streaming function lets users transfer music files from a smartphone, tablet or PC directly to the DIR3100. » HALL 10.2 / STAND 101 Hama Digital Radio DIR3100 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Colour Display The current programme or playlist is vividly displayed 2 Create Favourites A Hama web interface allows users to generate ‘favourites’ playlists 3 Spotify Connect Connects directly to the user’s Spotify account at any time DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY W9 WIRELESS SPEAKER The W9 is part of Definitive Technology’s Wireless Collection, a total solution for distributing audiophile-grade music any time, anywhere in the home. The flagship wireless speaker, the W9 is created for audio aficionados with unrelenting performance expectations. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 204 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 “Tri-Polar” dispersion Three-way transducers deliver exceptional dynamic range and extraordinary bass response 2 Multi-device Streaming Music services, internet radio and your personal music libraries can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer 3 Definitive Technology Apps A free app allows users to mix-and-match speakers and to future-proof their home audio system W9 Wireless Speaker IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 39

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