Bruce Greyson has also said he believes near-death experiences

occur for a reason: "Based on my watching near-death

experiences for a number of years, I think that we have these

experiences in order to learn how to help others."

Kenneth Ring sees yet another extraordinary possibility and

meaning to the near-death experiences. He asks why so many

people are now having such experiences and going through

spiritual transformation at this time. For many years one of the

bravest pioneers in the field of near-death research, he has

come to see the near-death experiencers as being "messengers

of hope," speaking of a higher and more noble spiritual reality,

and calling us to change urgently every facet of how we live

now; to end all war, all divisions between religions and peoples,

and to protect and save the environment:

/ believe ... that humanity as a whole is collectively struggling to

awaken to a newer and higher mode of consciousness,... and that

the near-death experience can be viewed as an evolutionary

device to bring about this transformation, over a period of years,

in millions of persons. 44

It may be that whether this is true or not depends on all of

us: on whether we really have the courage to face the implications

of the near-death experience and the bardo teachings,

and by transforming ourselves transform the world around us,

and so by stages the whole future of humanity.

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