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I ; Gartside's Save Now On Popular Easel Display Frames! 30x40 EASEL FRAME ONLY $25.95 27x41 EASEL FRAME ONLY $25.95 40 X 60 EASEL FRAME ONLY $30.60 All metal construction, lifetime extruded aluminum easet frame. Non-tipable "Y" tripod construction makes fromes stoble on uneven floors. Easel locks open or closed. Tipped feet will not mar floors. 8 X 10 Slide Frame $1.00! J LIFETIME EXTRUDED ALUMINUM DISPLAY FRAMES 50% Our exclusive one-piece construction cuts your costs in half. 8"x10" Slide Frame. $1.00 14"x36" Slide Frame $3 00 M|^BM^^^ H"x14" Slide Frame. $1.50 22"x28" Slide Frame $3.00 ^^^^^^^W 14"x22" Slide Frome.$2.1S •!::!.!1';?.^_^''""'''='' I I 40"x60" POSTER CASE $64.50 aluminum I • Caustic Alumtlitc • Strong, etched rigid finished All stondord sizes Cross section is actual size of easel frame extrusion. P« Peoples Display Frame Co. f 1513-1515 Olympic Blvd. Montebello, California Lifetime [xiruded Aluminum LESS i 40"x60" Non-illuminated poster case, shadowbox door, recessed or surface mounted (please specify) heavy extrudeii aluminum, lifetime alumilite finish, (ult length door hinges, 3^" plywood back F.O.B. Montebello. SAVE! ORDER DIRECT BY MAIL \ Frames and case listed may be ordered by mail. Money-back Guarantee. Shipped i ' F.O.B. Montebello. California. hsel frames I SHEET 30 X4Q.. 40 X 60 r put your Jobs on the 4 % J A STAIN-REMOVAL SHELF FOR $3.50 Continued from preceding page a clean, wet cloth. After drying, a sponging with carbon tetrachloride will remove the traces of oily or fatty matter. INK (Writing Ink): Because inks vary in composition, k is impossible to find a single agent that will serve equally well in all situations. Actually, no ink spot can be removed completely from velvets and flat fabrics without injury to the material. Commercial ink removers include these products: (a I Iron Rust soap, on sale throughout the country. Rub the soap into the stain with the fingers. Let it stand for about a minute and wipe off with a dry cloth. The procedure then is to be repeated until the wiping cloth no longer shows stain. Then rinse by rubbing with a cloth wet with cold water. ibi Carter's Ink Eraser No. 1. Apply No. 1 solution to the stain with an eye-dropper and then blot with blotting paper. This should be repeated until a clean portion of the blotting paper shows no stain. Then rinse by rubbing with a clean wet cloth. Note: No. 2 Carter's solution should not be used as it may change fabric color. LIPSTICK: For this type of an annoying stain, use carbon tetrachloride, applying a little of it with a saturated cloth and then immediately pressing a blotter firmly on the spot. This is to be repeated until new sections of the blotting paper no longer show stain. These treatments have been thoroughly tested by the Kroehler Mfg. Co. Write Dept. A for Bulletin Daulon safety^iadders 22 $afel\| level Theatre jobs are safer on a Dayton Safety Ladder. That special "Safety Level" working platform makes all your high jobs "ground safe." Here's the "big 6" features that make a Dayton your best buy. 1. Rail-guarded "Safety Level" platform. 2. Locks in place automatically. 3. Rubber safety shoes. 4. Light weight—great strength. 5. Economically priced. 6. Complete size range 3' to 16' high. Daylon safety Mder e«, 2339 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio In Canadc»*— SAFETY SUPPLY CO., TORONTO New Projection Unit Development of a new model Stub- Timer, combination carbon consumption indicator and reel timer, has been announced by Carl Mingione. Keeping step with new developments in projection equipment, the unit is now adaptable to any amperage load and to any size caj-bon. Mingione has taken over sole ownership of Stub-Timer. Revolution in Floor Coverings The floor coverings industry is old in years and experience, but it would be a mistake to assume that it is lacking in vitality and imagination. On the contrary, I believe that the industry has entered a new period of growth which will probably prove to be one of the most significant in its history. The revolution in floor coverings is in full swing. New carpet fibers, modernization of facilities, and a greater product diversification are opening new horizons for an industry which has a long and successful record of filling a basic human demand. —William F. C. Ewing in the Analysts Journal. The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

Cumcn Theatre. Mnnnolia. Arhuisas Arcliiteels: Ginocehin & Cnnttuell, Little Ri>rh\ Arkansas You will probably be very glad to know that even now, long after the opening of the Cairec Theatre here in Magnolia, we hear newcomers to town, visitors and others who attend the theatre for the first time, comment on the comfort and convenience of the American Retractor seats installed there. The seating arrangement--seats, spacing, etc. --remains one of the outstanding features of the house. Furthermore, they are holding up well and still look very nice. The red mohair covering material still retains the rich, full color it had when the seats were installed. Sincerely, AMERICAN BODIFORM ® RETRACTORS W. p. Florence. Jr. "one of the outstanding features of the house" Wherever American BoJiform Chairs are used—whether Retractor-type or regular, and whether in new theatres or for reseating—their comfort, beauty, FOR RESEATING, experienced operators seeking increased box-office receipts choose American Bodiform Chairs, unexcelled for comfort, beauty, convenience, and durability. The hundreds of and convenience make them an outstanding feature of the house. They are tlie finest theatre chairs in the world. Bodiform installations, after many years of hard use, are giving excellent service. WORLD'S LEADER IN PUBLIC SEATING Grand Rapids 2, Michigan • Bronch Offices and Distributors in Principal Cities Monufacturers of Ttieatre, School, Church, Auditorium, Transportation, Stodium Seating, and Folding Choirs ALSO DISTRIBUTED BY NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY American Bodiform Retractor No. 20-001. The Cameo Theatre uses 629 of these, phis 224 American Bodiform regular Cliairs No. 16-001 BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953 23