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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS Towards Integrated Solutions Harman International has been a leader of in-car and home entertainment technology for over 50 years, and at their IFA Press Conference they announced that 2007 has been their best year ever, showing growth of 20% up to June, adding they are confident they will achieve 25% next year. According to Gina Harman, Vice President Consumer Group, they have increased their market lead by listening to customers and ensuring they deliver exactly what they want. Convergence to integrated functions and “one box” solutions is the theme of their offering comprising around 500 products this year, most of them being brand new in the market. In-car Entertaiment To date, authentic 5.1 surround sound at every seat could only be experienced with home cinemas or in luxury cars. Now, it can be found in the world of entry-level luxury cars. The latest Harman Kardon discrete Logic 7 surround sound system will astound passengers with an audio experience that envelops every seat, resulting in a listening experience never before possible in this class of car. Lossless, fully digital and content-protected signal transmission (DTCP), using discrete Logic 7 technology; an amplifier with an output of 450 watts; and twelve highperformance speakers all combine for a unique and complete sound system - one never before seen in a compact car. Fully digital lossless signal transmission is just one step on the way to producing a brilliant sound. Digital algorithms developed by Harman Kardon create a sound field that had previously been considered unattainable in automobiles. The source of the sound can no longer be identified, because it’s disguised by the individual speakers. The vehicle interior seems larger and the soundstage broader. Instead of creating a single sweet spot, discrete Logic 7 technology produces the best possible playback for every seat, and from every recording. Home entertainment 47 AVR Series At IFA 2007 Harman Kardon announced the introduction of its 7.1-channel AVR 347 and AVR 247 – along with the 5.1- channel AVR 147 – audio/video receivers. All three include HDMI connectivity, exclusive EzSet/EQTM Automatic System Calibration and offer an expanded complement of advanced features and connectivity options to set new performance and value standards in their respective categories. Adding to their appeal, the receivers are stunning in design, and complement any home entertainment system. Cinespecial 29 The Cinespecial 29 includes the top-of-the-line DVD 29 DVD player and the powerful AVR 350 A/V receiver. The new industrial design of this Harman Kardon home cinema system is as visually appealing as it is technologically advanced, reinforcing the company’s reputation as one of the leading suppliers of high-tech audio products. Digital Lounge systems Harman Kardon, has set a new standard in home entertainment with its Digital Lounge systems. Five new systems in this product line, with improved equipment features and extended connection options, will be introduced at IFA 2007. Digital Media Center Harman Kardon, is showcasing its DMC 1000 Digital Media Center, a hard drive-based media server that offers a host of advanced media-storage and playback capabilities, including independent, simultaneous playback of up to four audio streams in four separate zones, and HDMI output with video upscaling to 1080p. In addition, the company is featuring its DMC 250 digital media center, a DVD player that also stores content to memory cards or USB storage devices, and plays back audio and video files from them. Home Cinema Systems These easy-to-use home cinema systems feature cuttingedge technology housed in an attractive design. The HS 250BQ is a 2.1-channel integrated home cinema system consisting of a DVD receiver, two satellite speakers, an active subwoofer and The Bridge docking station. The HS 350BQ is a 5.1-channel integrated home cinema system with four identical satellite speakers, an active subwoofer and center speaker, and a 5.1-channel DVD receiver. Both receivers feature a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), digital audio inputs, two USB inputs and special video processors for converting (upscaling) conventional video signals to 720p/1080i formats. Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound processors for playback of all current standard surround sound formats are also included. Muktiroom Products Harman Kardon’s lineup of A- BUS/Ready multiroom audio solutions will now include the new ABH 4000 four-zone/eightroom A-BUS expansion hub and the AB 2 multisource amplified in-wall module. Using Cat. 5 cable, the ABH 4000 distributes stereo audio, power and control signals from up to four audio source components to up to four zones and eight room locations. The AB 2 in-wall A-BUS keypad controller operates in conjunction with the ABH 4000 to provide source selection and control functions, and features a built-in stereo amplifier to power a pair of speakers in the remote zone. Hall 18, Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday, 1 st September 2007 21

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