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. . Vaughn . . The . . Dame . . . A . . . Topflight FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Adiines for Newspaper and Programs THE STORY: "Moulin Rouge" (UA) This is the story of Toulouse-Lautrec (played by Jose Ferrer), a grotesque dwarf who in Paris in the I88O3 was a giant in the world of art, a habitue of the fabulous Moulin Rouge cafe. He rescues a streetwalker from arrest by a plainclothesman, and beccmes involved in a tempestuous love affair with her. She poses for him, and plaudits are heaped upon him by important art critics. However, the girl eventually leaves him after leading him a micerable existence. Lautrec becomes famous for executing a notable piece of poster art, his work grows in stature, and falls in love again— this time with a model who he helps to educate. When she decides to marry another more desirable man, Lautrec drinks himself into a state of collapse and dies as the result of a drunken fall. CATCHLINES: Paris in the Eighties . . . And the Unforgettable Story of a Strange Little Man ... A Giant in the World of Art . . . An Ugly, Misshapen Dwarf in the World of the Human Heart. 10-52 '8-5? -26 THE STORY: "Rogue's March" (MGM) Agents of a country bordering India to the north are active, and Queen Victoria's Royal Midland Fusileers are dispatched there for active duty, among the officers being Peter Lawford. Just as the regiment is about to depart, Lawford is arrested and charged with treason. Unable to explain planted evidence, he is court-martialed and dismissed from the service. Determined to vindicate himself, he enlists under an assumed name as a private in the Victorian Rifles, which is ordered to the relief of the Midland Fusileers. Discovered and arrested, Lawford volunteers to get through and bring back a relief party when the regiments are surrounded. He does so, and performs heroically in the ensuing battle; subsequently his name is cleared when evidence is uncovered that he had been framed by enemy agents. CATCHLINES: An Exciting Era in History ... In Mysterious, Dramatic India . . . Where Brave Men Battle Valiantly Against Overwhelming Odds . . . And the Major's Daughter Learns a Lesson in Love. THE STORY: "The I Don't Care Girl" (20th-Fox) At the basis of a film biography of Eva Tanguay (portrayed by Mitzi Gaynor), the vaudevillian whose rendition of "1 Don't Care" made her an all-time great, two screen writers contact Eddie McCoy (David Wayne), Eva's one-time partner. He reveals he discovered Eva working in Indianapolis in 1912. She becomes an overnight sensation but, according to McCoy, flopped when she went on a single. She and McCoy head for Broadway; Eva teams up with a pianist (Oscar Levant) and goes out of McCoy's life. The pianist, quizzed by the screen writers, derides McCoy's version of the Tanguay saga, and describes how she became a Ziegfeld Follies star. The scripters uncover still another version, including a tempestuous romance v/ith a young actor, and this is the plot finally adopted for the picture. CATCHLINES: At Last . . . The Story of Eva Tanguay . Volcano of Vaudeville . . . Who Earned a Fortune and Tossed It All Away . . . The Hoydenish Madcap Who Made "! Don't Care" an All-Time Smash Hit. THE STORY: "The Clovra" (MGM) Once a great Ziegfeld star, Red Skelton has been reduced —as the result of liquor and gambling— to playing clowns in burlesque and amusement parks. His young son, Timothy Considine, idolizes his father, and persuades Red's former agent to find a booking for him. This flops when Skelton tries to bolster himself up alcoholically, and he sends the boy to live with his mother, Jane Greer, who is remarried and wealthy. She offers Timothy every advantage, but the lad runs back to his father. His welcome return gives Red the courage needed to take over the starring spot in a knockabout TV show offered by his agent. The first show is a hit, but the strain on a weak heart is too great. Skelton dies, and Timothy sorrowfully returns home with his mother. CATCHLINES: Everybody Loves a Clown . Red Skelton as "The Clown" . . Combines Pathos and Comedy ment All the Way. And Everybody Will Love Rare Film Treat That Entertain- THE STORY: "Toughest Man in Arizona" (Rep) 16-51 In 1881, Vaughn Monroe, a U.S. marshal known as the "toughest man in Arizona," captures Victor Jory, a notorious bandit, and stops to aid a wagon train which is being attacked by Apaches. Joan Leslie, who believes her cowardly husband, Henry Morgan, has been killed by the Indians, and two children who have been orphaned by the massacre, are brought back to Tombstone by Monroe. Jean Parker, lory's dance hall girl friend, learns that Morgan is still alive and she enlists his aid in helping Jory escape from jail. Morgan, who taps the telegraph wires,

