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Day 6 - IFA International

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Official Daily Video

Official Daily Video Source for International Visitors at IFA Special Feature A/V Accessories and Mounting Solutions Everything but the machine The accessory market grows along with consumer interest As profit margins for TVs come down, the market for sell-on products is becoming increasingly interesting for retailers. By the same token, in the mobile sector, accessories are also very much coveted by the consumer. Design factors are making consumers more aware of the fact that their TV could and perhaps should be mounted on the wall in an elegant manner. Individualisation is also the catchword in many cases, and here again, the “aftermarket” is taking off. In this section, we take a closer look at some of the leading accessory manufacturers present at IFA 2010. Homing instinct Vogel's finds a solution for iPads at rest Gerdi Vogels figures iPads are great for the mobile life on the go, but need a place to rest. Her answer is the BaseCover & WallMount, consisting of a locking ring and a snap. The Netherlands-based productdesign firm, best known for its wall mounts for flat-screen TVs, is launching a range of accessories for the iPad that fit into a backmounted soft-grip polymer with a built-in aluminium ring lock. Attach the small disc-shaped base unit to the wall — any wall, any surface — and the cover and base snap together. for an Instant fit. “It’s a beautiful device and it’s very close to our focus,” said Ms Vogels, chief executive of the 35-year-old Gerdi Vogels models the new TwistDock for the PlayStation 3 family-owned firm. “People are wondering what to do when they put down their iPad. We think, ‘Why not hang it to the wall?’” The cover fits closely to the back of the iPad itself; it can be taken off and flipped on to the front of the device to make it into a protective case. While hanging on the wall it can be turned 360 degrees and clicked into place. Two buttons on the base are pressed in to unlock it. “You can store it in the hallway, on your desk, in the kitchen, next to your bed — wherever you want,” Vogel's added. “Our dream is that you have wall mounts everywhere in the house.” Vogel's’ youthful energy is seen in another product that is presently being readied for market — a lazy susan-style vertical docking stand for the PlayStation 3. The plastic base spins around a vertical spindle, so that the console can be spun around. Ms Vogels said the TwistDock, which will be available in Europe in October, will feature optional cable sets and USB ports, and charges the console controls. The firm invited six Dutch gamers to test out the continuous charge on the hand controls during a marathon gaming session of Dead Red Redemption. It set a Guinness record and Ms Vogels said they had to send the gamers home after 50 straight hours of play with no end in sight. Vogel's is also happy to hear the IFA buzz about 3D TVs and big flat screens. They need to be displayed level, which plays to the firm’s traditional strengths — elegant flat-folding wall mounts that are shipped with a real liquid float leveller built into the base. Two more are coming on to the market soon, including a motorised model with a remote control. The Vogel's BaseCover & WallMount: for tablets at rest Gerdi Vogels CEO : “Our dream is that you have wall mounts everywhere in the house” “The LED early adopters often have deeper pockets,” Ms Vogels said. “So we have one that works with remote control so you don’t have to get off the couch and you can choose your own angle.” Hall 25 Stand 137 REPORTS ON ASTRA 3D For the first time, news from IFA Berlin will be broadcast via satellite in glorious 3D! IFA International TV – official TV producers of the IFA show (run by IFA International – the Daily) and ASTRA have partnered to bring exclusive video highlights from IFA to households and retail outlets across Europe on the ASTRA 3D Demo Channel. Filming and editing IFA International TV in 3D is supported by Panasonic, a worldwide leader in 3D cameras and televisions. Tune in… … every day, every 2 hours starting from 10 a.m. on the ASTRA 3D Demo Channel Start of programme: 3rd September End of programme: 18th September For satellite details: IFA international TV IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 21

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