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Day 6 - IFA International

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SPECIAL FEATURE - homE nETwoRkS homE RUn FoR REFEREnCE mEDIACEnTRE ToTAL ConTRoL FRom SonoS Loewe has launched a new audio-video system, which is being hailed by the company as “the most comprehensive audio-video system in the world”. In addition to playing CDs and DVDs, the Reference Mediacenter can play any music stored on USB memory sticks, an integrated hard disk or an existing home network with a music server, such as a NAS hard disk or PC server. Analogue music sources can also be connected to the Reference Mediacenter, including DAT players, music mobile phones or cassette recorders. The system also features an elegant iPod/ iPhone swing-out docking station, an FM radio with RDS station identification and an internet radio function for access to thousands of music stations. The Mediacenter can also be connected to a current Loewe flat-screen TV which has a cable connection or satellite dish, and it offers flexible and individualised distribution to other rooms via a home network (LAN, WLAN or optional Powerline). Hall 6.2 / Stand 201 Loewe Reference Mediacenter State-of-the-art music control throughout the home is what is offered by the new Sonos Controller 200 (CR200). The wireless, full-colour controller features a capacitive touchscreen for instant access to music anywhere in the world. “Finding and playing music all over the house needs to be so easy that anyone who walks into the house can pick up the Controller and play DJ,” says John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. “Sonos has seven years experience designing wireless music systems for hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. We have used this experience to deliver the most innovative, intuitive and easiest way to find, play and control music anywhere in the home.” The Sonos CR200 features a 3.5-inch full-colour VGA display (640x480 pixels) and the capacitive touchscreen is ultra-responsive. The touchscreen keyboard enables rapid music searching of multimillion song jukeboxes such as Napster, as well as access to more than 25,000 radio stations and podcasts. Hall 1.2 / Stand 130 Hall X.X / Stand XXX 12 IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

SPECIAL FEATURE - homE nETwoRkS wIRELESS hD ThAT GoES ThRoUGh wALLS The Korean company I DO IT is present at IFA with a Wireless Full HD Sender. The unit solves the problems of many similar such units as it enables signals to travel up to 40 metres in Full HD quality. Various other forms of HD connectivity are also offered including PLC modem connection (via power cable) and LAN connection (up to 150 metres). The system, known as “itrio”, will no doubt be welcomed by home network installers and AV professionals alike for its broad range of uses. The company’s European sales office is situated in France. Hall 25 / Stand 111 ToShIBA mAkES homE nETwoRkS EASY Toshiba Europe GmbH has introduced a new user interface software, which makes it easier to share content across a home network. The Toshiba Media Controller software facilitates file sharing and content distribution between connected multimedia devices, allowing users to easily stream videos, music and pictures from a media library to TV sets, laptops, smartphones or media players through a simple drag-and-drop interface. The Toshiba Media Controller can be installed on servers or controllers in the home network to expand multimedia capabilities to all compatible connected devices, which are compliant with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) guidelines. The software first searches for these DLNA-compatible devices on the home network and then sorts them into servers, which can provide content, and devices used for playback. The content can then be sent from one device to another using drag-and-drop. Hall 21 / Stand 101 Toshiba Media Controller Software IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 13

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