"'What a nice Lama you are,' he said. The dogs come in

and steal the food people offer you, and all you do is smile.

The wind blows out the lamps, and still you keep on smiling

... Anyway, I am going to walk all around the temple in

prayer, to show my respect. Would you mind looking after

my boots till I get back?' Taking off his dirty old boots, he

placed them on the altar in front of the statue, and left.

"While Ben was walking around the huge temple, the caretaker

returned and saw to his horror that someone had been

eating the offerings and had left a filthy pair of boots on the

altar. He was outraged, and furiously seized the boots to

throw them outside, when a voice came from the statue, saying:

'Stop! Put those boots back. I'm watching them for Ben of


"Soon Ben came back to collect his boots, and gazed up at

the face of the statue, still calmly smiling at him. 'You really

are what I'd call a good Lama. Why don't you come down to

our place next year? I will roast a pig and brew some beer ...'

The Jowo Rinpoche spoke for a second time, and promised he

would visit Ben.

"Ben went home to Kongpo, told his wife everything that

had happened, and instructed her to keep an eye open for the

Jowo Rinpoche, because he didn't know exactly when he was

coming. The year went by, and one day his wife came rushing

back to the house to tell him she had seen something glowing

like the sun, under the surface of the river. Ben told her to put

the water on for tea, and raced down to the river. He saw the

Jowo Rinpoche glittering in the water, and immediately

thought he must have fallen in and was drowning. He leapt

into the water, took hold of him, and carried him out.

"As they went back to Ben's house, chatting all the way,

they came to a huge rock face. The Jowo Rinpoche said:

'Well, actually I'm afraid I cannot come into the house,' and

with that he dissolved into the rock. To this day there are two

famous places of pilgrimage in Kongpo: one is the Rock Jowo,

the rock face where a form of Buddha can be seen, and the

other is the River Jowo, where the shape of Buddha can be

seen in the river. People say that the blessing and the healing

powers of these places are identical to the Jowo Rinpoche in

Lhasa. And it was all because of Ben's immense faith and

simple trust.

"I want you to have the same kind of pure trust as Ben. Let

your heart fill with devotion for Padmasambhava and Dilgo

Khyentse Rinpoche, and simply feel you are in his presence,

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