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Day 5 - IFA International

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KITCHEN & BATHROOM LIFESTYLE Recent scientific research found that today people are not getting enough vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fruit and vegetables. This can cause many kinds of illnesses, and the best solution is to change people’s diets. “Our juicer is for those who want to improve their eating habits,” Young-gi Kim, Chairman of Hurom, says. Slow Squeeze, Maximum Taste Hurom has health hopes for high-yield juice extractor “Hurom delivers much more natural taste and nutrients than normal juicers.” Strong from 40 years of R&D, Hurom has launched the Slow Juicer. “Unlike existing mixers or blenders that use high-speed metal blades, the Hurom Slow Juicer slowly squeezes down and extracts juice which is known as the Slow Squeezing System so that the juice retains a maximum level of taste, colour and nutrients,” Kim says. “It is a whole new area of premium kitchenware.” The Slow Squeezing System technology has patent applications pending in the 41 countries where the Slow Juicer is already being sold, and the product has already won innovation awards in the US, Switzerland and Russia, as well as being chosen as a World Excellence Product by KOTRA, the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Hurom’s international branch offices are located in the US, Japan, and China with a second factory in Gilrimsung, China. » HALL 8.1 / STAND 212 Young-gi Kim: “much more natural taste and nutrients” Bodum Moves Into Electric Kitchen Tools Market Bodum has announced a new addition to its e-Bodum line of electrical kitchen tools – the Bistro Stand Mixer. Its striking design is complemented by incredible power and compactness, features that the company believes will help establish it as a serious player in the electric kitchen tools category. “The product stays true to Bodum’s core philosophy that form follows function,” says Jørgen Bodum, Owner and CEO of the Bodum Group, “so while it’s eyecatching, we wanted to incorporate everything the home baker would need or want into this machine. Many people still associate the brand with coffee. We want to show the world that while Bodum is still a leader in coffee, we have broken out of that mould, expanding into new and different areas of the kitchen.” » PASSAGE HALL 4.1 / 6.1 STAND 101 The new Bistro Stand Mixer from Bodum Siemens’ award-winning cooktop induction technology HOT STUFF Siemens’ full-surface induction technology opens up the entire hob, allowing up to four pots and pans of different shapes, weights and sizes to be positioned anywhere on the cooktop. Awarded with the 2012 red dot product design award, the energy-efficient technology makes it possible to blanch, steam or roast on the spacious, 72cm x 45cm surface. Power levels can be regulated with a simple touch, tap or ‘scroll’ of the colour TFT display that acts as the control centre. Additional options include extra-fast heat-up with powerBoost timer, a countdown timer and a child-lock function. » HALL 1.1/ STAND 101 34

Special Feature Focused on the High-End Intuition, strength of character, manufacturing heritage and “Italianity”! Priding itself on entrepreneurship and with a commitment to new ideas, the De’Longhi group – a family company – is inspired by insights from households around the world. They’ve been manufacturing domestic appliances since 1974, but what does the future hold? Company CEO Fabio De’Longhi reveals his roadmap… [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Among the most important growth-drivers are our coffee makers, which make up a very attractive segment in the marketplace today. Consumers are increasingly being exposed to good coffee in restaurants and bars, as well as when they travel abroad. Consequently, there’s a real lifestyle movement centred on enjoying a cup of coffee, and I believe that there is considerable growth potential, with Austria and Germany joining wellestablished markets such as Spain, Italy and France. I also see lots of potential in Eastern Europe, the US and Asia. Another focus area today is our Kenwood food preparation products, as cooking is an increasingly important part of our lives. It’s not just about food preparation, it’s also about entertainment, enjoying the experience, and passion for cuisine. This is reflected in the media with celebrity chefs and cooking shows, but I also think that it is the media being led by consumers, not the other way round. Comfort in the home is another important area for us. We have a range of heaters and portable air-conditioning devices in the Climaveneta range, and they hark back to the fact that the origins of our company are in the manufacturing of these sorts of devices in the 60s and 70s. How would you describe your company philosophy? We are a very focused company. Last year we separated professional and household products, in order to accentuate that focus. We are concentrating on the high end of the market; on lifestyle segments such as coffee and food preparation. We’re very international, with 90% of our sales abroad, and Germany is now our number one market. We are a fully integrated company, we design and make everything ourselves in our own factories, rather than outsourcing. We have factories in Italy, China, Russia and Rumania, and we have our own distribution network. Which countries are your best markets right now and where are the growth areas? We’ve grown by 9% in the first half of this year, and generally speaking, we are not seeing many negative markets in most of the 80 countries to which we export, so we are still growing. That said, growth rates are not what they were a couple of years ago, so we are being quite cautious currently, even though we do still expect to grow again in the second half of the year. Hall 2.1 Stand 202 Fabio De'Longhi Chief Executive Officer De’Longhi Group “We have very strong, high-end brands and so we need to serve our customers directly.” FANCY A COFFEE? Swiss coffee specialist Jura is marking several anniversaries in Berlin — five years of Jura at IFA, 10 years of Jura Gastro and 30 years of Jura Germany. To celebrate these landmarks, Jura is treating IFA visitors to a taste of its premium coffee specialities — and not just at its exhibition stand, but also at various events throughout the IFA week. Jura started its IFA coffee mission on the first day of the show, when it offered the world’s media a choice of coffee at the IFA opening press conference. It has continued to serve the press with coffee from a stand in the Media Center, handing out hundreds of cups of its various specialities to grateful media representatives. Jura will also be providing coffee to delegates at the International Media Congress at the ICC Berlin, which takes place on September 3-4, as well as in the Red Lounge and the Trade Visitor Reception. And it doesn’t stop at the end of the day, either — Jura’s distinctive red logo will also be prominent at the Medianight networking event. EspressoPro has been specifically developed to allow retailers to distribute EspressoPro capsules under their own brand in their country. Some of Europe leading retailers (e.g. Coop Italy) have already selected EspressoPro as their coffee capsules system. EspressoPro is a Co.ind solution: based in Castel Maggiore near Bologna, Italy, Co.ind has been roasting carefully selected coffee for over 50 years becoming the most important Italian coffee roaster for the private label market. Ten thousand tons of green coffee are roasted every year at Co.ind's state of the art plant and packed into the perfectly formed EspressoPro capsules, with dozens of blends available. A range of slim-line and elegant dedicated espresso machines have been developed with partner manufacturers in Italy and China. IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 35

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