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. 44 THERE'S A NEW BOXOFFICE STAR ON THE HORIZON! Although Bette has two Oscars to her credit, she could win a third, and she'll certainly get a nomination for her fine performance in THE STAR Bert Friedlob's production for 20th Century-Fox . . . Bette has the opportunity to run the gamut of emotions (and she can really run them, too) ... as a passe movie star who refuses to I'ecognize the fact that she's through; that her stellar days and temperamental binges are over, Bette performs not only as Bette Davis, but as Joan Crawford, Miriam Hopkins, Tallulah Bankhead and Gloria Swanson . . . Friedlob deserves a bow for Hollywood background he gave for the the authentic Katherine Albert and Dale Eunson story and screenplay (incidentally, this, Oscar) . . . too, can win an Bette dominates nearly every scene, yet there is room for a mighty good performance by Sterling Hayden, as the man who rescues the fallen star and tries to make her life a little better . . . Natalie Wood, Warner Anderson, June Travis and Barbara Lawrence are in supporting roles . . . Stuart Heisler directed . . Whether 'The Star' wins any Academy honors, or not, it still is an outstanding Bette C|€| Davis triumph 77 . . . -JIMMY STARR Motion Picture Editor of The Evening Herald and Express -r^ % V fmE DAVIS in ;, V BERT E. FRIEDLOB presents co-s,arring THE STAR STERLING HAYDEN with Natalie Wood • Warner Anderson • Minor Watson • June Travis Produced by BERT E. FRIEDLOB • Directed by STUART HEISLER Original Story and Screenplay by KATHERINE ALBERT and DALE EUNSON 7 Released through 20th Century-Fox

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