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I — • MACHINE FOLD * ROLL, SINGLE-DUPLEX * RESERVED SEAT • BOOK STRIP THEATER GIFT COUPON BOOKS SEASON PASSES — ONE TIME COMPS. -AG-CU-R-A&Y- SOUTHWEST TICKET & COUPON CO. 21)0 CORINTH ST. • Horwood 7185 • DALLAS, TEX. fAST. .. fA^r£Jt..^FAST£Sr SBRVICE \y^ 0RDER6ett^ SPECIAL TRAILERS FROM 125 HYDE ST. SAN FRANCISCO (2), CALIF. Gerald L. Karski.. .. President CLASSIFIED ADS—EASY TO USE Heywood SimmoiUi Eastern Oklahoma By ART LAMAN TULSA—Warren "Bud" Patton, a.s.sistant to Ralph Drewry of the Tulsa Downtown Theatre.s, is doing nicely after an appendectomy December 19. Bud became ill while at work in his office at the Ritz Theatre and was removed to his home where his condition was declared critical. An emergency operation was performed at Oklahoma Osteopathic ho.spital. Bud's many friends and ce-workers wish him a very speedy recovery. WAGONER—Work is progressing rapidly on Wagoner's new drive-in. Tower poles have been erected, speaker posts are in place, the ramps are well along and the entire area is being oiled. By opening time, this will become a nice surface. The drive-in is being built by the Thompson circuit, which operates Wagoner's two downtown theatres. Construction is under the personal direction of Charles S. Ralls, local manager for Thompson Theatres. A fine location has been obtained. It is on Highway 69 west of town where a new road joins Wagoner w-ith the highway. Everyone who comes to visit Wagoner, the only city on the new Lake Gibson must pass the drive-in. Of all of the new drive-ins now being constructed in this area, the Wagoner job has every possibilty of being in the most .strategic position. BOOKINGS MADE EASY and profitable— Let's talk it over TULSA—V. R. McGinnis, national chairman and director of the Allied Theatre Owners of Oklahoma, has been designated to represent Oklahoma at the forthcoming national board meeting at the Jung hotel in New Orleans January 12, 13. During this time the Gulf Stated Allied Theatre Owners will also hold its convention. SELL YOlHl THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coveraje in U.S. No "Net" list-l inos. Highest reputation for know-howl and fair dealing. 30 years experience in-P eluding exhibition. Ash Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. I ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED We know the Southwest ... we know pictures and our combined skill can save you time and trouble. R. E. Davis Details of our methods will convince you! Come in! HEYWOOD SIMMONS BOOKING SERVICE Phone: RA5S26 DALLAS 2008 Jockson St. BUFFALO COOLING EQUIP 3409 Oak Lown. Room 107 BUFFALO ENGINEERING CO., INC. M E N Tl Dallas, Tax. I Highlights of 1952 (Continued from preceding page) companies Round the World Cruise sales drive contest. OCTOBER Dallas Variety played host to Oklahoma Tent 22 members for the Texas-Oklahoma annual game. Dallas Variety conducted an International three-ring circus in conDection with the Texas state fair. R. I. Payne, vice-president and general manager. Theatre Enterprises, was elected to the board of directors of Gonzales Warm Springs foundation. District exhibitor chairmen of the Texas COMPO tax campaign met in Dallas to check on in the campaign. R. N. Wilkerson, manager for Universal, was high in his praise of all Texas film salesmen for results in far exceeding the Texas COMPO collections quota. A. L. Lawson, brother of Dan and the late Harry Lawson, was assigned to represent Associated Popcorn Distributors in Houston and South Texas. NOVEMBER Dallas Variety held its annual election of crew members, who in turn re-elected the present officers for another term. Rowley United Theatres held its semi-annual managers and partners convention in the Adolphus hotel. Joan Crawford was the honored guest at a banquet arranged by Gonzales Warm Springs foundation and Texas COMPO for her great achievement in presenting the foundation story to theatre audiences through a short featurette. Ten stars toured more than 50 cities for Texas COMPO and Movietime. A number of delegates from Dallas Variety attended the 25-year celebration in Pittsburgh. Ray Wild. RKO, E>allas, was elected president of the Colosseum of Film Salesmen at its convention in Atlanta. Dallas Variety Club dedicated the L. M. "Mike" Rice stadium at Boys Ranch and the boys won a football game 54-0. Paramount held its south central divisional meeting in the Baker hotel. Bob Warner, district manager for Manley, Inc., named John Frahm to cover east Texas and Kdward C. Fitzgerald to cover south Texas for the organization. DECEMBER Maxine Doviatt appeared in Dallas for press, radio and TV appearances after touring the rest of the state for "Million Dollar Mermaid " Drive-in owners a,ssembled in Lubbock at regional meeting of Texas Drive-In Theatre Owners Ass'n. Houston Variety Club elected Mitchell M Lewis as chief barker for 1953. R. J. O'Donnell and H. A. Cole atttended the national COMPO board of directors meeting In Chicago. Bobby Bixler, Paramount exploitation director, was called upon to visit Brackettville by Nat Holt for the shooting of Arrowhead. Raymond Willie jr., MGM, and John Paxton, e-xhibitor. were hosts to Dore Schary with other executives of MGM at Fort Bliss near El Paso. This has been decided upon as a location for shooting a picture in the spring. Variety Club of Dallas held its annual Christmas party at the Boys Ranch. The Annual Dallas Variety New Years party ended a dynamic year in Texas show business. 66-B BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953

Poubte Satisfaction YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOU ® IN-A-CAR SPEAKERS SUPERB SOUND Ask your Ballantyne representative to demonstrate the Dub'l-Cones. Nowhere will you find more faithful, undistorted sound reproduction at all volume levels. Electrical Components are Manufactured under Ballantyne Co. Patents by General Electric. UNIQUE DUB'L-CONE ^^^ Two cones, one super imposed over the other with a 3/16" airgap between for tonal resonance. The exterior cone protects while the interior cone projects the sound. Both are completely weatherproof. If ever damaged, you can replace it on the spot in a matter of minutes. WEATHERPROOF ^-^ Every point in the speaker has been protected against moisture and corrosion. Diaphram is treated to protect against dampness. The voice coil is noncorrosive aluminum—will not buckle, warp or swell. DEPENDABLE A heavy 1.30 oz. Alnico V magnet gives THREE to FIVE TIMES the power of earlier magnetic materials. Ask the Drive Theatre Owner who has Dub'l-Cone Speakers — more than 30,000 installed in new and existing theatres. Hardin Theatre Supply Co. 714 South Hampton Rd. Dallas, Texas BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 66-C