Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut

Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut


3. Conclusions

Almost all of the 1317 Sumerian-Akkadian-Rhaetic etymologies of Hungarian also apply to the

Eskimo-Aleut and Paleo-Siberian cognates. Moreover, it was possible to add a few dozens more

Sumerian-Hungarian-Eskimo-Aleut etymologies, totally 1080. This proves without doubt that the

Eskimo-Aleut languages are – speaking in the traditional manner of Finno-Ugrists – members of the

Finno-Ugric, but not of the Uralic languages, since the Paleo-Siberian languages seem to be much

closer to the Samoyed languages than to the Finno-Ugric languages. Eskimo-Aleut is closer to

Hungarian than Yupik and the other related languages. Only a systematic analysis of the possible

Sumerian-Obugrian cognates could decide if the Eskimo-Aleut languages are closer to Hungarian or to

Ostyak and Vogul, but everything points to a closer relationship between Eskimo-Aleut and Hungarian.

In many dozens of cases new etymologies and corrections of the standard Proto-Finno-Ugric and

Proto-Uralic forms were possible, because the Proto-Eskimo-Aleut and Proto-Yupik forms stand in the

time-frame between Sumerian and Hungarian. Because the dissolution of Uralo-Siberian and Uralo-

Yukagir coincides in time approximately with the dissolution of the Uralic languages (6000-4000 B.C.,

cf. Fortescue 1998, p. 219 and Décsy 1990, p. 12), Proto-Eskimo-Aleut and Proto-Yupik forms could

be added instead of Proto-Uralic and Proto-Finno-Ugric forms, thus “filling the temportal gap”

between Sumerian and Hungarian. After our result here one really wonders why traditional Finno-

Ugrists and Uralists did not yet come to the idea to consider Proto-Eskimo-Aleut forms in cases where

f.ex. Hungarian words are considered to be “of unknown origin”: the idea to connect Eskimo and

Hungarian goes back to 1746!

Of very special interest is the fact that we have cases where Rhaetic words show up directly – i.e. not

mediated via Sumerian or Akkadian – in Hungarian and in Eskimo-Aleut. This fact seems to point to a

certain dissolution already amongst the Sumerian peoples.


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