so, the more our habits dissolve, and the less of a difference

there is between meditation and everyday life. Gradually you

become like someone who can walk straight out into the garden

through the glass door, unobstructed. And the sign that

the ground of the ordinary mind is weakening is that we are

able to rest more and more effortlessly in the nature of mind.

When the Ground Luminosity dawns, the crucial issue will

be how much we have been able to rest in the nature of

mind, how much we have been able to unite our absolute

nature and our everyday life, and how much we have been

able to purify our ordinary condition into the state of primordial



There is a way in which we can prepare completely to recognize

the dawning of the Ground Luminosity at the moment

of death. This is through the very highest level of meditation

(as I have explained in Chapter 10, "The Innermost Essence"),

the final fruition of the practice of Dzogchen. It is called the

"union of two luminosities," which is also known as "the

merging of Mother and Child Luminosities."

The Mother Luminosity is the name we give to the Ground

Luminosity. This is the fundamental, inherent nature of everything,

which underlies our whole experience, and which manifests

in its full glory at the moment of death.

The Child Luminosity, also called the Path Luminosity, is

the nature of our mind, which, if introduced by the master,

and if recognized by us, we can then gradually stabilize

through meditation, and more and more completely integrate

into our action in life. When the integration is complete,

recognition is complete and realization occurs.

Even though the Ground Luminosity is our inherent nature

and the nature of everything, we do not recognize it, and it

remains as if hidden. I like to think of the Child Luminosity as

a key the master gives us to help us open the door to the

recognition of the Ground Luminosity, whenever the opportunity


Imagine that you have to meet a woman arriving by plane.

If you have no idea what she looks like, you might go to the

airport and she could walk right past you and you would miss

her. If you have a photo of her that is a good likeness, and

you have a good picture of her in your mind, then you will

recognize her as soon as she approaches you.

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