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— AA) BROAOW AY IJerbert J. Yates, president of Republic, and his wife Vera Ralston arrived for a New York vacation . . . Jack: L. Warner is visiting in New York while Major Albert Warner is vacationing in Florida . . . David O. Selznick flew to Europe via BOAC December 29. Jennifer Jones (Mrs. Selznick i is working in "Terminal . . . Stewart Station" for Vittorio de Sica in Rome . . . Howard Duff and his wife Ida Lupino flew in from England December 28 Granger, MGM star, arrived from the coast December 26 and left the following day by plane for London, where he remained until January 2. He flew back to New York Saturday Mel Ferrer arrived from Hollywood (31 . . . December 31 and flew to London Saturday en route to French Morocco, where he will film "Saadia" for MGM. Walter Gould, executive vice-president of International-United Film Corp., flew to Los Angeles, where he will remain until mid- January to set plans for the new company's product in the far western territories . . . Walter Lantz, producer of "Woody Woodpecker" and other cartoons for Universal, went back to Hollywood after appearing on several radio and TV programs in connection with his cartoon program . . . Jean-Louis Barrault, French stage and screen star, and his company of 30, who appeared with him on Broadway stage, sailed for Europe Saturday. William H. Wright, MGM producer, arrived December 27 to spend a week vacationing be- fore returning to the coast January 5 . . . Pat Crowley, stage actress who made her screen debut in Paramount's "Forever Female," is spending the holidays in New York with her family and will return to the coast early in January Allen Hodshire, veteran publicist, has joined the RKO exploitation staff under Leon Brandt, exploitation manager, and has left for Washington with Charles Moses, special home office exploitation representative, to complete arrangements for the "Never Wave at a WAC" debut. E. L. Scanlon, recently named treasurer of Cinerama Productions Corp., has arrived in New York to take up his new duties . , . Roberta Elaine Morris, daughter of Ben Morris, manager of Columbia Pictures' .service depar ment, was married December 21 to Herbert L. Green of the Bronx. Midnight Curfew on Airers Threatened in Roanoke ROANOKE, VA.—The city council is giving drive-in operators an opportunity to clear up the situation which has brought on the numerous complaints before taking legislative action. City Attorney R. G. Whittle told the council that it has the authority to place a midnight curfew on the drive-ins, provided that the control was placed on all other entertainment and theatrical establishments. B. a: Meadows, manager of the Shenandoah Drive-In, one of the two in the city, said that he would sincerely try to break up the causes of complaint in his theatre and would personally enlist other drive-in operators to aid. Meadows stated that his only attempt at an all night show was a flop and that he planned no others. He said that midnight shows were held at the request of the shift workers. 'Bali' Reaches 150 In Buffalo Opening BUFFALO—"Road to Bah" led the hit parade here last week with 150 per cent at the Paramount. Second high grosser of the week went to "Tlic Clown" with 110 at the Buffalo. (Average Is 100) Buffalo—The Clown (MGM) 110 Center—April in Paris {WB) 105 C.ncma—The Promoter (U-l) 105 Century— Bloodhounds of Broadway (20th-Fox).. 90 Paramount—Rood to Bali (Paro) 1 50 Teck Mummy's Tomb (Reolart); Mummy's Ghost (Rcalort), reissues. 85 "Z nda' Grosses 110 In Pittsburgh Debut PITTSBURGH— "The Prisoner of Zenda" was the leading attraction here at Loew's Penn, with 110 and after a ten-day exhibition was moved to Loew's Ritz. Fulton—My Pol Gus I20th-Fox) 50 Harr.s— Eight Iron Men (Col), 10 days 50 Penn—The Prisoner of Zenda (MGM), 10 days. ... 1 10 Stanley— Flot Top l 60 Vvarner—Rose Bowl Story (AA); Battle Zone (AA) 50 SYRACUSE The palm for being the fii-st in the business to list advance booking went from the home MGM office this week to Manager Sam Oilman of Loew's State in the form of commendation for pleasing a customer and cinching their patronage for Dec. 25, 1953. The Solvay Pi-ocess Co. was so delighted with the Christmas show Sam and his helpers put on that they hastened to sign on the dotted line for next year . . . The Elks club also was host to 3,300 kiddies in a Holiday show consisting of ten Tom and Jerry color films . . . Keith's "Road to Bali" was publicised in a big display in a Dey Bros, window, among other eye-taking displays all over town . . . Manager S. L. Sorkin is staging a contest over WSR Radio and TV stations for the national bid for the European trip for the lucky winner. Local first prize will be a 17- inch table model Sylvania machine. . . Every Barry Getzi, former assistant manager at the Eckel, writes from camp that he craves letters and news of show business . theatre in town staged midnight .shows to usher in the New Year and advance reservations had all boxoffices plenty busy. RKO Theatres Renews Deal For TV and Radio Spots NEW YORK—Harry Mandel. national director of advertising, publicity and exploitation for RKO Theatres, has made a new agreement for a new television and radio spots contract with WNBT-WNYC for the New York metropolitan