. yuur ! VTES: 15c per word, minimum S1.50, cash with copy. Four insertions for price ol three. , 3SING DATE: Monday noon preceding publication date. Send copy and answers to Box Numbers to BOXOFFICE, 825 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas City 24, Mo. • HELP WANTED anted; Experienced operators and general themalntenance man. Only experienced answer, - R. N. Smith Theatres. Mission. Tcjl anafler: Midwest theatre in town 40.000. Sal- $85. Group insurance. Opportunity for good man to advance. Reply in confldcDCe. Boxe, AB. 624 8. Michigan Ave., Chicago 5, 111. (anted: House manager or eiperiCTiced assistant knows theatre operation for southea-stern Viri territory. Air mail special delivery qualifions, references and salary expected. Boxoffice. 0. .re you the man? If you have had experience aging a foreign film house and understand rrtlslng and publicity for that type of operate have an opening as manager In our luxe art theatre, located In a large New Engclty. Write full details, age. salary, and ude photograph if possible. Lockwood L Gor- Enterprlses, Inc., 260 Tremont St., Boston. tfanted: Operator*Assistant manager for drive-in iniliwr theatre. Must be general mainlece man. Write K. N. Griper. Wallace Theatres. heatre managers and student managers wanted. of largest national circuits operating theain Iowa and Nebr;Lsk;i. Excellent opporlunfor advancement. Send picture, information irdinn experience, salary reiiuired, etc., In t k'tter. Also state reason for desiring change posilion. Letters kept in strictest confidence. Boxoffice. 4980. Jjcneral manager in full charge of two 1,000- (Uluxe outdoor theatres in Indianapolis. An clltnl jwsition and opportunity vuth a good ny and earnings participation for the right rutiw. Must haie the proper background and icriiTH'e in all operation phases including fast and impt)rtant food and concessions ni-'ss In these theatres. Reply, giving qualifiions and references, Joe Cantor. 3225 N. Tldian Street. lndi;inapolis. POSITIONS WANTED Projectionist available, experienced all phases, e employer for 21 years. House sold reason this advertisement. Reference. H. A. Garrett. umann. Ark. Manager, 18 years experience, buying, hooking, ploltation. married, sober and dependable. Exct pood livable salary. Boxoffice, 4972. 25 years show business, small towns. Trojec- > electrician, manager, sound and projector pair, maintenance. Age 42. Minimum $65. rmanent. Boxoffice. 4991. BUSINESS STIMULATORS ii Bingo with more action, $3.50 thousand cards. |lso other games. Novelty Games Co., 1434 edford Ave.. Brookl)Ti 16, N. Y. Comic books available as premiums, giveaways kiddy shows. Large variety, latest newsand editions. Comics Premium Co., 412B, Greenich St., N. Y. C. Publications for premiums exclusively) since 1939. Bingo die-cut cards. 75 or 100 numbers, $3.50 er M Premium Products. 339 W. 44th St.. New ork 18, N. Y. Build attendance with real Hawaiian orchids, ew cents each. Write l-lowers of Hawaii, 670 Lafayette Park Place. Los Angeles 5, Calif. i Balloons for Greatest Show on Earth, Snow i'hite. Samples free. Balloons, 146 Walton, itlaiiia. Ga. DRIVE-IN THEATRE EQUIPMENT Order now. Take time paying. Complete dual rojection/sound from $1,595. In-car speakers. 15.95; pair w/junction box. underground cable. 70 M, Send for equipment list. Dept. C. S.O.S. .Inemii Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New 'ork 19. Popcorn machines, half price. Wiener. Hamirger. Sno-Cone. Peanut Roasters. Bun Warmers, jppers Supply. 146 Walton St.. Atlanta. Ga. Drive-in theatre tickets. Send for samples of ir special printed stub rod tickets for dri\e-lns. ife. distinctive, easy to check. Kansas City .icket Co., Dept. 10. 109 W. 18th St., "Film Jow." Ivan.^as City 8, Mo. 30X0FFICE January 3, 1953 GENERAL EQUIPMENT—USED Used marguee letters: 80O Wagner 8" aluminum. 60c; 4" plastic. 25c; 10" plastic. 60c; 300 10" Adler aluminum. 75c. Send for list. Dept. C. S.O.S Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. Super special on super Simplex niedianlsms Excellent condition. $525 pair. Order now—only four pairs left. Dept. C. SOS. