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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

On the other hand,

On the other hand, taking into account the fact that every school had its advantages and disadvantages, i concluded that jiu jitsu needed to be renewed as a martial art as well. And thus, selfishly keeping to myself all the knowledge I had mastered in various schools and as well as the knowledge I had acquired on my own, i founded a new method of physical culture and spiritual education, designed to be efficient in fight as well. I called it Judo Kodokan. Why did i call it judo and not jiu jitsu? What I teach is not only “jitsu” (skill, knowledge). It most certainly is “jitsu”, but i would especially want to insist on the term “do” (way, method, principle). Today it is quite common to use the term “judo” instead of “jiu jitsu”, but before i started studying it, this term had been used by one school only – the Jikishin School. Other schools used it very rarely. I chose this very little known term in order to make a difference between my school and other, better-known ones, which taught jiu jitsu. The reasons for which i could not adopt an entirely new name were many: Judo Kodokan (which i promote) has far higher ambitions, i.e. its goals and its techniques are different from those used in jiu jitsu; however, Judo Kodokan is founded mostly on the accumulated knowledge of old masters, so i could not give it a completely new name. Besides, there were two reasons why i did not adopt the term jiu jitsu. One of them was the fact that some schools used such violent and dangerous techniques in both throws and joint locks on arms and legs, and so many people found jiu jitsu dangerous and harmful. Also, in schools which were poorly run, the more experienced used to harass and beat the beginners (for fun), which is why jiu jitsu had a bad reputation and was considered a negative influence on youth. It was very important for me to prove that what i taught others was not a dangerous art and that it could not harm anyone, that it was not the same jiu jitsu the others were teaching but judo, something new and different. The second reason for rejecting this term was the fact that when I started my studies, jiu jitsu did not have followers. Some masters earned their living by selling tickets for the shows they were staging with a cast made up of students, whereas others arranged fights with professional sumo wrestlers. This made me bitter; such conduct I found to be humiliating fight itself. i avoided the term jiu jitsu and instead used 12

judo. Moreover, in order to differentiate it from the term judo as was used in the Jikishin School, i named my school Judo Kodokan, although this might have sounded a bit complicated” (Illustrated Kodokan Judo, Kondasha Tokyo, 1955, pp. 7-13). Prof. Kano put emphasis on two basic principles in order to facilitate better understanding of the judo idea and the mastering of judo techniques. Namely, these are: “Seiryoku zenyo” (maximum efficiency in using physical and mental energy) and “Jita kyoei” (helping each other and mutual benefit). On the aim of doing judo, prof. Kano said: “Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defences, it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of judo a part of your very being. In this way you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of judo discipline.” (Illustrated Kodokan Judo, Kondasha Tokyo, 1955, pp. 7-13). From a distance of 131 years, we can say that Kano’s idea has stood the test of time and that today, in terms of the highest civilisation standards, it is acceptable as a very successful and a rational way to human improvement. It is evident that professor Kano, in the pursuit of knowledge and using his own experience and the rich heritage of his culture, was one of those people who have gained such insights so that they can be considered sages. He turned this knowledge into life efficiently and made it accessible to everyone. This is how this magic art became one of the ways for man to outdo himself, a symbol which links our chances and desires, the visible and the invisible, and a path to discovering the truth and meaning. 13

  • Page 1 and 2: Božidar Markuš JUDO IN MONTENEGRO
  • Page 3 and 4: Božidar Markuš JUDO IN MONTENEGRO
  • Page 5: 5
  • Page 8 and 9: The more we analyse what we know fr
  • Page 10 and 11: 10
  • Page 14 and 15: Prof. dr dr D‘igoro Džigoro Kano
  • Page 16 and 17: manual for physical education in el
  • Page 18 and 19: In Cetinje in 1962, the Judo Union
  • Page 20 and 21: A great advantage for the developme
  • Page 22 and 23: A famous Montenengrin journalist, B
  • Page 24 and 25: The seminar administration was appo
  • Page 26 and 27: “Organised by the Youth Centre in
  • Page 28 and 29: The Seminar participants held their
  • Page 30 and 31: Pobjeda, Pobjeda, February 23. XII2
  • Page 32 and 33: The participants of Cetinje’s sem
  • Page 34 and 35: 34
  • Page 36 and 37: club in Montenegro was established
  • Page 38 and 39: Milorad Vujović occasionally went
  • Page 40 and 41: 40
  • Page 42 and 43: 6. 6. 1. 1. OMLADINSKI THE YOUTH JU
  • Page 44 and 45: Milorad - Mi{ko Vujovi} je, kako je
  • Page 46 and 47: Pobjeda, August 18, 1965 46
  • Page 48 and 49: Journalist Bato Kokolj wrote about
  • Page 50 and 51: Slavica Đurović and Zuvdija Hodž
  • Page 52 and 53: Petar Ilić Milovan Kankaraš, Peta
  • Page 54 and 55: time on January 21, 1973, at the co
  • Page 56 and 57: 6. 4. THE JUDO CLUB “PARTIZAN”
  • Page 58 and 59: 6. 5. THE JUDO CLUB “ZETA” - GO
  • Page 60 and 61: 6. 6. THE JUDO CLUB “ČELIK” -
  • Page 62 and 63:


