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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS Home Appliance Trends at IFA 2014 Diverse, effective, sustainable and easy to use The leading manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances are presenting their innovations from 5 to 10 September at IFA 2014 in Berlin. The current trends are diversity, effectiveness, sustainability and, of course, elegant design and smart functionality. Modern appliances take the strain out of housework, are easy-to-use and improve and enhance the quality of life: domestic appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, steam cookers, microwaves, hobs, kitchen hoods, dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers, as well as small domestic appliances including automatic coffee makers, milk frothers, kettles, toasters, contact grills, equipment for food preparation, and equipment for hair and body care, as well as for the care of clothes, homes and floors. ::::::::::::::::::::: IT’S ALL ABOUT EFFICIENCY ::::::::::::::::::::: Large and small domestic appliances are creating new trends in sustainability and energy efficiency, simplifying the preparation of meals and healthy cooking, and promoting physical wellbeing. High-quality materials and elegant design are combined with diverse and innovative functionalities, together with simple and easy-to-use controls. Smart applications combined with networked home appliances are also playing an increasingly important role. Easy-to-use apps assist with information (product and status information, tips on preparing (…) smartphones or tablet PCs can be used to control the networked home and, if required, can supply information about the operational status of all household equipment. meals, food stocks), operation (instructions, manuals, care advice), providing reassurance (servicing, maintenance, remote diagnostics) and promoting efficiency (energy monitoring). For example, smartphones or tablet PCs can be used to control the networked home and, if required, can supply information about the operational status of all the items of equipment. These systems enable individual appliances to communicate with one another, linking hotplates with kitchen hoods, or operating various kitchen appliances by means of a central control panel. Drastically reduced levels of energy, water and detergent consumption are a feature of a wide range of modern appliances. However, further improvements continue to be made with each new generation of equipment. The latest washing machines also place a greater focus on hygiene and reduced noise levels. These characteristics are enhanced by antibacterial door seals and detergent drawers, loading recommendations, special foam technology, steaming to combat allergens in the clothes, programmes for people with particular allergies and for baby clothes, and many other pre-installed programmes to provide the best, most efficient levels of care even when washing at low temperatures. With automatic measuring, or recommendations regarding the amount of detergent, today’s washing machines are all about convenience. Furthermore, the maximum load capacity has increased to more than ten kilograms, and safety features have also been substantially improved. Outstanding energy efficiency is also an essential feature of the latest tumble dryers, in particular through the use of heat pumps. The care process is further enhanced by functions that use steam and scents to air and freshen clothing. Refrigerators are now available that offer an option to use the same compartment for either cooling or freezing. Each of the double doors can be opened separately to minimize the volume of warm air that enters when drinks are removed, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling. Energy efficiency is also improved 26

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS Gorenje W 8543 TR & D8565 NR Dyson DC 43H Beko 6N 163230X through the use of new insulating materials. The introduction of specialised systems improves hygiene and helps to inhibit odours while rendering bacteria harmless. New interior lighting is provided in order to maintain the freshness and vitamin content of fruit and vegetables for as long as possible by simulating some of the effects of sunlight. In addition, the interior humidity can be regulated and active oxygen can be fed in to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE DESIGN FACTOR ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Design has become an even more important factor in white goods. In addition to the traditional white finish, many appliances now come in a wide choice of bright colours. With increased spray pressure or the ability to spray hot steam, the latest dishwashers can tackle even the toughest tasks such as removing dried or burnt food residues. At the same time water and energy consumption are being steadily reduced Design has become an even more important factor in white goods with many appliances now available in a wide choice of bright colours. and pre-wash soaking and scrubbing can be dispensed with. This process is also assisted by the hot water supply, energy-efficient zeolith dryers and special insulation of the housing. Special sensors, extra programmes, different water pressures for the upper and lower baskets, improved spray arms, automatic load recognition and specially designed holders for dishes and glasses ensure that they are treated gently while being washed cleaner and dried more effectively than ever before. More effective sound insulation and even quieter motors ensure that noise levels can be reduced even further, and some appliances can be opened simply by tapping the front panel. Induction is now an effective and reliable source of heat in ovens. A special induction unit with integrated heating coils converts the energy for baking and roasting. Another new development that increases the options for preparing food involves steaming in a vacuum, whereby the food is vacuum-sealed in plastic bags and cooked gently at low temperatures. Some ovens can add moisture to the food while it is being cooked. This is an even more effective way of retaining not only the flavour but also the vitamins and nutrients. The very latest ovens can prepare several dishes simultaneously on three different levels, but without allowing the aromas to combine. Manufacturers are now offering ovens with a 30% increase in the interior volume. The new types of coated surfaces can be cleaned with fresh water or steam, without requiring the application of any cleaning agent or excessive heat. With each new generation of appliances the noise levels are being reduced. If only small amounts of food are being prepared that do not occupy the entire cooking space, special dividers enable either the upper or lower area to be used, thereby achieving significant energy savings. Shorter heating times also help to improve energy efficiency. In addition to numerous automated baking, roasting and cooking programmes, sensors are now available to register the weight of a roast, for example, as well as databases for optimising the oven settings, thereby ensuring perfect results every time. Ovens can now even store details about the user’s favourite recipes. Sensors monitor the temperature ranges of the hobs to prevent cooking oil from overheating and minimise the fire risk from self-ignition. A safe and effective supply of heat through induction is becoming an increasingly important feature. Kitchen hoods are now design objects in their own right and no longer need to be installed in the traditional way above the hobs or on a wall. The latest models can be retracted inside a kitchen cupboard and, if required, can emerge from a work surface to powerfully extract any cooking odours or vapours. Quiet, highly effective motors with a long working life are now available for this range of products, offering significantly improved energy efficiency. IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 27

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