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. Pay less—eet more at SUrl KCA PO-222 sound system, rebuilt. $1,250; two-unit eleetrle ticket machines, eicelleot. $74,50: pair DeVry 12.000 series projectors; 120-watt drivc-in anplifier. heavy bases. Strone Mogul lampbouses. rectifiers, etc.. practically new. $2,475; ilertner 80/160 generator, complete rebuilt. $565. What do you needf Star Cinema Supply. 441 W. 50th St.. New York 19. Forced out of business—Complete Century 250- watt drivft-in sound system with emergency 75-watt feature. R-5 soundheads. Used 12 months. Altec serviced. $2,350. or will sell less soundheads. Park Vu Theatre. 3821 S. 11th East. Salt Uke City. Utah. For sale: 160-car drlve-in equipment. Complete screen, concession stand. Box 36. Hlllsville. Va. Closeout specials: Simplex mechanisms with dotible bcarlnp inlermlltonts $50; i'ecrless lowintensity arc lamps complete with reflectors $35; Garver low Intensity rectifiers $35; two used sound heads for Simplex, complete with drives, both $35; 350 used theatre chairs, padiied hack, spring cushion $3.50 each. Qer-Bar, Inc., 442 N. Illinois St.. Indianapolis Indiana. 4. For sale or trade: Complete stage draperies. .Vlso good beaded screen. Roxj' Theatre, St.'ar. Iowa. GENERAL EQUIPMENT—NEW Order sample Masonlte marquee letter. Be convinced. 4"— 35c; 8"— 50c: 10"— 60e: 12-— 85e: 14"— $1.25; 16"— $1.50. Any color. Fits Wagner. .\dler. Bevelite signs. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. S.O.S. means Save on Supplies. Rectifier bulbi. 15 amp.. $4.59: Stereopt leans. 500W. $24.95; Griswold 35mm splicers. $33.95 Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. STUDIO AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Capitalize your experience. Shoot local newsreels. T\' commercials and make advcitising tieups with local merchants. Send for Film Production Equipment catalog. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. DRIVE-IN CONSTRUCTION Drive-in construction. I have constructed 25 or more drive-in theatres. Some plush, some poor boy style. Complete turn-key job by one crew. My personal attention on each. Write or phone, information and snapshots of past deals now In operation. Oscar May. Outdoor Display. 518 Tierney Rd.. Fort Worth. Tex. Phone Lockwood 9186. EQUIPMENT WANTED Wanted: 400 used plastic marquee letters. 10" or larger. Herbert Uoglan, Ft. Madison, Iowa. Box 24. Wanted: Used 70 amp. lamps, beads, magazines, everything for 250-car drive-in. including speakers. Anywhere New England. P.O. Box 590. Sanford. Maine. SERVICES, REPAIRING We specialize in speaker reconing. repairiiig. Drive-in. house, radio, sound. TV. Prompt guaranteed service. $1.50 up. SiS Mfg. Co.. B-1. Box 594. Riverside Dr. Mobile. Ala. POPCORN MACHINES Popcorn machines, every possible make, at a fraction of their original cost. Kettles for ail make poppers. Candycorn Equipment. 120 S. Halstead, Chicago 6, 111. THEATRES FOR SALE Theatre For Sale: Selective listings in Oregon and Washington now available. Write for list. Theatre Exchange Co., Fine Arts BIdg., Portland. Ore. Opportunity for wide-awake showman. 750 seals, surburban theater fur lease. .Nominal rent, good equipment. Located Houston. Texas, fastest growing city in the south. Write P. 0. Box 1431, Biy City, Tex. ^^_ Build double parking drive-in theatres under Patent 2.102.718. reissue 22.756. Up to 30% more seating c.ipaclly with llltle additional Louis Josserand. 3710 .Ml. Vernon. Houston. Tex. Drive-in theatres In Arkansas. Kentucky, Mississippi and TennMsce Ileal opportunities from $30,000 to $250,000. Write us your needs. Gus J. Haase Theatre Brokers, 726 M & M Bldg.. Memphis. Tenn. Two drivc-in theatres near Rlchuood, W. Va. Will sell either one. Boxoffice, 4973. $17,000 buys only drive-in theatre operating In small Florida county. Might lease. Boxoffice. 4974. For sale or lease. 36b-seat theatre. Recently remodeled. Operating four nights a week. Trade population 5.000. $4,500. Boxoffice. 4978. Theatre east central Kansas county seat. Netting $1,200 per month No competition. Owner financially able to arrange attractive terms with low down payment, low interest up to ten years. Poor health. Bo.xofficc. 4992. Modern 3D0-car drive-in theatre. Population 69.000. Open year around. $35,000. Boxtffice, 4985. For sale: 415 upholstered chairs. IJCA saund. Simplex. Strong Hi Lamps, automatic draw curtains, carpated. Newly decorated, nothing to buy. Only shosv in the county. Will finance part. Roach Theiitre, Lincoln, Kas. County seat town: Only house thaatre and drive-hi. $12,000 down, balincc five years. No competition. Box 36. HlUsvilli'. Va. Only theatre town of 1.000. In tleh farming area, eential Oklahonia. 