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CASt STUDY NO. I: 88 Carloads Here's a photographic equipment manufacturer with a systematic metal-salvageprogram. No more scrap, they said. Yet, after more careful study, they found 88 carloads of heavy ixon and steel saap in a 30-day period! CASE STUDY NO. 2 Metalworking Plant Surprised! This big fabricator reported all scrap beine turned in. When told needed scrap includes old equipment, not just "production" scrap, they uncovered extra tons of iron and steeL your for more Steel f CASE STUDY NO. 3: Paper Converter Delivers! This plant replaced 3000 obsolete machines with new ones. Held old ones for occasional spare parts. Changed mind, scrapped 2800, reduced inventory. SCRAPPy SAYS may have iron and steel Vou, too, scrap you don't know about. Almost any plant has. « That scrap is badly needed to aid defense. Steel mills may have to let furnaces grow cold unless they get more scrap to meet the needs of greatly expanded capacity. Remember— we need 3000 carloads NON-FERROUS SCRAP IS of scrap a day for steel mills and foundries—much more than we are getting now. Every pound counts. Start ^o«r scrap salvage program today by writing for your copy of "Top Management: Your Program For Emergency Scrap Recovery", to Advertising Council, 25 W. 45 St., New York 19, N. Y. NEEDED, TOO! This advertisement is a contribution, in the national interest, BOXOFFICE by 62 BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

. . Winnell Ft Clark, Brackettville, Is Location of Nat Holt Film View at left looks from U.S. across the Rio Grande river into Mexico. The camera, on a rolling dolly and wood tracks, is trained on Charlton Heston, on the near horse, and Milburn Stone, as army scouts. Watching the action in fur-collared leather jacket and baseball cap is Director Charles M. Warren. At right, players get set for a scene at Fort Clark ranch, showing the actual fort in the background. In the foreground may be seen Jack Palance as an Apache chief and Michael Keith, a cavalry captain. The adjacent photo shows Bobby Bixler, Paramount publicist of Dallas, Producer Nat Holt and Mrs. Bixler. BRACKETTVILLE, TEX. — Bobby Bixler. exploitation director from the Paramount exchange at Dallas, and his wife spent several days with F>roducer Nat Holt and his crew on location at nearby Fort Clark ranch shooting "Arrowhead," story of an Apache uprising in 1878 from a book by the same name. The film, in Technicolor, will be given a Texas premiere next fall. Ft. Clark, locale of both the story and the filming, stands today almost unchanged from the days when it was built and was active as a cavalry post on the old El Paso wagon trail 140 miles west of San Antonio. Time Raymond Willie Heads Dallas Zukor Dinner BEVERLY HILLS—R. J. O'Donnell, International Variety chairman of the Adolph Zukor golden jubilee celebration, announced that Raymond Willie of Dallas, general manager of Interstate circuit, had been appointed general chairman for this affair in the southwest territory. Willie succeeds Paul Short who has been serving as temporary chairman. O'Donnell is here with his wife to attend the birthday banquet January 7, the first of the Variety International Zukor golden jubilee celebrations. Willie announced that the new date for this Zukor celebration in Dallas had been changed from January 28 to February 6 at the Adolphus hotel. MDALLAS, TEX. 2013 Younj .. Pros. 1685 ANLEY Inc. The Biggest Name in Popcorn Moke more money with Manley Bob Warner has not changed the landscape much either. The post, opened in 1852, was maintained by the government until a few years ago, and recently has been converted into a dude ranch and tourist attraction. The fort buildings, which once accommodated ten companies of cavalry, housed the entire Nat Holt company of 150 cast and crew with 300 Navajo Indians who were brought from Gallup, N. M. Charlton Heston plays the rugged army scout. Jack' Palance is Toriano, the Apache chieftain, while also in the cast are Katy Jurado, Michael Keith, Mary Sinclair and Katherine Grandstaff of Houston, a protege of R. J. O'Donnell. DALLAS paul Strother, National Theatre Supply, is the father of a baby girl, born December 27 at St. Paul's hospital . . . Freddie Hanson, National Theatre Supply, was host to the employes at a December 21 dinner party at his home. Natalie Bernstein, who has been away from the Leon offices for some time due to illness, was welcomed back to the office December 29, with the understanding that she pursue light duties for a while . Quinn spent a few extra days away from the National Screen office as part of her vacation. Dallas Variety Club held its New Year's eve party. Reservations indicated a great attendance for the affair in the Adolphus hotel. Dallas Variety will hold its installation meeting January 5 and all members are urged to attend. Wallace Walthall will conduct the memorial for members who died in 1952. Stars in 'Fighter Squadron' Heading the cast in Allied's "Fighter Squadron" is Sterling Hayden. William Calihan will produce the World War II aviation drama. George L. LeBlanc, 44, Dies; Supervisor for Altec OKLAHOMA CITY—Funeral services for George L. LeBlanc, 44, district supervisor for Altec Service Corp., were held Monday (29) in Oklahoma City. He died the previous Friday in Barnes hospital, St. Louis, wnere he had been in critical condition several days following a second surgery. LeBlanc entered an Oklahoma City hospital about one month ago and underwent surgery. About two weeks later he was sent to St. Louis for observation and research. With Altec for 20 years, LeBlanc had many industry friends. Survivors include his wife Lois; daughter Judith, 17; son Lawrence, 11; his parents in Pennsylvania and a sister in Washington state. The family requested no flowers, but that donations be made to the George LeBlanc memorial fund at St. John's Episcopal church, Oklahoma City. Born in Chicago, LeBlanc had lived in Oklahoma City about ten years. He served Altec for many years out of the city and was made district supervisor of the corporation last year when Altec opened an office at 706 West Grand. He was a member of Variety Club. The feminine lead in "Blueprint for Murder" will be Jean Peters. Michael Abel is producing this for 20th-Fox. BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 sw 63'