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Day 4 - IFA International

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News EISA Awards Herald

News EISA Awards Herald New Structure A “stronger and more modern EISA” announced at another spectacular annual award event The annual EISA awards, which took place in Berlin’s Kempinski Bristol hotel on September 5, saw the world’s top consumer electronics companies receive deserved industry recognition. The 2014 event was also the first for the “new look” EISA. “A product is a reflection of the people behind it. The really successful products are the ones with a soul,” said EISA President Jorge Gonçalves in the opening speech, while also thanking EISA’s outgoing Vice-President Olaf Adam, and welcoming Ljubisa Miodragovic to the role. The EISA Jury, consisting of 50 editors-in-chief of special interest magazines from 20 European countries, voted together over the summer for the best products for the period 2014-2015, in a total of 56 categories. This year EISA has accepted two new members, one from Croatia and the other from Ukraine. We asked EISA President Jorge Gonçalves about the new EISA structure. It‘s recognised by all the industry that EISA could be something like a case-study in terms of its longevity, and the capability to maintain a remarkable level of recognition and prestige for the EISA Awards over 32 years. There is also no doubt that this has been possible as a consequence of the fact that we have been able to move side-byside with manufacturers and consumers in almost all situations. However, this reality puts a very high The way consumers see, understand and use media has changed dramatically over the last 10 years level of responsibility on our shoulders and the EISA staff has been for quite some years looking attentively to what is happening around EISA and how EISA can make adjustments that will help the association maintain its landmark position in the consumer electronics world. This new structure was implemented at the end of 2013 and is the result of a long, mature reflection, thorough discussions among EISA staff, and very open-minded debate that took place during two EISA general assemblies. So what’s changing in the market? The way consumers see, understand and use media has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. These changes can also be seen in the consumer electronics market. Some product categories are shrinking; new ones have emerged and have changed consumers' buying behaviour and their corresponding lifestyle. EISA's previous Panel Structure dated back to the mid-nineties, with some small changes and additions that occurred in between. How does this translate into a new structure? The new Expert Groups, totalling six, better define the expertise of the EISA members and make it more flexible for members to participate in discussions related directly to the field of expertise they represent. The new EISA Expert Groups are as follows: Hi-Fi, HT Audio, HT Display & Video, In-Car Electronics, Photography, and Mobile Devices. The result will be a stronger, better and more relevant EISA Awards, and easier to implement combined awards that join together opinions from different Expert Groups. We have now a stronger and more modern EISA, fit for the challenges of the years to come. FOR THE FULL LIST OF THIS YEAR’S AWARDS: Jorge Gonçalves EISA President PARTNERS Cleverdis, publishers of IFA International, are partners of EISA, who again this year have done an incredible job in supplying key information for our highly-regarded CE Buyers’ Guides. For new product categories, it can be difficult to decide just what makes a product sellable, and thanks to the expertise of EISA’s top editors, we are able to outline the key selling points to look for when it comes to technology, features and design. EISA selection panel and award winners gather at Kempinski Bristol hotel in Berlin 6

News ADVERTORIAL With its detachable wireless speakers, the Philips Fidelio E5 goes a step beyond a traditional home theatre solution (…) © Philips Philips Fidelio E5 wins EISA European Home Theater Solution 2014-2015 with unique Surround on Demand concept The Philips Fidelio E5 is the ideal solution for high definition home cinema audio without the clutter of multiple wires and boxes. Its sleek speakers feature a unique design that allows the top to detach, creating four independent wireless speakers for a full surround sound experience. In its citation, the EISA jury commented: “With its detachable wireless speakers, the Philips Fidelio E5 goes a step beyond a traditional home theatre solution, offering consumers the ability to switch effortlessly between normal stereo and a 4.1-channel surround experience. Switching is simple – just a matter of removing the two rear speakers from the top of the stereo cabinets and placing them in the surround positions. When reverting to two-channel playback, the speakers re-charge their batteries. The inclusion of aptX Bluetooth streaming, Dolby Digital/ Dolby Pro Logic II decoding and dual HDMI inputs transforms the Fidelio E5 into a versatile home theatre hub, and the performance from its soft-dome tweeters, fullrange drivers and separate wireless subwoofer is as accomplished with music as it is with movie and TV material. And not only does the E5 sound good – it’s also beautifully made.” Using robust proprietary wireless audio technology, the Fidelio E5 system is free to operate without network interference. The result is a completely wireless surround system with lossless audio quality for both music and movies. Philips’ Crystal Clear Sound technology reproduces the sound source – whether it’s an action movie, a musical or a live performance – faithfully, precisely and without any distortion. The Fidelio E5 keeps audio processing to a minimum so that the purity of the original audio content is preserved and greater sonic accuracy is delivered to your ears. Each tower features a 3-inch full range driver plus a premium soft-dome tweeter, while each of the detachable surround speakers has one 2.5-inch full-range driver. And, for maximum convenience, the Fidelio E5 system also features a wireless subwoofer with patented double BASS technology for richer sound and deeper bass. The Fidelio E5 automatically detects when the detachable speaker is ‘docked’ and reconfigures the tower to work as a single speaker while recharging the detachable units’ battery. With two HDMI inputs, replaying crystal clear, multichannel Dolby Digital or DTS sound from your TV, Blu-ray player or games console is incredibly simple. You can also enjoy music direct from a smartphone, tablet or laptop with aptX® and AAC quality Bluetooth streaming, and for the ultimate simplicity, the Fidelio E5 is also equipped with NFC for simple onetap device pairing. The E-Series is designed to blend seamlessly into your home environment. The lower half of the tower is covered in a luxurious black wool speaker cloth while the stainless grill features warm cedar accents along with a leather handle to assist in detaching and moving the detachable speakers. The Philips Fidelio E5 is available with a recommended retail price of €e699. For further information on the latest Philips innovations from IFA2014 visit PhilipsSound » HALL 22 / STAND 101 IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 7

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