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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Petar Ilić Milovan

Petar Ilić Milovan Kankaraš, Petar Ilić and Dragan Vujičić Husnija Redžepagić presenting an award to Petar Ilić 52

6. 3. THE JUDO CLUB “MORNAR” – BAR Marko Trifunović, the coach of the Youth Judo Club “Titograd”, held a seminar in Bar in 1966, after which a judo division called “Sidro” was formed as part of the Sport Association of High School “Niko Rolović”, which worked for about half a year. After the seminar, the division worked for several months under the expert supervision of its oldest member, Milo Đokučić. When Đokučić left to serve on a ship, the division operated for another few months. During this time, a judo exhibition was staged in the Elementary School “Meksiko”, in which the members of the Judo Club “Titograd” and the judo division “Sidro” took part. Due to poor working conditions, the division “Sidro” aborted its operation. The master candidate Nikola Miljević established the Judo Division “Pomorac” in 1970, as part of the Association of the Agricultural School Centre. Great expert and organisational assistance was provided to him by Jovan Stojanović, who started doing judo in the Judo Division “Sidro”. Stojanović was the technical secretary and the treasurer of the club and later its coach for many years. In June 1971, Milorad Vujović, a renowned judoka, moved from Titograd to Bar. The Judo Club “Pomorac”, later renamed into the Judo Club “Mornar”, became the breeding ground of talented and successful judokas. At that time, many manifestations were staged in Bar in order to popularise judo. On the Liberation Day of Bar and on November 29, i.e. the Day of the Republic (the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia), an open team competition of Bar was held in this town. The judo clubs “Titograd”, “Lovćen” from Cetinje and “Akademik” from Nikšić participated in this competition as well. The team “Pomorac” were ranked second, having achieved two victories, after “Titograd”, which won three fights, and ahead of “Lovćen”, with one victory and “Akademik”, with no victories. The judokas of “Pomorac” took part in singles competition for the first 53

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