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Day 6 - IFA International

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SPECIAL FEATURE - SoUnD GEAR DESIGn AnD PowER FRom PLAnTRonICS & ALTEC LAnSInG ThE LEGEnDARY SPEAkER-mAkER ConTInUES To PUSh STAnDARDS By Gary Smith Altec Lansing - Orbit USB iML237 Premium headset manufacturer Plantronics has just announced the new Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth earpiece. The Discovery 975 is the latest evolution of the Discovery 925, which was lauded for its superior audio quality and innovative lightweight design. The earpiece encompasses AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies, which deliver natural sounding voice in harsh noise environments, coupled with Plantronics’ inbound audio quality, comfort and durability. “Consumers expect great outbound noise cancellation in a premium headset but they are tired of sacrificing usability, comfort, and quality,” said Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA Marketing Manager for the Plantronics Mobile Division. “At Plantronics, we have Plantronics - Discovery 975 Bluetooth spent nearly five decades perfecting all aspects of headset design from inbound audio quality to fit. For customers seeking the perfect blend of innovative design and advanced audio technologies, the Discovery 975 is the ingeniously simple solution.” Altec Lansing, a division of Plantronics, Inc., has introduced the inMotion Classic, a digital speaker system for iPod and iPhone, with an FM receiver and builtin rechargeable battery. The system is keenly engineered for portability and versatility of use. Compact and lightweight, the inMotion Classic folds flat to the size of a small book and includes a multi-function handle. “Mobility is becoming more and more important in everyday life,” said Adrian Bedggood, Altec Lansing’s Consumer Marketing Manager. “With the new inMotion Classic, anyone can conveniently share their personal music experience. From iPhone shielding, automatic shut-off when the handle is in pack mode, all the way to the remote control cubby, Altec Lansing spent a tremendous amount of time listening to the demands and needs of today’s consumers.” Altec Lansing also announced the new Expressionist Ultra (MX6021), a distinctive and powerful three-piece home speaker system for computers and MP3 players. With 200 continuous watts (RMS) delivered in a dramatic design, the Expressionist Ultra is one of Altec Lansing’s most powerful computer audio systems. Its boom comes from five digital amplifiers powering five separate drivers. Each speaker driver - the 3-inch midranges, the 1-inch neodymium tweeters and the 6½-inch long-throw subwoofer - is individually fired and powered precisely as the source demands it. The result is outstanding audio detail and earthshaking bass. “We take pride in understanding our customers’ wants and needs, and in creating products that fit their lifestyle,” said Bedggood. “These days, more people are keeping all of their music and entertainment on their computer. So sound quality is very important to them. They want an audio system that sounds great and plays loud without distorting their favourite artist, movie scene or video game. The Expressionist Ultra speaker system fits the bill beautifully.” Another new launch is the Orbit USB (iML237), an ultra-portable USB-powered speaker. The Orbit uses the convenience of plugand-play USB connectivity for netbooks and laptops to enhance their video, music and presentation capabilities. This powerful little speaker features Altec Lansing's Audio Alignment craftsmanship, which precisely aligns the driver, the enclosure and the electronics. The result is astounding volume, clarity and depth, and the circular Altec Lansing - inMotion Classic shape provides a 360 degree sound field. Built to survive tough travel conditions, the Orbit USB includes a tanglefree connection with its USB cord storage. “There are two broad and immediate use-cases for the Orbit USB,” said Bedggood. “College students rely on their laptops for much of their entertainment and the Orbit USB can be tossed in a backpack and provide instant sound at any time. Business people can enhance their presentations with board-room filling sound from the Orbit USB, which is small enough to pack in a briefcase. Whether you like to listen to music, watch YouTube or simply need better audio for professional situations, the Orbit USB’s plug-and-play audio can improve your mobile lifestyle.” From Showstoppers AdvertoriAl The Olympus LS-11: an award-winning pocket studio reloaded The new Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder delivers an unbeatable combination of hightech audio quality, portability and creative flexibility. This ensures that crisp and rich audio recordings can be captured anywhere from the office to thestreet, or from the dance floor to the lush soundscapes of the natural world. A new editing feature even allows files to be edited in the device, while Auto Recording makes sure no important sound is lost by switching on automatically once a certain audio level has been reached. In addition to extra long battery life, the LS-11 boasts a whopping 8GB of internal memory plus an SD card slot to extend storage options. The high performing, sleek and compact silver LS-11 will be available from September 2009. Hall 17, Stand 106 16 IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

at w w SPECIAL FEATURE - SoUnd gEAR SERIoUS ABoUT SoUnd? gET HIgH WITH HARMAn InTERnATIonAL By Neil Crossley L-R: Thijs Linthorst, Dinesh Paliwal and David Slump of Harman International Executive Officer of Harman International, admits that the company made a “big loss” in what has been its worst year economically. But Harman International has responded by launching a wealth of innovative new products, an approach that has induced a new energy and spirit. We have launched 100 brand new products between our consumer and professional products over the last fiscal year. We have done the same in automotive. If you pick any luxury car, whether it’s Porsche, Ferarri, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Maserati, they’re all with Harman today. “The economic downturn affected us in our sales but we invested more into R&D,” he said. "If you invest now, when others are cutting back, it’s going to help you. So we are launching. I’m sure that all these new products will make the big difference.” Outdoor Exhibition space / 100 Anyone with a serious interest in audio will be familiar with Harman International, the high-end audio company, whose brands include JBL, Becker and AKG. At IFA this year, the company is located in the Berlin Funkturm (radio tower) and is unveiling a raft of inspirational new products. According to Thijs Linthorst, General Manager EMEA, Harman Consumer Division, the decision to exhibit at the Funkturm is symbolic of the company’s ambitions. “We wanted to use IFA and the tower as a sign that we’re rising above the mass suppliers of consumer electronics,” said Linthorst. “We want to be the highend player and we need to bring innovation and new designs, so that people know if they buy something from Harman, it’s top notch.” Earlier this week at IFA 2009, two such Harman designs won prestigious awards from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). The Harman Kardon HK990 two channel amplifier was given the EISA award for Best European Amplifier in the category of amplifiers while the Becker Traffic Assist Z205, a dynamic GPS system, won Best Portable Navigation System in the incar electronic category. “It’s always important to get EISA awards because people look to them for assurance of the quality of the product,” said Linthorst. Other Harman International products on display at IFA include the JBL/Roxy headphones, funky designs aimed at the youth market, the JBL Creature III Desktop Speaker System, the Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0 speaker system and the AKG K316 In-Ear Headphones. Linthorst stresses that the company wants to get away from the “perpetual downward trend on price”. So far, he says, all the signs are that the company’s trading partners love the new approach. “We want to move out of that rat race of mediocre products,” he said. “One of our taglines is 'Professional sound comes home'. With Harman International, you’ll always see unique design and great sound.” Like most CE companies, Harman International has acted swiftly to counter the effects of the economic downturn. Dinesh Paliwal, Chairman and Chief Download Podcast Download Video at w w JBL Creature III Desktop Speaker System IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 17

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