has not become any less urgent these ten years on. What

would it mean if more and more people thought seriously

about their future and the future of the world? Imagine how

things would be if we could live our lives infusing them with

a sacred meaning; if our end-of-life care were always lit by a

sense of awe in the face of death; and if we looked on life

and death themselves as an inseparable whole. What would

be the effect of seeking to make love and compassion the

measure of our every action, and of understanding, to any

degree, the inmost nature of the mind that underlies our entire

existence? This would be a true revolution, one that would

free men and women to discover their birthright, that inner

dimension so long neglected, and unite them with the fullness

of the human experience in all its mystery and grandeur.

Sogyal Rinpoche

Lerab Ling, France

November 2001

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