theatres. This will be the third year on this arrangement. The latest deal is for 13 weeks. Under its terms one-minute spots are used on radio and the television contract calls for ten, 20 and oneminute spots. Ted Cott, vice-president of WNBT-WNBD, worked out the first deal with Mandel two years ago as well as the latest one. Patrice Munsel's first venture in motion pictures is her starring role in "Melba" where she sings the role of Mimi in "La Boheme." ALBANY ixrilliam C. Smalley, 63, founder and head of Smalley's Theatres, died here Sunday at Bassett hospital in Cooperstown after a long illness. He entered exhibition in 1931 when he opened a theatre at Mount Upton. His second house was in Cooperstown . . Harold . Sliter, son of Fred G. Sliter, 20th-Fox salesman here, has been moved by the Schine circuit from Lexington, Ky., to Tiffin, Ohio, as zone manager. He is supervising 26 theatres in the new William C. Smalley post. Sliter ; erved in Watertown, N. Y., before the tran.sfer to Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hellman have announced the engagement of their younger daughter Joyce to Sanford A. Bookstein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Bookstein, Albany. He is a lieutenant, junior grade, with the navy. Miss Hellman. a graduate of St. Agnes school, is attending Cornell university. Bookstein is a certified public accountant with the l(x;al Urbach & Co. Jacob E. Tarsches, a partner with the late Chris Buckley in the Leland and Clinton Square around 1922 and a well-known billiard played, died in Albany hospital December 23 a day after he was stricken at his home. Tarsches, who had conducted a news room in the Howard street side of the Ritz Theatre building during recent years, operated the Ritz billiard academy after he left the theatre Proclaming January 4-11 as Big field . . . Brother week in New York state. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey said the big brother groups are "organizations of compassionate men who give their time, their energies and their personal funds to help boys who are maladjusted, unhappy and otherwise in trouble." Hellman's Paramount and Royal opened Monday with "The Miracle of Fatima." The two neighborhood houses normally operate weekends only, but the holiday season, with children on vacation from school, was believed by the management to warrant a temporary deviation from such a plan . . . Harry Lamont and wife left Sunday for Key West, Pla. Robert W. Case, manager of Lament's Sunset Drive-In, Kingston, and wife accompanied them. The four expected to cover the distance in three to four days via automobile. They will rent an apartment for a month to six-week vacation, during which Lamont and Case will fish and rest. Len Gruenberg Is Named NEW YORK—Len Gruenberg of RKO Pictures has been named chairman of the exchange committee of the amusement division of the Federation of Jew'ish Philanthropies by Barney Balaban. S. H. Fabian and Emanuel Frisch, over-all chairmen. His committee will consist of Alex Arnswalder, David Burkan, Abe Dickstein, Robert Fannon, Howard Levy, Charles Pen,ser, Samuel Rifkin, Saul Ti-auner, Louis .Mlerhand. Jack Farkaa. Myron E. Sattler. Philip Hodes, William P. Murphy, Tom Feeney, and George J. Waldman. 32. BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

. . The . . "Doc" . Booker , . . Invitations . . Buffalo . . Bob . . Menno . . WASHINGTON ^"^""^ ^°^ '^° v^"^^' has been appointed sales agents for "Leonardo da Vinci," IWTr. and Mrs. Robert Levine, Levine circuit, Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., visited Mr.s. the feature-length art film now in its seventh week at the Guild Theatre, according to Pictura Levine's relatives in Cincinnati during the Films, producer-distributor of the pic- holidays Harold Depkins, Salem. John ture. The picture has also opened in Detroit Va., became parents of a baby son . and other key city dates have been set Shelly, Neighborhood Theatres booker at the for January in Chicago, Washington and Arlington office, resigned to return to his Baltimore. home in New York. Floyd Davis has replaced him . . . L. L. Theimer has taken over the York Gets TV by Microwave North 11 Drive-In at Roanoke for the winter. NEW YORK—A microwave installation providing network television service to York. Pa.. MGM world-premiered "Above and Beyond" has been put in operation by the American at Loew's Capitol on New Year's eve . . George N. Payette, son of the Warner Theatres city manager at Hagerstown, has engrams are now available to 114 TV stations in Telephone and Telegraph Co. Network prolisted in the air force. The father, George 71 U.S. cities. jr., who has been in the Newton Baker hospital at Martinsburg, is reported as improving . . . RKO salesman Joe Brecheen called on Baltimore exhibitors . . . RKO salesman Charlie Hurley is home ill with an attack of Bobby Kronman, son of office bursitis . . . manager Joe Kronman, was hospitalized. Tack Beresin of Philiadelphia. chief barker of Frank Blake, 20th-Fox Variety International, will install projectionist, and the wife celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary . . . Sales Manager Ira Sichelman was new officers of local Tent 7. Sunday evening. January 11, in Hotel Statler following a dinner at 7:30 o'clock. home ill