  • Page 64 and 65:


  • Page 66 and 67:

    Vujovi}a, da klub u~estvuje na kval

  • Page 68 and 69:

    The members of the Judo Club “Tit

  • Page 70 and 71:

    The match between “Bosna” and

  • Page 72 and 73:

    zarda 5:5; Rašović - Puškarević

  • Page 74 and 75:

    What decided their not reaching the

  • Page 76 and 77:

    At this year’s Adriatic Cup, 110

  • Page 78 and 79:

    But we can’t help them much, beca

  • Page 80 and 81:

    this club and help it within their

  • Page 82 and 83:

    stay in the company of the best, if

  • Page 84 and 85:

    The national team of Montenegro, Sp

  • Page 86 and 87:

    The team from Titograd competed suc

  • Page 88 and 89:

    interesting was the final three-tea

  • Page 90 and 91:

    7. 1. 1. PROBLEMS After the departu

  • Page 92 and 93:

    which left lasting consequences. Ki

  • Page 94 and 95:

    The club re-entered the First Feder

  • Page 96 and 97:

    Petrov Petar’s Petrov mla|i young

  • Page 98 and 99:

    Osvajanjem {ampionskih titula na ek

  • Page 100 and 101:

    fear was present. The judge had to

  • Page 102 and 103:

    7. 3. D@UDO KLUBOVI "^ELIK" , "CRNO

  • Page 104 and 105:

    D`udo Judo Club klub “Ribnica”

  • Page 106 and 107:

    not implemented, that is, the repub

  • Page 108 and 109:

    The president of the Initiative Com

  • Page 110 and 111:

    It was concluded that the formation

  • Page 112 and 113:

    from Titograd and Branko Radujkovi

  • Page 114 and 115:

    On April 4-5, 1981, as the newly el

  • Page 116 and 117:

    Du{an Martinovi} Bo‘idar Marku{ B

  • Page 118 and 119:

    Dragutin - Lale Martinovi} Dragutin

  • Page 120 and 121:

    On September 16, 1990, in the “Mo

  • Page 122 and 123:

    Before the match Russia - Montenegr

  • Page 124 and 125:

    The working schedule which met the

  • Page 126 and 127:

    For a long time, the judo school wa

  • Page 128 and 129:

    Milinko Labudovi} i ja demonstriral

  • Page 130 and 131:

    on judo was presented, as well as c

  • Page 132 and 133:


  • Page 134 and 135:

    Na treninge d‘udoa dolazili su Dr

  • Page 136 and 137:

    At the celebration Sa proslave of t

  • Page 138 and 139:

    Assembly and the Presidency) were f

  • Page 140 and 141:

    Martinović were the first federal

  • Page 142 and 143:

    1999, after seven years of successf

  • Page 144 and 145:

    Josuhiro Jamashita and Božidar Mar

  • Page 146 and 147:

    The forerunner of the idea of the e

  • Page 148 and 149:


  • Page 150 and 151:

    2. The following deserving individu

  • Page 152 and 153:

    Veterani na Plavnici Veterani Veter

  • Page 154 and 155:


  • Page 156 and 157:

    Of course, not all of them wanted t

  • Page 158 and 159:

    Stanka Krivokapić, 2nd place for w

  • Page 160 and 161:

    Women seniors: Mirsada Ganić, 1978

  • Page 162 and 163:

    Among the top ten athletes of Monte

  • Page 164 and 165:


  • Page 166 and 167:

    that he should be careful because h

  • Page 168 and 169:

    This claim is corroborated by the f

  • Page 170 and 171:

    many that he was the best Montenegr

  • Page 172 and 173:


  • Page 174 and 175:

    17. 1. THE SHINBONE Ranko Miranovi

  • Page 176 and 177:

    Škara understood the professor’s

  • Page 178 and 179:

    17. 3. A SOLOIST Most anecdotes are

  • Page 180 and 181:

    There was an unusual silence. Every

  • Page 182 and 183:

    service in Skopje. I offered him to

  • Page 184 and 185:

    184 180

  • Page 186 and 187:


  • Page 188 and 189:

    and the president of the Judo Union

  • Page 190 and 191:


  • Page 192:

    CIP - Каталогизација

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