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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Milorad - Mi{ko Vujovi}

Milorad - Mi{ko Vujovi} je, kako je to na Cetinju prognozirao trener Svetozar Mihajlovi}, za kratko vrijeme, postigao velike rezultate. On je ve} 1965. godine nosilac zvanja "Majstorski kandidat" (braon Just pojas), coach do tada Svetozar jedini Mihajlović u Crnoj Gori, had dva predicted, puta polufinalista Milorad-Miško na prvenstvu Vujović achieved dr`ave remarkable (FNR Jugoslavije), results. By 1965, finalista he had internacionalnog earned the first takmi~enja “Master Candidate” "Kup Jadrana" title (brown u Splitu belt) i trener in Montenegro, Omladinskog had twice d`udoreached kluba the semis of the state championships (FPR Yugoslavia), had made it "Titograd". Vujovi} vrlo brzo napreduje istovremeno prenose}i to the finals of the international competition “Adriatic Cup” in Split ste~eno znanje na druge, ne samo u Titogradu ve} i u drugim and had been appointed as coach of the Youth Judo Club “Titograd”. crnogorskim gradovima. Vujović was making rapid progress and at same time was passing his knowledge Kao trener to others, Omladinskog not only in d‘udo Titograd kluba but "Titograd" in other towns Vujovi} of Montenegro as da well. tu ekipu kvalifikuje u Saveznu d‘udo ligu, kako bi je planirao Titograd As the dobio coach jo{ of jednog the Youth prvoliga{a. Club “Titograd”, Kao poja~anje, Vujović planiran planned je to dolazak qualify the afirmisanih team for the takmi~ara, Federal Judo reprezentativaca League, in order i majstora give d‘udoa, Titograd Marka another Trifunovi}a first league iclub. VukaPlans Ra{ovi}a were pamade je optimizam to bring in u ekipi reinforcements porastao. Te{ki such as uslovi the renowned za rad, nedostatak athletes, national sale za vje‘banje team players i potrebnih and judo sredstava masters, stavljeni Marko Trifunović su u drugiand plan. Vuk NaRašović, proplanku, which na vrhu aroused Gorice, enthusiasm svakogin dana the trener team. Tough Vujovi} working okuplja conditions, tridesetakthe mladih lack of ljudi exercise u~e}iroom ih d‘udo. and the necessary equipment were not much heeded. In the clearing on the top of O tada{njim okolnostima govori ~lanak M. Vujisi}a, objavljen u Gorica, coach Vujović gathered about thirty young men every day to "Pobjedi" 18. jula 1965. godine, pod naslovom: "Prebrzo zaboravljeni" i podnaslovom: teach them judo. An article written by M. Vujisić, entitled “All Too Soon Forgotten”, published "Razgovor in “Pobjeda” sa trenerom on "Titograda" July 18, 1965, Miloradom described Vujovi}em-D`udo the circumstances uin Crnoj which Gori": the team found itself at the time: "U“An radnoj interview sobi Milorada with the Vujovi}a coach of u “Titograd”, "prisustvu" Milorad Tolstoja, Vujović Balzaka, – Kamija, Judo in Montenegro”: Sartra i jo{ niza velikih pisaca i pjesnika, protekao je razgovor o“In d`udo his study sportu, room njegovom and in the trenutnom “presence” mjestu of Tolstoy, i naravno, Balzac, o li~nim Camus, Sartre and a number of other great writers and poets, I interviewed Milorad Miško Mi{koVujović Vujovi} 42 44

Milorad Vujović on judo sport, his current workplace and of course, personal accomplishments of this young and talented athlete, who has been doing judo for less than four years. Even though judo is a fairly young sport and has no tradition in Montenegro, Vujović has managed to earn himself a place among the best judokas in the country. This fact is proved by his greatest success, achieved at the international competition “Adriatic Cup”, held in Split. Among 70 athletes who had come from all over Europe, he reached the finals, thus placing himself among 10 most successful competitors. If we complete Vujović’s sport ID with the fact that he has reached the semifinals of the state championships twice, and obtained the master candidate title (Vujović is the only master candidate in Montenegro) and the brown belt, this success comes by no means by chance or as a great surprise. - How did you start doing judo? - One afternoon I had some free time and didn’t know what to do and so I somehow found myself in the gym where judokas were practicing. At the same time, deep down in me, a desire was born to master this martial art, full of spirit and dynamics, to reinvent myself into another Milorad, unfamiliar to me and the sport public… - What win do you find dearest and what is your most memorable success? - The “Adriatic Cup” competition has come as a huge success after a standstill brought about by objective reasons (Vujović has been coaching the judo club in Titograd). And every victory is dear to me and I can’t choose the dearest one. - What was your heaviest defeat and when were you angry with yourself? - The last defeat is always the heaviest. Still, I’d say it would be the defeat by Brančić from Novi Sad. It was my debacle at the last year’s belts competition. For this defeat I myself was to blame, because my confidence of certain win made me lose easily from a weaker competitor. - You are the coach of the Judo Club “Titograd”. Tell us something about the conditions for popularising judo in Montenegro. 45

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