320 seats; good equipment. Making money. Have other interests. $16,000. inchides building. Would sell nice home. Boxoffice. 4988. Twin screen drive-in. Twin patios, square dance patio 40x70. Concession stand. One screen has three-room ai)artment. Located center of Texas, nine acres land. Third down. 'viU finance rest. Write: C. K. Jefferles, 908 S. El Paso St., El Paso, Texas. For sale: 255 seats, 16mm theatre, operating four nights a week. Village 1.200. More seating capacity with little additional cost. $25,000. Casselman Theatre. Casselman. Ontario. Canada. For sale: 600-car drive-in theatre, west Pennsylvania, a good grosser, proven moneymaker. Best equipment, concession leased. Cash deal only. $90,000. Positively not leasing, no brokers, contact owner. Boxoffice. 4990. THEATRICAL PRINTING Window catds. programs, heralds. Photo-Sftset printing. Cato Show Printing Co., Calo, N. Y. THEATRE TICKETS Prompt service. Special printed roll tickets. 100.000. $26.70; 10.000, $7.80: 2.000. $4.95. Each change in admission price, including change in color. $3 extra. Double numberuig exira. FOB. Kansas Cliy. .Mo. Cash with order. Kansas City Ticket Co.. 109 W. 18th St.. Kansas City, Mo SIGNS Easy Way to Paint Signs. Use letter patterns. Avoid sloppy work and wasted time. No experience needed for expert work. Write for free samples. John Rahn, B-1329, Central Me.. Chicago 51, III. THEATRES WANTED Theatre. Nebraska, western Iowa, northern Kansas. No brokers. Over 400 seats. Town 1,800 population or q\ct. Confidential. Experienced. L. J. Burkiit. Sparta. Wis. Wanted to lease drive-in theatre within or near New York state. Boxoffice. 4987. CLtflRinG Hoysf THEATRE SEATING Parts for all chairs. Send sample for quotation. Fcnsln Sealing Co . Chicago 6. Chair supplies. Everything for theatre chairs. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Used chairs, guaranteed good. Advise quantity wanted. Photographs mailed with quotation Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5 Seat covers: Sewed combinations, all makes, all styles. Send your sample for quotation. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Patch-O-Seat cement. Patcfaing cloth, solvent, etc. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Upholstery Fabrics: All kinds. All colors. Send your sample for matching. Fensin Seating Co., Chicago 6. Tighten loose chairs with Permastone anchor cement. Fcnsln Seating Co.. Chicago 5. $10 value tor only $5.95. 920 modern Heywood 7.ply veneer back, spring edge cushion chairs, curved steel standards. Excellent condition. Uept C. SOS. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. Many years In the seating business Is your guarantee. Good used chairs are not loo plentlfful but we have the pick. Full upholstered, panel back and many other styles. We furnish iiroper slope or level standards to fit your floor. All sizes 18 to 2I-lnch chairs. Our prices are lowest. Write for exact photo and price. We furnish parts for all makes. Send sample. Good quality plastic coated leatherette 25x201nch. all colors. 55c ea. Chicago Used Clialr Mart. 829 South State St., Chicago 5. 111. New and used rebuilt opera chairs: Write for photos, state Incline and quantity. Parts for all chairs, send sample for quotation. Pntch-A-Seat to repair torn seats. $6 complete kit. specify color. FIrmastonc to anchor loose chairs. $5 carton. F.O.B. Chicago. General Chair Co.. 1308 Elston Ave.. Chlc.igo 22. 111. Phone ARmltagc 6-0022. Custom made theatre seat covers. SI: all colors, vinyl leatherette, welting seweil on sides. Pattern cut from your sample. Fjisy to Install. Write for complete details. Manko Fabrics Co., Inc.. 114 E. 271h St.. New York 16. N. Y. Save time and money: Arllflclal leather cut to size 25" X 26". 49c each In lots of 50. By the yard. $1.10 and up. Send for samples. Mystic tapes, popular colors. 2" at $4— 3" at $6—also 60-yard rolls. Manko Fabrics Co. Inc.. 114 E. 27th St.. New York 16. N. Y. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES A steal. Two Mill's frozen custard machines, complete. Like new. Write Municipal Theatre, Milthelm. Pa. HANDY BLANK for Want Ad Copy Print the ad times Name Address Mail to BOXOFFICE 825 Van Brunt Kansas City 24, Mo.