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am > BOX Small Drive-in Combines Highway Restaurant With Concession by PHILIP L LOWE* E i R M A S C R E E N PAT APPLIED FOR ^\ N UNUSUAL CONCEPT of the place of the drive-in theatre as a business entity has been developed at the Nashoba Valley Drive-In Theatre and Restaurant, located in West Acton, Mass. The drive-in itself can be best described as an "area" drive-in, in that it does not draw from any one particular community, but draws from some half-dozen small communities located about 20 miles west of Boston. The drive-in accommodates approximately 400 cars, and the projection booth is located in the rear of the theatre, throwing over the top of all the cars to a screen some 600 feet away. By using this type of projection, it was possible to combine the refreshment area for the theatre with a drive-in restaurant. They installed a regular two-lane cafeteria coupled with another counter directly opposite, which serves into the restaurant area which faces on the highway. LITTLE EXTRA EQUIPMENT NEEDED This type of installation required very little additional equipment above that needed for the drive-in theatre itself, and enabled the management to put the refreshment facilities on a 12-hour basis. Although it is not considered by this writer that the Nashoba Valley type of operation is practical for all small drive-in theatres, it certainly has its application for a great many of them. Since the theatre is essentially a small one, the refreshment area is not located too far from any of the cars in the theatre to rule out the location of the refreshment area as unsatisfactory. A HIGHWAY NETWORK LOCATION Since most theatremen are agreed that the location of a drive-in theatre as to highway network is most important, in a great many cases a highway restaurant could be considered to be properly located at the drive-in site. The Nashoba Valley Drive-In facilities are a standard two-lane type of cafeteria which has ice cream chests, warmers, frankfort and roll steamers, set into each line with a common drink setup serving both lines. An assortment of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks is available. On the counter opposite are located a soda fountain and ice cream units for service to the roadside trade. In the center section which is the food preparation area, equidistant from both counters, are Lasts A L!fel!nne No Mamlenance No More Painting U0% located fryers, the sink, a barbecue setup, frappe machines, coffee urn, grilles, a refrigerated sandwich unit and a popcorn machine. The Nashoba Valley Drive-In Theatre and Restaurant is operated by Boxboro Enterprises, under the management of Donald Sweenie. More Reflected Light Uniform Reflection At All Time For New and Existing Drive-ins Spring will soon be here and your screen must be painted again. Get rid of this "headache" by installing PERMA- SCREEN. PERMASCREEN can be installed without loss or operation on Drive-ins which operate throughout the year. Considering all oF it's Features on new Drive-ins . . . PERMASCREEN will pay For itselF in a short time. PERMASCREEN can be purchased on a time payment plan. IT WILL BE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO WRITE NOW FOR ALL FACTS REGARDING PERMASCREEN. Pete Stathis of the Sparta Drive-in has this to say about his PERMASCREEN: "Dear Ben; I certainly glad that you sold me PERMA- SCREEN For my new Drive-in theatre. It is all that you claimed, plus the Fact that we opened much earlier than expected as we didn't have to wait to apply three coats oF paint. The picture is perFect, in fact as good as our indoor theatre." Recent PERMASCREEN Sales: Bluemound Drive In Sparta Dfive-in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sporta, Wisconsin King Spring Drive-in Johnson City, Tenn. Tn City Drive-in Kingsport Hi-woy Johnson City, Tenn Brewer Drive*in Pauls Valley, Okla. Mid-Way Drive-in 3901 Midway Drive San Diego, Calif. Pekin Dnve-in Pekin, Illinois Hy. 53 Dnve-in Gary, Indiana OTHER POBLOCKI PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTED NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY HHI,M|iNl,'m,Iffl FOR THE DRIVE-IN THEATRE •HANDY ANDY Dvbrii Collccto, and Ucincdtor •SNACK . KAH Mobil* Food Vendor •TRAFFIC CONTROL MobiU Tra(l:< Di'iclor ATTR A CTION SIGNS •NAME SIGNS BOX OFFICES FOR THE INDOOR THEATRE MARQUEES Convcntiondl and Innar S*r«ic« •NAME SIGNS OFFICES • FRONTS Vltracon o, Stamloi Stool •POSTER CASES Aluminum or Stamloit Stool /^dvuref^ A?tD sa^s^M, 2IS» S. KINNICKINNIC AVt. MILWAUKCC 1. WISCONSIN MINIATURE TRAINS by DIT-MCO TWO TYPES -"STREAMLINER"- 'CASEY JONES" Sold complete with locomotive, possenger car steel track, wood cross ties, and spikes. Ready for Installation. NOTHING ELSE TO BUY. SAFEST PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT Production Limited to Availability of Steel Wire Phone or Write DRIVE-IN THEATRE MFG. CO. Your Order Today 505 W. 9th St. Kansas City, Mo. "Mr. Lowe IS with Theatre Candy Co., Inc. BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 45