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Electronics-World-1959-05 HIGH FIDELITY TAPE RECORDER KIT The model TR -1A tape deck and preamplifier combination provides all the facilities you need for top quality monaural recording /playback with fast forward and rewind functions. 71/2 and 33/4 IPS tape speeds arc selected by changing belt drive. Flutter and wow are held to less than 0.35'gß . Frequency response at 71/2 IPS X2.0 db 50- 10,000 CPS, at 33/4 IPS *2.0 db 50 -6.500 CPS. Both units may be mounted together or separately affording high flexibility in every application. Features include NARTB playback equalization -separate recording and playback gain controls -cathode follower output and provision for mike or line input. Signal -to-noise ratio is better than 45 db below normal recording level with less than 1 ` total harmonic distortion. A filament balance control allows adjustment for minimum hum level. Complete instructions provided for easy assembly. Overall dimensions of tape deck and preamp is 151/2" W. x 131/2" H. x 8" D. Shpg. Wt. 24 lbs. Includes tape deck assembly, preamplifier and roll of tape. HEATH KIT TE -1 $3995 Tape preamplifier sold separately if desired. Shpg. Wt. 10 lbs. Many more Heathkits to choose from hi -fi: Amplifiers -Preamplifiers- Speaker Systems -AM FM Tuners- Equip- ment Cabinets- Record Player -Tape Recorder -Electronic Crossover - Stereo Equipment. test: Oscilloscopes- Voltmeters -RF Signal Generators -AF Generators - Analyzers- Battery Eliminators -Tube Checkers -Condenser Checkers - Computer -Color Bar & Dot Generator -Sweep Generator -Impedance Bridge -Power Supplies -Probe Kits -R; C Decade & Substitution Kits. ham radio: Transmitters- Receivers -Antenna Accessories -Voice Control- Conelrad Alarm- Variable Frequency Oscillator -SSB Adapter - "Q" Multiplier. marine: Direction Finders - Marine Converter - Rudder Position Indicator -Fuel Vapor Detector- Charge Indicator -Power Meter. general: Tool Set -6- Transistor Porta ble Radio -Radiation Counter - Electronic Timer -Crystal Receiver -Superheterodyne Receiver. describing over 100 easy -to -build electronic instruments in kit form. Complete specifications and detailed informa- tion on Hi -Fi- Test -Ham and Marine kits. Save with Heathkits...the quality name in kit form electronics. 84 ELECTRONICS WORLD

"BOOKSHELF" 12 WATT AMPLIFIER KIT Here are a few of the reasons why this attractive amplifier is such a tremendous dollar value. You get rich, full range, high fidelity sound reproduction with low distortion and noise . plus "modern styling ". The many features include full range frequency response 20 to 20,000 CPS *1 db with less than 2' distortion over this range at full 12 watt output -its own built -in preamplifier with provision for three separate inputs: mag phono, crystal phono, and tuner -RIAA equalization -separate bass and treble tone controls -special hum control -and it's easy -to- build. Complete instructions and pictorial diagrams show where ever part goes. Cabinet shell has smooth leather texture in black with inlaid gold design. Cabinet measures 121/2" W. x 8'Ifi" D. x 43/8" H. Output transformer has taps at 4, 8 and 16 ohms to match the speaker of your choice. An ideal unit to convert your present hi -fi system to stereo sound. Shpg. Wt. 15 lbs. An Amplifier, Preamplifier HEATHKIT EA -2 all in one! Order direct by mail... Save % or more over equivalent ready -made products by buying direct and assembling them yourself. Heathkit Style, Performance and Quality are unsurpassed! the World's Largest Manufacturer of Electronic Instruments in Kit Form HEATHKIT HEATH COMPANY BENTON HARBOR 15, MICH. NOTE: all prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Enclosed find I I check 1 I money order. Please ship C.O.D. I I On Express orders do not include transportation charges -they will be col. lected by theexpressagency at time of delivery. On Parcel Post Orders include postage for weight shown. All prices are NET F.O.B. Benton Harbor, Michigan, and apply to Continental U.S. and Possessions only. 20°,o Deposit required on on C.O.D. orders. o,v,ary v, n. r,vr,,, ,,,G. t Name SHIP VIA Parcel Post Address Express City 6 Zone (PLEASE PRINT) State Freight Best Way QUANTITY ITEM MODEL NO. PRICE D POSTAGE SEND FREE HEATHNIT CATALOG TOTAL HEATHKITS are also available at your Dealer onenlext page May. 1959 85

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