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READERS' BUREAU For further information regarding products advertised or mentioned in this issue, use the postage-paid reply cards below. NEW EQUIPMENT and DEVELOPMENTS Briefed from the full description starting on page 48 Key Number EVAPORATIVE CONDENSERS P-991 A redtiitjned und re-ejiglneered line of evaporatltt; condensers hu-s been introduced by tlie United Stales Air Conditioning Corp. Building blocit con.struction und removable sectional components, providing flexibility, are among the new features offered In the line. Theatremen will also find the unit to be a water saver. BREAK-AWAY GUIDE ROPES FOR LOBBIES P-992 La\\rence .Manuiacturing Product.^ Is m.iriieting velour-covered guide ropes for use across duurways or restricted areas In theatres where unexpected pressure might be applied. The ropes will open at a weight of five pounds, warning tlie public out of closed aieas. The ropes are available hi seierai different colors and in one and one-half-incli diameters. FREQUENCY LOOP FOR PROJECTIONISTS P-993 A special two-track frequency loop for cheeliing film travel and adjustment of lateral guide rollers and for checking film travel for any "weave," is beuig offered by Wi-»ley Trout. A complete set of instructions is sent willi each loop. PLASTIC PANELS FOR WALLS AND CONCESSION COUNTERS P-994 kimidali, a plastic laminate made by Woodail Industries, Inc.. is made in panels one-eighth-inch thick and up to 4x12 feet in size. The panels, used as counter tops or on walls, are applied directly to the wall and counter surfaces with a rubber emulsion type adhesive. They are available in a choice of colorful, decorative patterns and n.iturul "lifelike" wood grains. ADAPTERS AND FITTINGS FOR LIGHT FIXTURES. .P-995 Slcbcr Manufacturing Co. has announced the addition of U new components \o its Itae of Stebcrlitcs lor I'Alt-38 and U-40 medium and mogul base lamps. The new units are constructed of sturdy, cast aluminum for life-time service and time-saving installation. ODOR DESTROYING UNIT p.996 Odor control in theatres may be accomplished by the deielopmcnt of the new Kid-All double bulb electronic deodorizer, manufactured by the Abbeon Supply Co. The unit emits light rays on a wave-length that makes Hie oxygen in the air become ozonatcd. ITiere is no residue of artificial odor or smell. It effectively deodorizes space up to 1,800 cubic feet. TICKET-ISSUING UNIT p.997 Individually motorized tlcket-Lssuing units, developed by Argus Manufacturing Co., Iiave altracted considerable attention among theatremen. Finished cabhiets accommodate three, four or five units, any of which may be quickly and easily removed without affecting the operation of otliers. A satin chrome finish helps ellmtaate glare and eye strain. Key Number NEW REFINISH FOR LEATHER THEATRE SEATS. . .P-998 A m-\ nexibie coating, produced in 12 coiuis. that lengthens the life of all leather and leatherette goods, and revitalizes them at the same time, is now being marketed by liamCote Products. It air dries in 20 minutes, is ready to use in tvio hours. It is not affected by beat, cold or scuffing. WOOD PANEL AS A MOVABLE PARTITION P-999 .\ viood panel that Is warp-free and iRissesses tlie rigidity .;nd decorative beauty required for sliding doors and movable wall partitions in theatre buildings and drlvc-ln concessions, is now manufactured by United States Plywood Corp. STANDBY ELECTRIC PUNT P-IOOO L'lilversal .Motor Co. announces a new electric generating plant, engineered primarily for Uieatre emergency standby service. The unit combines low initial and minimum operating expense. It can be fumislied for single phase or three phase service, at either standard or special voltages. INDUSTRIAL VACUUM FOR WET AND DRY PICKUP. P-1001 An improved Industrial vacuum which hieludcs a CO-Inch water lift and ability to handle both wet and dry pickup without chiuiglng the bag is made by Uolt Manufacturing