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SI.SO BRAND NEW MOBILE DYNAMOTORS MADE BY EICOR -SMALL SIZE Input 12 Volts. Output 400, 160Ma Cont. $e 250 Mil. lute Day_. 95 Duty. Input 120. Output 440 V. 300 i. Cunt. $9.95 Duty. 300 Mil. Int. Duty. Inpe ut B. V Output 425V. 375 Ma Int. Duty. $5,95 Lik New HEADPHONES Brand new Murdock p Hi- Impedance 10.000 ohm. with standard phone. m, Ea. $2.95 POWER TRANSFORMER Pri. 60 Ammps: V. SV volt CT 3 312 Volts 3 Amps: RC 2 Amas/ Transi. for 342 R. c. ecso for 1s $ ..tl11 J Secs. 320-0.320V. 5. $.1195 SVISV 2 Amos 6.3V. J 2O 3 Amas. 2S0 11S or 230V. Secs. 60 R Amos $5.95 Write ¡Or mmntlry orties FILAMENT TRANSFORMERS Prim. 115V. 60 cy. Sec. 6.3V. si 20 $3.50 Amos. H.4r4" a W.4" a 0.312 "... el Primary 110V. 60 cv. Sec. SV. nai rÓ0 mass.. Ins. 10.000 V. Smaii s re 2 Pri. 115 V. or 230 V. 60 ey. sec. 6.3 V 53.95 Or S iTp1 51.50 Primary 110 volts 60 cycle. Secondais SuitmaablelforApir' of 566 tub'ei ""'colt.°" S3,95 CHOKE -FULLY CASED . SOC 10 HENRY 80 Mil i, 6 HENRY 150 Mi' .. S HENRY Ci 200 Ma 1.95 S HENRY 250 Ma 2.2S 12 HENRY 8 9S 4 HENRY 900 Mil 12.95 6 HENRY 600 Mil 8.95 500 Mil BRAND NEW OIL CONDENSERS MFD 61111 VII(' .90 MFD 15011 VIOC 1.95 MCD (100 vuC .60 MCD 21011 VIOC .5 iO Il VDC .73 MFD'20UI1 VuC 1.50 MFD 000 VDC .80 MFD 2000 un Yin' 3.50 MFD 0011 VI,C .85 MFD 211110 VIOC .95 MFD 01111 VIIC .95 MCD 201111 VIOC' 5.95 1 MFD 81111 VuC 1.19 MFD 2,d10 VIOC 2.50 INFO 01111 VDC 1.50 MFD ,10011 VIII 1.85 1 3 H r24 MEO) MCD '1111111 VIOC 3.50 .iii.. VIOC..... 2.50 MFD:u1iu. sIOl' 6.95 MFD 11100 soc .6o MEO I \liC 3.25 Ioun VDC .85 MFD .11inu \u1' 6.25 MFD 10110 VDC 1.33 FD lis 111" 8.95 MFD 1000 VDC 1.95 MCD 710n1 \"l 6.93 1 MFD 1000 VDC 2.50 MFD 7:1011 VIOC 2.95 1 MCD 10110 VDC 2.95 MCD I-- 24.95 MFD Is.1111.i 34 50 I MFD 111110 V'IOC 3.30 MFD 1200 VDC .43 O2MFD 23.01111" 49.90 mire 131111 VIOC .75 1 MFD :1:10 AC. 1.95 MCD E500 VDC 1.10 1 MFD 440 AC. 2.50 REDMOND BLOWER 110V. 60 1600 Rem. 6lowe wheel-Outlet 2 D amr, . $1.95 2 for 515.00 RELAYS ea. $1.35 ea $2,50 Allied Relay 110 V. AC. DPST IlIed 110V. AC DT 10 amp contacts Claire Telephone Type L¡ OPDT conte I0 Sens.oMAea. $3.95 Sealed Relay Coil 110v AC $1.50 60 rmetiany cy SPOT Contacts S Amos. t 'mil, Sens. 2.p l pole I,SPOT. SPST a, ta 1 9 5 6 Volt DC DPDT H.S. ea 99c 12 Volt DPDT DC Delay a 51,35 O.E. Plug in Relay 5 prong 10.000 ohm en CO coil 1 mil. SPDT ....... ea L J G.I. Relay control, conaina 5000 ohm ..lay, sensitivity 2 mils e10 for 99.25. ,D SIGMA SF relay -16.000 ohm dual 8000 $,sil rl ohm. SPDT 500 Micro sens $1.10 95 MINIATURE MICROAMMETER '2" Square 000 -1 Micro. suitable for gild dip - r r field strength. S meter. A BARGAIN AT ea. $3.95 Square. 0.1 . Mil ea. 52.95 PANEL METERS G.E.. WESTINGHOUSE. W E.. SIMPSON. etc. 2" METERS 0.10 Mil DC 3 95 0 -50 Micro 10.5 0 -50 Mil DC 3 95 Ie) ...4.95 0 -100 Mil DC ....3.95 0 -500 Micro DC...3.50 0 -150 Mil DC 3 95 0.300 M.I OC.... 2.95 0 -12 Volts AC ....3.95 0.10 Amps DC ...2.99 0 -50 Volts DC....3.95 0.25 Amp. DC ...2.95 18 -36 Volts DC...1.99 3 49 0- SAmps AC ..2.95 3" METERS 0 -500 Volts DC ....S0 0 -500 Volta DC....50 0 -2.5 KV DC 5 SO 0 -3.5 KV DC 7 50 0.4 KV 7 50 Running DC Time Meter,, 0- 9.999.9 hrs. 110V. 60 ey 9 50 0.50 Micro 5.95 0.1 Mil DC 10 -31/, KV sale).3.95 MISCELLANEOUS SPECIALS SPERTI VACUUM SWITCH.- CYS24163 Replace. nient in Antenna Unit ARTI3. NEW. BOXED ea 52.9S N.E. SI NEON LAMPS. Boit of 10 ea. 51.00 36 OHM SO Watt Globar NonInd.Res. ...60c ea. 2 for 51.00 3 -12 MME Erie Ceramic Trimmers 21e Replacement t 6' phone cord for Standard 35e UTC OUNCER TRANS. Pri. 100 ohm. Sec. 125.000 ohm. Ideal for M.L. or phone patch -2 for 51.00 596 CUTLER- TOGGLE SWITCH SPOT 29c O Sf42 D1 4liry gild" sdies on all apeclal items All merchandise PEAK sold on a Ill day money back guarantee basis s rra.". Order 53.00 -250o with Order- F.O.B. New Yarn I E L E C T R O N I C S C O M P A N Y ! I 66 W. Broadway, New York 7, N. Y., W0-2-54391 150 Full details on the "Powerotor" will be supplied by the manufacturer on request. DUMMY LOAD Barker cti Williamson, Inc., Bristol, Penna, has announced the availability of a versatile dummy load device which has been especially designed for off -air transmitter tests by labs, in the ham shack, or service shops. The unit, tradenamed the "Match- master," consists of a dummy load with direct- reading ri. wattmeter and standing- wave -ratio bridge. It is suitable for applications where adjustment of radio transmitter power output must be checked before going on the air as well as other uses. The device is housed in a gray - finished cabinet