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. . . Walter OTTAWA for MODERN THEATRE PLANNERS ENROLLMENT FORM FOR FREE INFORMATION The MODERN THEATRE PLANNING INSTITUTE 825 Van Brunt Blvd. Kansas City 24, Mo. Gentlemen: 1-3-53 Please enroll us in your RESEARCH BUREAU to receive information regularly, as released, on the following subjects for Theatre Planning: n Acoustics Q Air Conditioning n Architectural Service n "Black" Lighting n Building Material D Carpets n Coin Machines n Lighting Fixtures n Plumbing Fixtures Projectors n Projection Lamps n Seating Signs and Marquees D Complete Remodeling D ^ound Equipment D DecoraUng D Drink Dispensers Television D Theatre Fronts n Drive-In Equipment Q Vending Equipment D Other Subjects Theatre Seating Capacity. Address City State Signed.. Postage-poid reply cards for your further convenience in obtaining Information ore provided in MODERN The THEATRE Section, published with the first issue of each month. Accompanied by his wife, Ernie Warren, district supervisor for 20th Century Theatres and manager of the Big and Little Elgins, flew in his own plane for a late-year vacation at Daytona Beach, Fla. He stopped at Toronto and Hamilton on the return trip. Lackenbauer, manager of the Soper at Smiths Falls, opened his theatre for the annual party for juveniles given under the auspices of the Rotary club of which he is a memljer. Mrs. Arthur Knapp, manager at Win- . . . chester, Ont.. hosted a staff party given in the foyer of the theatre. Assisting were Mrs. Bert Hodson and Mrs. Mary Bronson Youthful members of the Ottawa Boys club paid holiday respects to Manager T. R. Tubman of the Capitol when they marched to the theatre to present him a pair of handmade gloves. They were guests at a show, too. Manager Fred Leavens staged an all-star cartoon carnival at the Elmdale on the morning of Boxing day. getting out a big crowd of kids who had tired of their Christmas The holdover of the week was toys . . . "My Pal Gus," which Manager Bill Cullum . . . Commencing retained at the Regent, thanks to good business before and after Christmas New Year's day. Bob Maynard, pro- prietor of the Francais, featui-ed Blackstone the Magician four times daily in addition to the screen fare. The Glebe, operated by Mi-s. H. Bessin was the locale for a performance last Sunday under the auspices of the Ottawa Film society, the feature of which was Cavalcantis "Film and Reality," a picture of 1938 . . . Bill Hartnett, chief projectionist of the Regent, went back to the hospital for a checkup following a lengthy illness and an operation. Tlie report was good. The film policy of the Capitol will be broken on the night of January 8 for the annual concert of the Ottawa Philharmonic .society, and again on January 14 for the recital of Gina Bachauer, European pianist . . . Because the schools were recessed until January 5, the Westboro, owned by D. B. Stapleton, ran a matinee every day during the past week. An Ottawa visitor was Lome Greene, Toronto theatre personality and prominent in the Variety Tent there. He addressed a luncheon of the Ottawa .section of the National Council of Jewish Women. He was introduced by Mrs. Morris Berlin, wife of the Somerset theatre owner. A member of the committee was Mrs. Casey Swedlove, whose hu.-band has the Linden and other theatres .The Ottawa Journal newspaper carriers . . were guests of the Famous Players Regent Tuesday morning (23) for a presentation of "My Pal Gus", through the courtesy of Manager W. A. Cullum and Assistant Manager Bill Hartnett jr. . . . Manager Fred Leavens of the Elmdale ran a Revival week of Technicolor pictures to boost business in the pre-Christmas period. The features included "The Flame and the Arrow," "Seabiscuit," "Dallas" and "Colt 45" The theatres declared a virtual halfholiday for Christmas day to enable all employes to enjoy family parties before the start of shows later in the day. The Famous Players units, the Capitol and Regent, opened at 3 p.m. instead of noon. Several theatres did not have matinees at all. When Santa Claus arrived at Carleton Place for the annual Christmas pai-ty at the Roxy there wa.s no snow and he was forced to ride to the theatre in a horse and buggy instead of the traditional sleigh. The show, arranged by Manager Robert Jack, was sponsored by the Retail Merchants Ass'n ... To drum up all possible trade before Christmas, Morris Berlin of the Somerset ran a triple bill for three days as "Our Christmas Gift to You." The program included "The Great Lover," "The Bai-on of Arizona" and "Smart Alecs." For the school Christmas vacation week, Manager Ernie Warreii staged a revival engagement of "Dumbo" at the Little Elgin . . . Manager Frank Gallop at the Centre featured the holiday pictirre, "A Christmas Carol" . . . During the last frantic stages of the Yultide shopping rush, Manager Ei-nie Smithies opened up the lobby of the Capitol in Kingston as a lounge and parcel-checking station, also pushing the idea of books of admission tickets as Christmas gifts. Manager Arthur Knapp of the Winchester provided the use of the theatre for the annual commencement exercises of the local high school Friday afternoon when 600 persons were present. Steel, Copper, Aluminum Cut for Film Products Ffom Eastern Edition WASHINGTON — Considerably less steel, copper and aluminum will be available for manufacture of motion picture and photographic products during the second quarter of 1953 than has been allotted for use by these manufacturers in the first. Ttie National Production Authority on December 18 announced that makers of products to be used in the industry will be cut to 3,029 tons of steel, 820,000 pounds of copper and 1,106,000 pounds of aluminum in the second quarter. During the first quarter, NPA alloted for these purposes 5,202 tons of steel, 1,276.000 pounds of copper and 3,101,000 pounds of aluminum. New Kansas City-Dallas Radio-Relay Route Open From Eastern Edition NEW YORK—Construction has been completed of a radio-relay route betw-een Kansas City. Mo., and Dallas which will provide six broad band channels, two in each direction for telephone service and two southbound channels for television, according to the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. One of the southbound televLsion channels will not go into service immediately. The other makes a second network program available to stations in Oklahoma and Texas, which have been receiving network programs from Jackson, Miss. An early-spring start is planned by Hayes Goetz, who will produce "Pocahontas" for Allied Ai-tists. 30 BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

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