1. The Ground Luminosity, the absolute nature of mind, is

the primordial state of Rigpa that exists before any thought or


2. Within its unconditioned space, a fundamental energy

stirs, the spontaneous radiance of Rigpa, which begins to arise

as the basis, the potential, and the fuel for raw emotion.

3. This energy can then take on the forms of emotions and

thoughts, which eventually propel us into action and cause us

to accumulate karma.

It is when we become intimately familiar with meditation

practice that we can see this process with unmistakable clarity:

1. As thoughts and emotions gradually fall silent, and die

away and dissolve into the nature of mind, we may momentarily

glimpse the nature of mind, the Rigpa itself: the primordial


2. Then we become aware that out of the stillness and

calm of the nature of mind unfolds a movement and raw

energy, its very self-radiance.

3. If any grasping enters into the rising of that energy, the

energy inevitably crystallizes into thought forms, which in

turn will carry us back into conceptual and mental activity.


Now that we have looked at the way this process reproduces

itself in sleep and dream, and the very formation of

thought and emotion, let us see it at work in our day-to-day

experience of our everyday life.

This is best done by looking closely at one movement of

joy or anger. Examine that movement and you will see that

there exists always a space or gap before any emotion begins

to arise. That pregnant moment before the energy of emotion

has a chance to arise is a moment of pure, pristine awareness,

in which we could, if we let ourselves, have a glimpse of the

true nature of mind. For an instant the spell of ignorance is

broken; we are totally freed from any need or possibility of

grasping, and even the notion of "clinging" is made ridiculous

and redundant. However, instead of embracing the "emptiness"

of that gap, in which we could find the bliss of being

free from and unburdened by any idea, reference, or concept,

we grasp at the dubious security of the familiar, comforting

drama of our emotions, driven by our deep habitual tendencies.

And this is how an inherently unconditioned energy

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