Let this book be dedicated to all my masters: for those who

have passed away, may their aspirations be fulfilled, and for

those who are living, may their lives be long, may their great

and sacred work meet with ever more shining success, and

may their teachings inspire, encourage, and hearten all beings.

I pray with all my heart that the reincarnations of Dudjom

Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche grow to be as powerful

and fully enlightened as possible, to help us through the

clangers of this age.

Let this book be dedicated also to all those whom you

have read about in it who have died: Lama Tseten, Lama

Chokden, Samten, Ani Pelu, Ani Rilu, and A-pé Dorje.

Remember them in your prayers, and remember too those of

my students who have died, and those who are dying now,

whose devotion and courage have so inspired me.

Let this book be dedicated to all beings, living, dying, or

dead. For all those who are at this moment going through the

process of dying, may their deaths be peaceful and free of

pain or fear. May all those who at this moment are being

bom, and those who are struggling in this life, be nourished

by the blessings of the buddhas, and may they meet the

teachings, and follow the path of wisdom. May their lives be

happy and fruitful, and free from all sorrow. May whoever

reads this book derive rich and unending benefit from it, and

may these teachings transform their hearts and minds. This is

my prayer.

May every single being, of all the six realms, attain, all

together, the ground of primordial perfection!

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