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Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative Condensers P-991 Are Re-Designed Building block construction and removable sectional components, providing flexibility of arrangement and complete accessibility, are among the new features of the redesigned and re-engineered line of evaporative condensers introduced by the United States Air Conditioning Corp. The new model is being produced in six sizes with capacities ranging from 7' 2 to 40 tons. All panels and sections are removable and reversible, to effect quick and easy rearrangement. All sections are bolted together with rubber gaskets between for water tightness. Theatremen will also find the unit to be a water saver. Break-Away Guide Ropes For Theatre Lobbies P-992 Velour-covered guide ropes with an exclusive breakaway feature, manufactured by Lawrence Metal Products, are available for use in theatres. Used across doorways or restricted areas where unexpected pressure might be applied, the Lawrence breakaway ropes will open at a weight of five pounds, warning the public out of closed areas. Guide ropes are offered in one and one and one-half-inch diameters, covered in blue, gold, maroon, green or gray velour. with special colors available on request. Projectionists' Loop to Check P-993 Guide Rollers and 'Weave' A special two-track frequency loop for checking film travel and adjustment of lateral guide rollers, also for checking film travel for any "weave," has been developed by Wesley Trout, who is offering this item in addition to his sound lens setting loop. A complete set of instructions is sent with each loop. This loop and the sound lens setting loop are useful in the projection room, as an added insurance for perfect sound reproduction. FOR MORE INFORMATION USE Readers' Bureau Coupons, P^S^ 43 Plastic Panels for Theatre Walls P-994 And Concession Counters There are many surfaces in theatres that take almost as much abuse as counter and table tops. Lamidall. a plastic laminate made by Woodall Industries, Inc., is made in panels one-eighth-inch thick and up to 4x12 feet in size. Lamidall helps solve the constant maintenance problem. The panels, used as counter tops or on walls, are applied directly to the wall and counter surfaces with a rubber emulsion type adhesive. Lamidall plastic laminate is available in a choice of colorful, decorative patterns and natural "life-like" wood grains. New Adapters and Fittings P-995 For Lighting Fixtures Steber Manufacturing Co. has announced the addition of 11 new comjwnents to its line of Steberlites for PAR-38 and R-40 medium and mogul base lamps. Each of the new units is of sturdy, cast aluminum for life-time service and time-saving installation. The completeness of the line provides quickly and easily assembled combinations of every description for any flood or spotlight problem of exhibitors. Unit to Control Odors P-996 By Destroying Them Odor control in theatres may be accomplished by a new development of Abbeon Supply Co. The new Rid -All double bulb electronic deodorizer. Using the famous Westinghouse Odorout Bulb, the unit emits light rays on a wavelength that makes the oxygen in the air becomes ozonated. When this happens the odor burns up completely and the air returns to its original state with no residue of artificial odor or smell. It effectively deodorizes space up to 1,800 cubic feet. New Ticket-Issuing Units For Theatre Boxoffices P-997 The new. individually motorized ticketissuing units, developed by Ai-gus Manufacturing Co., have caught the eye of many theatremen. Attractively finished cabinets accommodate three, four or five units, any of which may be quickly and easily removed without affecting the operation of others. The sales total is accurately recorded on a tamper-proof, non-reversible counter and is always instantly accessible by merely lifting the top plate. The top plate and counter flange are finished in satin chrome to eliminate glare and eye strain. An Easy Way to Refinish Leather Theatre Seats P-998 A new flexible coating, produced in 12 colors, that lengthens the life of all leather and leatherette goods, and revitalizes them at the same time, is now being marketed by RamCote Products. The new product, RamCote, is particularly adaptable for refinishing theatre seats, leatherette sofas and lounge benches. The coating is simple to apply with a paint brush. It air drys in 20 minutes, ready for use in two hours. RamCote will not chip or peel, or come off on clothing, and may be washed with regular soap and water or laquer thinner. It is not affected by heat, cold or scuffing. New Wood Panel For Movable Partition Suitable P-999 United States Plywood Corp. is now manufacturing a wood panel that is warpfree and possesses the rigidity and decorative beauty required for sliding doors and movable wall partitions in theatre buildings and drive-in concessions. Novoply. fabricated from tiny wood segments, is manufactured in four-by-eight sizes. 48 The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

