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News New Rapoo Outdoor

News New Rapoo Outdoor Speakers At IFA, Rapoo was expanding its existing lineup with a range of new wireless products for the European market. Rapoo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of peripherals in the wireless segment and the first manufacturer of products featuring 5 GHz wireless technology, holds an impressive 42 % market share in China and is continually expanding its product portfolio. With its 2x 7W output, the A650 Bluetooth Outdoor NFC Speaker will provide the soundtrack to accompany any adventure – big or small. Its IP55 (IEC 60529) rating, ultra-robust design, and silicone cover fully protect the speaker against dust, shocks, and splashes. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the A650 delivers crystal-clear sound with a range of up to 10 m and with 360° coverage. Its NFC function makes it a breeze to connect to the speaker: Simply hold the NFC-equipped device to the speaker and the connection is established automatically – and if Bluetooth is disabled, it is enabled automatically too. The integrated li-ion battery offers up to 10 hours of pure music listening pleasure even when the volume is cranked up to the max. The speaker will also be available in a variety of color combinations. Unique Moktak Speakers Get Upgrade as Moktak Pro Mighty speakers like no other – portable, foldable, stylish and with stunning sound reproduction, connecting to all devices via Bluetooth – that is Moktak. A year ago the colorful speakers by Yamazoki came to the market and immediately gained a lot of attention with the mobile and trendy younger generation, everywhere around the globe. The unique design, influenced by the wooden percussion instruments of Buddhist monks, and the brilliant colors are eye-catching and have supported the international sales success in a very competitive market. Now Moktak Pro has been unveiled during IFA, same stylish appeal but with clearly enhanced performance. Amazing stereo sound reproduced everywhere with impressive bass, on the go, during sports activities or in leisure times. The foldable speakers consist of two hemispheres which close to a well-protected ball via magnetic clips, easy to transport. The bendable bar between the two sound speakers serves as a handle. The red dot design award-winning speakers offer a perfect sound with 2 x 5 Watts and rich bass. The built-in recharcheable battery provides power for up to eight hours of continuous operation; they can be recharged at the micro-USB port. Moktak Pro by Yamazoki will be available end of September 2015 in eight colors, red, blue, white, pink, orange, yellow, black and green. The World’s Most Compact DAB Radio Modules from Quantek In response to the increased use of DAB radio modules on various audio applications, Quantek introduced at IFA 2015 the OSLO - SiP DAB module for DAB radio applications in all major categories, especially for those applications with limited housing space concerns. With only 12mm X 12mm dimensions, OSLO is the world’s most compact DAB radio solution integrating RF tuner, baseband processor, audio decoder, and application processor on a single device. The benefits of OSLO include Digital Radio UK Tick Mark compliant, saving of 75%+ PCB area, enhanced performance, low power consumption, lower manufacturing cost and ecure the design elastic. 14

News Mainboards D3313-S by Fujitsu with AMD Embedded G-Series SoC also Available as a Kit Solution The Fujitsu mini-ITX boards D3313-S series are now available in two new AMD Embedded G-Series SoC versions. The new boards offer a significantly improved CPU and graphics performance and configurable TDP values. With the new AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs comes the boost mode. It can increase the SoC’s frequency and also includes environment variables such as temperature and adjusted TDP. The temporary increase of performance amounts to up to 200MHz for the D3313-S4 and up to 400MHz for the D3313-S5. Fujitsu offers for all models of the D3313-S a kit solution with extensive accessories such as housing, riser cards for expansion cards, Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) by Infineon, a wall mounting kit, desk stands and diverse cables. Additionally there are three cooling solutions for various application scenarios available: a passive cooler for TDP values up to 10W, a passive heat pipe cooler for TDP values up to 15W and an active cooler with PWM fan control and monitoring for TDP values up to 25W. All parts of the kit solution are CE and FCCB certified and climate-tested. This enables customers to assemble application-specific systems easily and cost effectively. HTC Vive, a Virtual Reality Headset Which Brings Virtual Reality a Big Step Closer to the Mass Market Developed in collaboration with Valve, Vive combines the Steam VR tracking and input technologies by Valve with the world famous design and the technical expertise of HTC. Vive offers you a comprehensive VRexperience with which you can immerse yourself from moment to moment in new worlds. HTC and Valve have presented a 360 degree solution with tracked controllers that enable you to stand up in a virtual room, walk around and explore the room, inspect objects from every angle and to properly interact with the environment. The VR headset sets new standards in terms of performance and offers high quality graphics, with 90 fps and an amazingly clear audio playback. A screen with 1,200 x 1,080 pixels in front of each eye, with refresh rates of outstanding 90 frames per second, displays photorealistic imagery that fills your field of vision in all directions, eliminating the jitter common to previous VR technologies and brings you into another world. Carry More Items and Less Stress with the Drifter from STM As the technology of laptops and tablets progress, so do the designs of their cases and carrying bags. STM has taken the process a step further and engineered a backpack built for the technology inside. The Drifter conceals two floating sleeves crafted for holding a laptop and tablet safely, making it ideal as a transitional bag from a weekday commute to a weekend excursion. If the Drifter is dropped, the floating electronics pockets will remain safely suspended inches above the ground. Constructed with water resistant fabric for the main body and reinforced bottom fabric, the Drifter is tough yet fashionable. The Drifter is designed to be worn for extended periods of time with a 3-D foam mesh back panel for increased airflow. “The Drifter is a devicecentric backpack built for any situation,” said Adam Ziegelman, Vice President of STM. “From the suspended laptop and tablet sleeves, to the fleece-lined pockets, to the form-fitting rainfly the Drifter is designed to safely transport technology.” The Drifter from STM is available in graphite, olive, or red. IFA International • Monday 21 st September 2015 15

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