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Watchmaker's Precision

Watchmaker's Precision PLUS A BULL -DOG GRIP -na LONG-REACH FLAT -NOSE PLIER ELECTRONICS PLIERS You'll do hundreds of electronics jobs easier, faster with these specially designed pliers by Channellock. You'll like the l -o -n -g reach ... the precision - matched jaws ... the hand -honed, specially hardened cutting edges .. , the easy -to- handle "feel" of the blue plastic grips. And you'll appreciate the quality of Channellock pliers... they're forged from high grade steel, properly heat treated. Ask your Electronics Equipment Supplier for Channellock Electronics Pliers ... or write us direct for further information. Missile Measurement Ship "Floating Laboratory" of electronic gear aids in tracking missiles from South Atlantic post. A REFURBISHED cargo vessel. fitted out with electronic equipment so elaborate as to make it a veritable floating laboratory, has taken its post in the South Atlantic to aid in tracking the experimental missiles fired by the U. S. and in recording data on their performance. The vessel is the S. S. "American Mariner," which has been refitted from stem to stern with the latest electronic and optical instruments to provide the most precise data yet collected at sea on missile flights. Radio Corp. of America is the systems management contractor and Barnes Engineering Co. is in charge of the non - radar projects. The information the ship collects - by radar, telemetry, and optical apparatus -will supplement the data already being recorded on the missile range by ground stations and picket ships operated by the Air Force. The range extends from Cape Canaveral, Fla., more than 5000 miles southeast across the Atlantic to the vicinity of Ascension Island, half way between Brazil and the African Coast. The new missile measurement ship is a project sponsored jointly by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, Dept. of Defense, and the Army Ord- This huge dish, largest tracking radar antenna afloat, will assist in tracking missites and recording their performance on the Atlantic Missile Range. The radar, two of which have been installed on the S.S. "American Mariner." is sufficiently power- ful to "see' missiles at distances of hundreds of miles away. r r. nance Missile Command. Fifty -two civilian scientists, engineers. and technicians, in addition to the ship's crew, will make up the vessel's complement for each tracking mission that is embarked upon. Some of the most advanced electronic equipment in existence has been incorporated into the elaborate system aboard the ship, including tracking radars described as the most accurate in the world. The system even includes a videotape recorder similar to that used by broadcasting networks for recording and rebroadcasting television programs. The scientific staff will make precision observations and collect data on the characteristics of a missile's performance from its ascent to remote altitudes in space, through all levels of the earth's atmosphere. to the final plunge into the sea. The data obtained will he shared by all branches of the Armed Forces. The Navy provided computing equipment to compensate for the ship's roll, thus making possible accurate radar measurements at sea. The Air Force. in turn, will contribute valuable information on missile firings from its missile test center at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. -30- If, . ,.,' _ _ ., % - ', ¡v/`1, --'li- Nip 41 i' ''nri,V sZ (Potent Pending) *771 LONGREACH DIAGONAL CUTTER 738 LONG-REACH ROUND -NOSE PLIER =748 LONG REACH END CUTTER Channellock Pliers are made only by Engineers are shown manning the operations plotting and recording equipment aboard the S.S. "American Mariner," the new missile measurement tracking ship. CHAMPION DeARMENT TOOL COMPANY Meadville, Pennsylvania 138 ELECTRONICS WORLD

