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GET A HORSE! In 1907

GET A HORSE! In 1907 this automobile was the very best money could buy! . . . despite the derisive cries of "Get a Horse" and a new popular song "Get Out and Get Under." But . . . TODAY THERE IS A BETTER WAY! Today, imagination, productive genius and modernization have made good products even better. Have you, Mr. Exhibitor, made this changeover to 'Modern Times'? Have you been introduced to the leader in the sound and projection field — SIMPLEX X-L? Surely, your patrons deserve the very best! And for over 30 years there has been none finer, none more dependable, none more in tune with the times than SIMPLEX! Yes, today there is a better way—SIMPLEX X-L sound and projection systems. T M «tO U FAT off- TAYS/ PROJECTION and SOUND SYSTEMS MANUFACTURED BY INTEJINATIONAL PROJECTOR CORPORATION • DISTRIBUTED BY NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPI