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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The members of the

The members of the Judo Club “Titograd” are intensively preparing for the competition against the selected Yugoslav judokas. The training sessions are held in the gym of the Economic High School and are coached by Marko Trifunović, Vuk Rašović and Milorad Vujović. Trifunović and Rašović are holders of the black belt, whereas Vujović holds the brown belt. Now, as active competitors, they will lead the team. Trifunović has been a double state champion in the half-middleweight class, while Rašović has won the title of the student state champion three times. Vujović has also achieved outstanding results. He is a master candidate, who has reached the semis of the state championships twice and the finals of the Adriatic Cup. Apart from these three remarkable judokas, Miljević, Lazović, Mićković, Milić, Kovačević, Gluščević and Boljević will be considered for the team. “After thorough preparations completed by the team with the purpose to obtain the best possible ranking in the federal league, the judokas of “Titograd” have had great success. In a tight race, the league’s new-comer managed to get into the three best teams.” The journalists of “Pobjeda”, M. Vujisić and B. Šoć, who wrote about the events in judo sport, have made a great contribution and thanks to them we can know and understand what happened at that time. Their articles were not “statistical reports”, but very elaborate stories, featuring many details and information. Boro Šoć 68

In this fashion, M. Vujisić, wrote about the participation of the Judo Club “Titograd” in the federal league in an article entitled “Breathtaking Performance of Titograd’s Judokas”, and introduced by a lead reading: “Three Teams Compete in Titograd”: “When the referees announced that the Youth Judo Club “Titograd” was the best team of the east group of the First Federal League at the end of the tournament held last week, the hall of the Centre of the Yugoslav People’s Army in Titograd suddenly went quiet for a couple of seconds. The silence was broken by a thunderous applause given by the audience from Titograd, who thus greeted this great success. No one had hoped for such a triumph. Especially having in mind the fact that “Bosna” (Sarajevo) and “Hercegovac” (Mostar) competed at the tournament. Both these teams badly wanted to reach the final tournament, which is to be held on June 4 and 5 in Sarajevo, through this competition. The first position was practically reserved for the team from Sarajevo. But, it turned out otherwise. Having won only one point, “Bosna” took the third, i.e. the last place. It is a real pity that “Željezničar” (Sarajevo) did not come to the tournament. But this does not reduce the value of the victory achieved by the young men from Titograd. “Titograd” and “Bosna” fought in the first round. The team from Sarajevo started the fight in a superior way. Filipović thrashed Mićković and showed, at least at the beginning, that the fear of the Titograd’s team was justified; however, sport is sport and the winner is the one who wins the fight (this is why forecasts of great experts often do not come true). The next two fights were won by the talented Lazović and the experienced Trifunović, who crushed their opponents and earned their team precious points. Everybody realised that “Bosna” was brought “to its knees”. The only thing to be done was to keep the acquired advantage. Nobody doubted that this would happen, having in mind the fact that in the next fight the Titograd’s team were to be represented by the heavy weighter Vuk Rašović, the holder of black belt and a judo master, who was ranked third at the last year’s absolute state championship. But, feeling the weight of the importance of the fight (Rašović was also the team’s coach), the renowned master lost to little known Puškarević. 69

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