Standby Electric Plant Is Air-Cooled P-1000 New Vacuum May Be Used For Wet or Dry Pickup P-1001 corrosion-proofed with rubber enamel. Tripod solid rubber casters prevent teetering. Casters swivel so unit easily follows operator, and the hose is heavy duty. The unit can be converted to blower by simply changing position of hose. The motor is for both AC and E>C current at 25 to 60 cycles. A new electric generating plant, engineered primarily for theatre emergency standby service, has been announced by Universal Motor Co. An important feature of this ten KW model is its four-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine. This unit provides an ideal combination of low initial and minimum operating expense. It can be furnished for single phase or three phase service, at either standard or special voltages. Super Cleaning Is Spe€iaUxed Cleaning At Low Cost An improved industrial vacuum which includes a 60-inch water lift and ability to handle both wet and dry pickup without changing the bag is made by Holt Manufacturing Co. Theatremen are advised by Holt that it is perfect as a wet pickup for completing carpet scrubbing and shampooing. The new vacuum has a 15-gallon tank of heavy gauge metal with the Inside rust-and- Cleaning your theatre with a Super Specialized Heavy Duty Theatre Cleaner is a simple and inexpensive operation, because the Super is engineered and tool-equipped to do the difficult, complex theatre cleaning job, usually costly and time-consuming by other cleaning methods. One operator and a Super can: • Clean screen, keep sound holes clear of clogging dirt. • (."lean walls, draperies, box fronts, all high places 1 feet up plus reach of operator, without strain. • Clean right up to wall and under anything with 3" floor clearance without stooping, bending and squatting. • Blow popcorn boxes, candy wrappers and other debris from between seats down aisles for easy disposal. • Remove slush, dirty water and suds from a/l floor surfaces, carpeted, wood, terrazzo or tile. Su. See the Super perform in your own theatre. Ask For all general cleaning and your supplies dealer for a demonstration. blowing. Po^verful, readily portable. All Models approved by Underwriters' NATIONAL SUPER SERVICE CO., INC. Laboratories and Canadian Standards. 1941 N. 12th St. Toledo 2, Ohio Sales and Service in Principal Cities In Canada: Plant Maintenance Equipment Co., Toronto, Montreal, Voncouver €) "Once Over Does It" SUPER SUCTION SINCE 1911 ® "THE DRAFT HORSE OF POWER SUCTION CLEANERS" Water Repellent Treatment P-1002 To Protect Exterior Walls To protect theatre buildings against the elements, A. C. Horn Co.. Inc., has developed a clear water-repellent for untreated exterior masomy surfaces above grade. Dehydratine No. 22 contains silicone compounds that are said to penetrate more deeply than conventional surface treatments and provide a higher degree of water repellence for a longer period of time. It will not discolor or change the appearance of masonry surfaces while preserving them. Waste Receptacle for Theatre P-1003 Concessions and Lobbies As an aid to theatre cleanliness, especially near concessions, United Metal Box Co., Inc., has designed a waste receptacle which provides for a large number of cups as well as other trash. The two swinging doors are always closed, yet scientifically counter -balanced to open easily and to close automatically after use. The unit is built of heavy furniture steel. It stands conveniently at waist height for the convenient use of patrons. Easy Method to Control P-1004 Rodent Pests Theatre rodent control continues to be a problem. However, d-Con Company, Inc., has made available to exhibitors its new method of conrtol that is a guaranteed effective rodenticide. LX 3-2-1, available in bulk, is a ready-to-use dry bait and is safe to humans and animals. HOLD EVERYTHING!! You can now have custom speakers for your theatre with your name cast on each speaker cose for as little as . . . M3 75 Per Set Coll, write or wire for further information DAWO CORP. 145 N. Erie St. Toledo, Ohio BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 NTS Will Distribute Halo Screen The Caldwell Halo Screen, a product of the National Theatre Screen Refinishing Co., will be exclusively distributed by the National Theatre Supply Co., according to a joint announcement made by J. W. Servies, vice-president of NTS, and Ken Caldwell of the National Theatre Screen Refinishing Co. SPORTSERVtCE CORP. Sro«TI»VICf UOC. • lUFFAlO. N. T 49