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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS Tefal Freemove FV 9970 Jura Coffee Maker Kärcher steam cleaner SC 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: INNOVATIVE SMALL DOMESTIC APPLIANCES ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The introduction of some 3,000 new products each year is proof of the innovative nature of the small domestic appliance sector. This diversity is particularly evident in the very popular field of appliances for preparing hot beverages. The range of fully-automated coffee makers and of capsule and espresso machines is designed to meet customers’ every requirement for standalone or built-in machines. As well as coffee, a growing number of them can also make other hot beverages such as chocolate or tea. Sensors are used to identify the selected cup size and to automatically set the nozzle to the right height. If the milk frothing function is missing, a growing range of practical milk frothers is available to supplement these appliances. Designers have also been focusing their attention on breakfast sets, which can be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. Technical features and improved performance are combined with the finest materials to maximum effect. The field of food preparation is equally The introduction of some 3,000 new products each year is proof of the innovative nature of the small domestic appliance sector. impressive, with appliances such as food processors, hand-held mixers and blenders, macerators and grills. For body care there is an extensive range of small appliances to meet every requirement. Whether it is hair care, hair styling or depilation, oral and tooth care, or skin care, innovative appliances are available for every purpose. There are now small networked appliances for monitoring body functions that offer new ideas and a whole range of applications. Scales can transmit weight readings to a smartphone, and so-called wearables such as bracelets fitted with the appropriate electronics can relay details such as pulse rate and blood pressure. Large vacuum cleaners and the smaller mobile versions now offer improved performance combined with reduced energy consumption. Integrated water filters enhance both the cleaning capability and hygiene, as do improved brushes for use in homes with pets. They also help to eliminate unwanted odours. These appliances are becoming even more compact, lighter and quieter. Automated robot vacuum cleaners are enjoying growing popularity. New technology, sensors and control systems ensure that they are becoming even more efficient, durable and smarter. These robots are now being joined by other similar appliances that can wipe floors clean to perfection. All this and more can be witnessed firsthand at IFA in the myriad of exhibits across the expansive show floors. Don’t miss it! 28

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Sneak Peek IFA 2014 Essential products you shouldn’t miss at IFA! The time to write your Christmas list is just around the corner – at IFA of course – but we take this opportunity to help you on the way with some of the coolest products of which we’ve been able to get a sneak preview just before the big event. This Sneak Peek is largely thanks to the incredible work of the IFA team in hosting RUSSELL HOBBS ILLUMINA COFFEE MAKER Russell Hobbs introduced the Illumina Range to simplify food preparation by using an innovative colour control light ring. At the IFA 2014 the company will extend the Illumina Collection with the Breakfast Range. The highlight of the Illumina Breakfast Range is the coffee maker. With new brewing technology and the Illumina light ring, the best coffee flavour is guaranteed. The innovative Illumina light ring will show the consumer when the coffee is best to drink and when the coffee starts to lose its flavour. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 104 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Illumina colour control light ring: Indicates the coffee flavour 2 Advanced brewing technology: New “showerhead” technology for great coffee flavour 3 Advanced heating system: Reaches to the optimal brewing temperature 65% faster* *Compared to Russell Hobbs Allure coffeemaker 14741-56 the annual IFA Global Press Conference, this year held in Belek, Turkey in April, and the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin in July. In the next pages, you’ll see some of the most innovative new items from the key players that should definitely be on your “I must check this out” list. Enjoy. IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 29

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