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A Hairpin -Shaped Counter Speeds Patron Service At Ezell Drive- Ins Only One Set of Employees Required To Serve Both Sides of Unit f\ HAIRPIN-SHAPED CONCESSION COUnter has been found most effective for efficiency and speedy service by Ezell & Associates, operating a large number of drive-in theatres in Texas. Using the cafeteria method of serving, the 76 feet of counter space it provides makes it easy to handle about 420 persons during a 15-minute intermission. This type of bar has another advantage, in that the area between serving counters is only three feet wide, making it possible for one set of employes to serve both sides. The main counter is two feet wide, and the auxiliary counter is 18 inches wide. An eight-inch slide rail is used on both sides The Burnett Road Drive-In Theatre, Austin, Tex., an Ezell property, has a protitoble concession utilizing the hairpin counter. for trays. The auxiliary counter is roped off except during rush periods. All equipment, which is console type, is installed in the front or main counter except ice cream, which is installed either in the rear counter or at the curve of the hairpin, for self-service. Patrons pass down the main cafeteria lane past the popcorn unit, hot dog warming compartment, snowcone machine, coffee maker, beverage dispensers and candy and gum counter to the cashier at the end of the line. Patrons using the auxiliary counter are served from the units on the main counter by the attendants, and pay the second cashier at the end of that line. Doors at both ends of the hairpin counter provide easy ingress and egress which further speeds concession traffic. The diagram below shows how the hairpin counter is laid out. All equipment is installed on the front counter except ice cream (No. 7) which is located on the rear counter, or as in the photograph above, at the curve of the hairpin. Food and beverage equipment installed is numbered as follows: No. /, popcorn Tr ai- f I c Conrro/ ^ o oez machine; No. 2, hot dog warmers; No. 3, snow cone machines; No. 4, coffee makers; No. 5, beverage dispensers; No. 6, candy and cigaret displays. Pay stations are at each end, marked X. Standee poles are imbedded in the floor, and the auxiliary counter is roped off except during intermission. Puibuic Passage Trau Side AUXIHA^^Y @ COUMTElIk V^ ^ 5 oo u Maim Counteh, Salls Ap^ea ® ^ < o H Tr- £3 cj 5 / c/tf PufeLic Passaqe. Traffic ConTroi Piope. -^ 4o'- O' BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 25