Cto. The new vacuum has a IS-gallon tank of hc^vy gauge metal with the Inside rust—and corrosion—proofed with rubber enamel. The motor is for both AC and DC current at 25 to 00 cycles. WASTE RECEPTACLES FOR CONCESSION AND LOBBIES P-1003 Theatre cleanliness is especially import^uil, particularly near concessions. United Jletal Box Co., inc., has developed a waste receptacle whieh provides for a large number of cups as well as other trash. The unit is constructed of heavy furniture steel. It stands at waist height for the convenient use of patrons. AN AID TO RODENT CONTROL P-1004 liodcnt control in theatres continues to be a headache for exhibitors. LX-3-2-1-, developed by Uic d-Con Co., inc., is a new method of control that is guaranteed be to effective. It is available in bulk, and is safe for humans and animals, an aid in accident prevention. LITERATURE Briefed from the description on page 50 Key -Number FOLDER ON MERRY-GO-ROUNDS L-1534 Arrow Development Co., Inc., has released its latest illustrated folder on merry-go-rounds. Specifications as to capacity, construction, drive-in Ughthig and dimensions are given. A price list is also Included. FOUR-PAGE BULLETIN ON GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATERS L-1535 .\ four-jiage technical bulletm describing its expanded line 111 Series 23 gas-fired unit beaters, has been Issued by United Slates Air Cunditioohig Corp. Included are capacity tables and roughing in dimensions for the complete unit healer line. ILLUSTRATED FOLDERS ON DRIVE-IN EQUIPMEN f. L-1536 Uavvo Corp. li;is issued two Ulustrated sigiLs lor drive-ins and data on Dawo's In-car speakers. A complete price list is included. AN EIGHT-PAGE BULLETIN ON RETRACTILE CORDS L-1537 An eii;lil-page bulletin on rectraetile cords for general communication and power aiipUcallons, particularly In driveins, now Is available from Kolled Kords. Inc. Also Included are photos of actual applications of cords. PAINT GUIDE INDEX L-1538 A quick reference index malnten:uice pahitlng guide in the form of a four-page folder is avidlable to theatremen througli Wilbur & Willlans Co. The use of paint coalings In cutting maintenance costs is clearly outlined. FACTS AND FIGURES ON DISPLAY, POSTER CASES AND BULLETIN BOARDS L-1539 I'oblockl Si Sons Co. lias released a six-page bulletin giving specifications for display, poster cases and hullelln hoards. Detailed diagrams on five cases are given In llie release. PROJECTION AND SOUND EQUIPMENT CATALOG. . L-1540 .Vn Illustrated, 24-p.age product catalog on projection and sound hxs been released by the DeVry Corp. Twenty-two separate items fur Indoor and drlve-in theatres are covered. NEWS ITEMS OF INTEREST IMPROVING THEATRE ACOUSTICS N021 A miiiimum of trc^itmcnt and expense can help produce mure efficitJit acoustics In older theatres Page 12 NEW SUNSET THEATRE N022 WichiUi, Kas., theatre features luminous (Usplay keyed to theatre's name. . .I'age 14 . SMALL-TOWNER WITH BIG-TOWN ECONOMY IDEAS.. N023 Electric cable-s In the siduwalk meet prubteros vi imrthern Michig;m cold weather. .. .i'age 16 THEATRE FIRE PROTECTION N024 Suggested portable equipment for theatre fire proleclion. . . .Page 18 MAINTENANCE CALENDAR FOR THEATRES N025 Montb-Lu-month maintenance calendar for good housekuepini; practices. •- -Page 20 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE MANUAL N026 Vital points to watch in an electrical survey... .Page 32 How to Use These READERS' BUREAU COUPONS I. Fill out completely a separate coupon for each New Equipment item. News orticle or Literature reference obove) which interests you. Likewise for each Advertising Product (reverse side of this sheet) about which you wont more information. Put only one key number in each square. Write r.ere live tey number ^I i yt I of live .tern thot interests you W \ /nT' I tan,. JQ/^M C 00£ _ hpons for each request, detach the postcards and moil. No postage V^ needed in the U.S. (Affix stamp in Canada.)