Service Industry NOT USED,NOT PULLED OUT OF OLD SETS Brand New 1IL to the fair sex! The ladies' III auxiliaries of the service industry's far -flung associations have been playing an increasingly important role in the forward march of organizations striving to improve the status and stability of the service business. Witness. for example. the San Antonio group featured as the "Association of the Month" in the March 1959 issue (page 901. The activities of other such auxiliaries receive some attention here this month. The officers of distaff groups that would like to tell us about their work are invited to do so. Address reports to this column in care of ELECTRONICS WORLD. In reporting the names of the newly elected officers for the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Radio -TV Technicians Guild. the "RTTG News" of Florida handed the ladies some very nice verbal orchids when it said: "The Ladies' Auxiliary voted some time back to hold their elections and installation of officers at the same time and in conjunction with the Guild so that one installation be held instead of two separate ones. The money thus saved could be used to have a better and more elaborate installation at one of the finer hotels. "The ladies have always previously outshone the men in the installation affairs, finding better accommodations and better food; so it was decided that, since they are so good at this sort of thing. they be appointed a committee to select and arrange for the location. the food, and the entertainment of the combined installation of new officers for the coming year." Officers elected to guide the RTTG Ladies' Auxiliary are: Mrs. Everett Atherton, president; Mrs. Roger Misleh, vice -president; Mrs. Nancy Azar, treasurer; and Mrs. Carol Seymour, secretary. Mrs. Harriet Kessler and Mrs. Sybil Tittle were elected to serve on the board of directors along with Mrs. Clyde Lawrence, who is a two -year-term member of the board. The Guild members chose A. Edward Stevens of Eagle Radio & Television, 165 Aragon Ave.. Coral Gables. president for the coming year. Dan Prowler of Prowler's TV Service, 2283 N. W. 36th St., Miami, was elected vice- president. The second vice- presidential post went to Roger Misleh, City -Wide TV 626 N. W. 27th Ave., Miami. Sam Kessler of Kessler Radio TV, 4895 S. W. 8th St., Miami, was re- elected recording secretary and Max Reiser of Radio Center Music, Inc.. 2922 N. W. 54th St.. Miami, was elected to the post of corresponding secretary. C. W. Minter of Buena Vis- May, 1959 BETTER 70% N OFF! TUBES BETTER THAN 700 OFF! and RAD -TEL'S FIRST QUALITY! REMEMBER ... ALL RAD -TEL TUBES GUARANTEED ONE FULL YEAR Ask for Types Not listed - RAD -TEL TUBES Individually Boxed! NOT USED, NOT PULLED OUT OF OLD SETS Every Rad -Tel Tube Is BRAND NEW Guaranteed 1 Full Year, Type IA X2 IB3GT 155 1U4 1 U5 1X2B 2AF4 2BN4 3AL5 3AU6 3AV6 3BZ6 3BY6 3C86 3CF6 3DT6 3V4 4BN6 41107 4DT6 4BZ7 4036 5AM8 5AN8 5AO5 5AT8 5BK7A 5B07 5CG8 5CL8 5J6 Price .62 .79 .51 .57 .50 .82 .96 .60 .42 .51 .41 .55 .55 .54 .60 .50 .58 .75 .96 .55 .96 .59 .79 .86 .52 .80 .82 97 .76 .76 .68 RADTELTUBE Send for New Free Tube & Parts Catalog Type Price 5T8 .81 5U4GB .60 5U8 .81 5V6 .56 5X8 .78 5Y3GT .46 6A84 .46 6AC7M .96 6AF4 .97 6AG5 .65 6AH6 .99 6AK5 .95 6AL5 47 6AM8 .78 6AN8 .85 6A05 .50 6AT6 .43 6AT8 .79 6AU4GT 82 6AU6 .50 6AU8 .87 6AV6 .40 6BA6 .49 6BC5 .54 6BD6 .51 6BE6 .55 6BF6 .44 6806G 1.66 6BH8 .87 681(7 .85 6BN4 .57 Type Price 6BN6 .74 6B0/ CU6 1.25 6805 .65 6BO6GT 6807 6BR8 6BY6 68Z6 6BZ7 6C4 6C86 6CD6 1.05 .95 .78 .54 .54 .97 .43 .54 1.42 .64 6CF6 6CG7 .60 6CG8 .77 6CM7 .66 6CN7 .65 6CS6 .57 6CU6 1.08 6CY7 .71 6DE6 .58 6DG6GT.59 61306 1.10 6DT6 .53 6J5GT .51 6J6 .67 6K6GT .58 6L6 .84 654 .48 Type Price 65K7GT .74 65N7GT .65 6T4 .99 618 .80 6U8 .78 6V6GT .54 SW4GT .57 SW6GT .69 6X4 .39 6X8 .77 6Y6G .65 8AU8 .83 8AW8 .93 11CY7 .75 12A4 .60 12AD6 57 12AF6 .49 12A05 .52 12AT6 .43 12AT7 .76 12AU6 .50 12AU7 .60 12AV6 .41 12AV7 .75 12AX7 .63 12AZ7 .86 1284 .63 12BD6 .50 12E1E6 .53 12BH7 .73 12B06GT 1.06 Type All Tube Prices Subject To Change Without Notice! Price 12BY7 74 12C5 .56 12CU5 .58 12CU6 1.06 12006 1.04 12F8 .66 12K5 .65 12L6 .58 125A7M .86 1251(701 74 12SN7GT 64 12V6GT .53 12W6 .69 17AX4 67 17806 1.09 19AU4 .83 19BG6 1.39 19T8 80 25B06GT 111 25C5 .53 25CD6 1.44 25CD6 1.11 25L6 .57 35C5 .51 35Z5GT .60 5065 .60 SOCS .53 SOL6GT .61 NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OTHER MAIL ORDER TUBE CO. C0.'" 55 Chambers Street Newark 5, N. J. Mitchell 2 -3147 TERMS: 25 °o dep. must accompany all orders -bol. C.O.D. All shipments F.O.B. Newark warehouse. Orders under 55 -50c Handling Charge. Subject to prior sale. No C.O.D.'s outside continental U.S.A. SUPER POWERED SINGLE CHANNEL AMPLIFIER Minimum 20V -5 Watts on All Channels This all new super powered unit has the highest output of any TV channel amplifier with sufficient power to cover large communities with ample signal voltage and deliver a strong signal thru many miles of cable. The unit was designed specifically for community television and is the only unit of its kind that does not produce power in fractions of a watt. For full rated output a high -powered commercial transmitting tube is used. C. C. S. Service 26 db min. gain 6 -8 mcs. band width Channels 2 -13 as specified Requires only 1 V input Co -axial input and output connectors for 75 OHM Line Linear class A operation Low Power Drain II Amp.) Write for details today MODEL SPA $350 s E G E l e et r o n i c s 1778 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn 10, New York 139

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