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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


6. 6. THE JUDO CLUB “ČELIK” – NIKŠIĆ The Judo Club “Čelik” was established on October 21, 1975, mostly owing to Dušan Martinović, who provided the necessary conditions. Taking the helm as coach, Martinović formed the administration of the club, headed by Blagoje Đukanović, BSc. Eng., and set up a strong town club, which at first operated as part of the Sport Association of Željezara in Nikšić. The competitors coming from this club achieved remarkable results at all levels, and the women’s team became a member of the Frist Federal League for Women in 1994. This same year, the club was ranked fifth, whereas in 1995 and 1994 it won the third and the fifth place respectively. At the Yugoslav Championships in Sombor in 1995, the competitors representing “Čelik” won three medals, two of which were gold medals. The women who competed for the club also joined the national team. On account of the outstanding results achieved by the competitors of “Čelik”, the coach Dušan Martinović was named the best sport worker of Nikšić. The athletes of “Čelik” had joint training sessions with “Akademik” in the period 1985-2000, which finally resulted in their merger in 2000. Dušan Martinović, the founder of “Čelik”, was one of those enthusiasts whom we spoke about at the beginning of this book. In his forty year long career as a competitor, a coach, a federal referee, a member of the topmost expert authorities of the judo associations of Montenegro and Yugoslavia, the president of the Judo Club of Montenegro and a member of the administration of the Judo Association of Yugoslavia, Martinović gave a significant contribution to the development of judo in Montenegro and Yugoslavia. Martinović graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy in Titograd and obtained his masters and PhD in Ljubljana. He also took his masters at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica and was the director assistant 60

at the Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy in Nikšić. He was also the director of the Holding Company “Obod”, Cetinje, a director in the Central Bank of Montenegro – Payment Operations Sector Nikšić, as well as the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro. Martinović is a coordinator with the Regional Centre of the Central Koordinator Bank of Montenegro je Regionalnog in Nikšić centra and Centralne the president banke of Crne the Board Gore of u Nik{i}u Directors i predsjednik of the Electrode Odbora Factory direktora in Plužine. Fabrike He has elektroda published Plu‘ine. over Ima 90 scientific preko 90 papers objavljenih in the area nau~noistra‘iva~kih of steel production and radova processing. iz oblasti He proizvodnje is a member i of prerade the Technical ~elika. ^lan Committee je tehni~kog of the Academy odbora Crnogorske of Science akademije and Arts of nauka Montenegro i umjetnosti and holds i imathe zvanje title of vi{eg the nau~nog senior scientific saradnika, associate, i.e. vanrednog Associate Professor. profesora. His Uelection proceduri for the jeposition njegovof izbor the sen- za odnosno nau~nog ior advisor, savjetnika, i.e. a full odnosno professor redovnog of the University, profesora is Univerziteta. currently being considered. Dr Dušan Martinović Dr Du{an Martinovi} 61

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