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lot of exhibitors around

lot of exhibitors around the country have made Coca-Cola available as a convenience to their patrons. They didn't realize at the time that a vending machine to sell Coke becomes a smash hit wherever it shows.And not only with the audiencelAsmail-builgct production nets you a whopping profit when you install your choice of vending methods to sell Coca-Cola. Best of all, there's no increase in overhead! For ail the money- ma king details, address: The Coca-Cola Company, P.O. Box 1734, Atlanta. Gooraia. Z»0* "COKE" IS A neCrSTERED TBAOEMARK. SFiii'N, mm i 'III, > ^';2:n^,.^ ^,

: Today's theatre-goer LIVING ROOM COMFORT He wants a chair he can relax in, just like the one at home HEYWOOD- WAKEFIELD Theatrv Sratinjl Diiision ^ lenom inec. A licit igan Sales Offices Baltimore. Boston, Chicago, Netv York Heywood-Wakefield's famous TC 706 AIRFLO is as comfortable as the average patron's own easy chair at home. The reclining AIRFLO chair has the "rocking action" of the exclusive Heywood -Wakefield spring action mechanism. By virtue of this mechanism the AIRFLO retains the scientifically correct pitch of scat-to-back regardless of how the patron shifts his weight or position. For further information contact your Heywood-Wakefield Comfort is our business ... in theatre seating as in IleYnood' s famous household furniture, like the Old Colony platform rocker at top. representative or write for the fully illustrated catalogue on Heywood-Wakefield Theatre Chairs. BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1963