several days . Jack Kohler Marc Wolf of Indianapolis will speak. was still off nursing a broken hand An entertainment program . . . will Adolph Menjou has been added to the be made up of acts from local theatres pretentious array of talent coming to Washington at the invitation of George Murphy, who and night clubs. New officers to be installed are Dewey Michaels, president of the Mayfair is in charge of the entertainment Theatre Corp., chief barker; Billy Keaton. to be staged at the inaugural of Eisenhower WGR, first assistant: Marvin Jacobs, retired . . . president of Sportservice, Inc., Morris Mechanic second assistant; Robert and wife. New Theatre, Baltimore, were Hayman, president of Hayman Theatres, Niagara Falls, doughguy, and in. At Republic, Manager Jake Flax returned W. E. J. Martin, drama editor of the Courierfrom his Florida vacation to celebrate a Express, property master. New directors are birthday We.stfall. Rives Theatre. Henry L. Berkson, John G. Chinell. Albert F. Martinsville, hosted a Christmas party for Ryde, Elmer C. Winegar, Max Yellen, and employes . . . Paramount's Arlene Rickman Arthur Krolick. celebrated a birthday on New Year's day . . . Jackie Fruchtman. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack The Amherst town board has denied a petition to rezone property at Young road and Fruchtman, was home from school in Phoenix, Ariz , for the holidays. Wehrle drive on the outskirts of Buffalo for erection of a drive-in by J. Robert Chalmers, Williamsville have arrived from Mr. and Mi's. Maurice Simon (he is Paramount manager in Detroit, transferred from here I announcing the marriage of Mrs. Simon's daughter. Merle Janeen Jacobson to ATLANTA Tracy Harrington Tingley January 17 in the CHARLOTTE Grosse Pointe Memorial church . . . The MEMPHIS Eastman Kodak Co "Calvacade of Color," a NEW ORLEANS highlight of the firm's exhibit at the New WASHINGTON, D.C. York world's fair in 1939, is now a permanent exhibit at the George Eastman House in Rochester. State New Year's eve began at 2 p. m. Wednesday, in the Paramount and Center theatres Departmeot and ran right through the midnight shows. The Paramount had "The Stooge," and there -File 649 was a long line at the boxoffice. The Center to/a WILLIAM , VIRGINIA LUNDIGAN • BRUCE "'SI @"" te if« B U f f A I O offered "Stop, You're Killing Me." Shea's Buffalo also jammed 'em in with "Million Dollar Mermaid." "Blackbeard the Pirate," was at the Century and "Against All Flags" at the Lafayette . Brooklyn Strand to Try Showing Old Reissues NEW YORK—Fabian Theatres will make another a tempt to play pictures at its 2,900- seat Brooklyn Strand, closed for some time because of product difficulties and reopened December 26 with a circus as the attraction. That wound up Thursday (1) after doing business reported as "disappointing." The house will return to pictures with a last run reissue policy. Two reissues have been booked. They are "My Friend Irma," starring Martin and Lewis, and "Foreign Legion," starring Abbott and Costello. A live magician act will be tested afternoons as an added attraction. The future of the house will depend upon response to the two reissues. exhibitors welcomed 1953 at a big party on New Year's eve in the Delaware avenue headquarters of Variety Tent 7, when chief barkers, Dave Miller (1952) and 1953 Chief Dewey Michaels acted as masters of ceremony . Raymond "Torchy" Babcock, who operates a drive-in near Batavia, has a side line that is taking on gigantic proportions. "Torchy" rents giant searchlights and big 24-sheet A- board trucks, both of which are used to promote attractions in theatres throughout western York. Both, by the way, were used in the American premiere presentation of "Anna" last Wednesday evening in the Center Theatre. Sam Yellen, brother of Max Yellen. head'of Midland Properties. Inc., operating the Century Theatre, is recovering from a heart attack in the Millard Fillmore hospital . . . Dorothy Chernuck, manager of the Ai'ena Theatre in Rochester, was in New York signing up attractions for the coming Spring season . . . Phyllis Dembow is the new assistant booker at UA, where she succeeds Lillian Paulus, resigned . Dykstra of the Glen, Williamsville, .showed his appreciation of the year-around patronage of the kiddies of his town, by giving a free show for them during the holidays. Margaret O'Brien, the star, will appear on the stage of the Erlanger for three nights, starting January 15 in a pre-Broadway tryout of "The Intruder" . Hayman put on a [special childi'en's show in the Cattaract Theatre in Niagara Falls Wednesday last showing "The Yearling" and seven cartoons, and gave away novelties . . . Dr. Mauro Zambuta. authority on sound and "dubbing," was here to aid in the promotion of the American premiere of "Anna" at the Center, and was widely interviewed by press and radio. He was the guest at a luncheon of Arthur Krolick, UPT district manager. He was |accompanied by Bernie Lewis, publicity manager of the IPE Releasing Corp. of New York. R & S THEATRE SUPPLY 920 New Jersey Ave., Washington, D. C. ALBANY THEATRE SUPPLY CO 443 North Peorl St., Albany, N. Y. SXrV CARBON CO. 630 Ninth Ave., Now York, N. Y, PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN ... MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953 33