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Contracion were able to carry art the remodelirtg project without closing the theatre because the auditorium and foyer (below) were walled off. When the new construction work was finished (aboye), the wall was removed, from the foot of the stairs on, and the new and old parts were united into one large free area. The photo at the bottom shows the mezzanine lounge. FAIRBANKS, ALASKA REMODELING Continued from preceding page selves frequently present as typical of an entertainment place in the interior of Alaska. Polished granite and vitreous tile were used for the entrance area, along with aluminum doors and trim. The boxoffice is located in an inner lobby. This area is closed off by aluminum doors through which patrons pass by a large and elaborately styled concessions to reach the holding area. Despite the fact that temperatures get pretty low in Fairbanks, the operation was carried on without closing down the theatre. Fortunately the original interior walls completely shut the theatre auditorium and old lobby off from the area which had housed the travel agency. So, this work was carried out first. When it was completed the walls were removed to tie the new boxoffice-lobby area into the theatre plan, and work began on the remodeling of the old boxoffice and lobby into travel agency space. Orchestra and balcony seating capacity of the Empress is 678. No change was made in the balcony seating arrangement, but the mezzanine lounge was somewhat reduced in size in order to provide for a ladies' pwwder room and a room for the usherettes. The Empress is a first run A house, with a drawing radius of 20,000 plus the resident military personnel and members of construction crews in the summer. CREDITS; Chongeoble program equipment: Wagner letters, Sealuxe frames • Carpeting: Korogheusian • Air Conditioning: Trane Climate Changer • Seating: Heywood-Wakefield • Stoge Equipment: RCA Synchro-Screen • Dimmers: Superior Electric • Owner: Lathrop Co. • Manager: Dan Redden. 10 The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

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