measuring 6" x 8" x 8 ". DIAGRAMS FOR OLD SETS Supreme Publications, 1760 Balsam Road. Highland Park, Ill. has announced that it is now able to supply diagrams and service data on radio receivers going as far back as 1927. This information is currently available in two forms -as bound copies covering specific years or as individual schematics at 40 cents each. The years covered are 1926 through 1948 with newer set schematics also available if required. A 48 -page "Master Index" which lists all available radio and TV material can be obtained from the publisher for 25 cents. NEW HEATH SCOPE Heath Company, Benton Harbor, Michigan has added the Model OR -1 five -inch d.c. oscilloscope to its line of assemble -it- yourself test instruments. The circuit features identical d.c: coupled vertical and horizontal ampli- fiers. a 5ADP2 flat -face cathode -ray tube, and edge -lighted graticule. The transformer -operated power supply employs silicon diodes in full -wave voltage doubler circuits for "B +" and bias supplies. Critical voltages are regulated by gas -filled VR tubes. Both vertical and horizontal channels feature d.c. to 200,000 cps bandwidth (1 db point) and a sensitivity of .1 volt peak -to- peak /cm. (uncalibrated). The scope is suitable for use as a read -out indicator in computer applications, in industrial testing, audio development work, and general utility usage. Normal frequency coverage is from 5 to 50,000 cps in four overlapping ranges. TRANSISTOR TRANSFORMERS Microtrrait Company, Inc., 145 E. Mineola Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y. has added five new microminiature transistor transformers to its catalogue line. The new units are available in open frame construction with standard channel or plug -in tab mounting channel. The transformers measure less than 'z cubic inch and weigh approximately 4At1ths of an ounce. Impedance ranges are designed to meet the requirements of many new transistors. A 24 -page catalogue carrying specifications on these new transformers is available on request. MICROMINIATURE RELAY Kurman Electric Company, 191 Newel Street, Brooklyn 22, New York has recently introduced a new microminiature relay as its Model KX. The new unit measures .4" wide x .8" long x .875" high. Operating tempera- ture range is from -65 degrees C to +125 degrees C. Sensitivity is 200 -250 milliwatts. The new model is offered in three different header combinations. The relay will withstand shock tests of 50 G's; vibration frequency of 20 to 2000 cps at 20 G's. Coil resistance is up to 10,000 ohms maximum and contact resistance is .020 ohm maximum. Detailed information and prices will be supplied by the manufacturer on request. TRANSISTOR CONVERTERS Freed Transformer Company, Inc., 1773 Weirfield St., Brooklyn 27, N. Y. is now offering a complete line of static d.c.- to -d.c. transistor converters as stock items. The new units are designed and constructed for quiet, maintenance -free operation and long -life service. They ELECTRONICS WORLD feature high power -to- weight ratio and arc -free operation. They are available with from 6 to 26 volt battery input with output voltages ranging from 150 to 600 volts d.c. Further information on this new line, as well as details on custom units the company is prepared to design, is available from the manufacturer direct. PHILCO TUBE TESTER The Accessory Division of Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. has just released a new tube tester which has been designated the Model 9200. The new instrument tests cathode emission. checks for shorts and leakage between elements, shorts and leakage in cathodes, and continuity in the heater circuit as well as of internal connection between base pins. Each section of multi -purpose and multiple- section tubes is tested indi- vidually. The roll chart covers all tubes commonly encountered in today's electronic equipment -including 1959 production. Numerous additional seldom - used tubes are covered in a supplement -- including many foreign types now appearing in the U.S. New roll charts will be prepared NEW MANUAL Be preparers to quickly repair all new 1959 sets. radio In this big volume have you easy -to -use, matics, large scheneeded alignment data, printed circuits parts views, lists, voltage information values, on transistors, hints, location of trimmers, and dial stringing, for every almost 1959 radio. auto Includes radios, stereo, portables, and all types and home makes of sets. Giant in size, 8% x 11 "; man- ual style, sturdy } binding. Price, only T eiev::,.,s ,...

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