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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

stay in the company of

stay in the company of the best, if that proves possible. Finding worthy replacements for Rašović and Trifunović is impossible at the moment. But spirit should not be lost, and instead, with determination, hard work and the help of the sport fora, all efforts should be made to preserve what has been achieved so far. The departure of Trifunović and Rašović means that “Titograd” has been left without a coach. The preparations are now run by Lazović. It is quite questionable how much this talented 18-year-old can do. As a coach, certainly not much! It is difficult to understand why Lazović has been entrusted with the coaching duties, especially having in mind that he himself now most needs help from an experienced coach, in order to master the elements of judo. The municipal and republican sport workers have to find ways to hire an expert coach. For, the judokas of “Titograd” represent not only their town but their Republic as well. Therefore, a way out of this must be found.It would be a real pity that the work that Trifunović and Rašović have achieved so far goes to waste forever.” Even though Montenegro had only one first-leaguer at the time – the Football Club „Budućnost“ – numerous appeals to provide support for the Judo Club “Titograd“ fell on deaf ears. Left on their own, the members of the club dropped out of the company of the best in 1967. Upon his return from the army, Marko Trifunović continued to coach in the Judo Club “Titograd”. At that time, the training sessions were attended by these competitors: Milorad Vujović, Momčilo Milić, Žarko Trifunović, Pavle Milić, Marko Velimirović, Jugoslav Ivanović, Dragan Ivanović,Dimitrije-Dimo Šoć, Zuvdija Hodžić, Slavica Đurović and others. Marko Trifunović occasionally went to Cetinje to coach in “Lovćen” and also to Bar. After the brothers Marko and Žarko Trifunović had left, the coaching in the club was taken over by Momčilo Milić. The most successful athletes at the time stopped doing judo, unsatisfied with how the competent institutions treated this sport. As I found out from the conversations with some of the athletes who competed at that time, the departure of most of the members of “Titograd” was brought about to an extent by the improper conduct of the coach towards them. 82

The Judo Club “Titograd”, standing: Mirko Jovanović, Božidar Markuš, Mihailo Markuš and Momčilo Milić. Crouching: Momčilo Markuš, Milo Marković, Vojin Markuš and Sreten Kipa Judo Club “Titograd”, standing: Mirko Jovanović, Ranko Miranović, Momčilo Milić and Ratko Petković. Crouching: Momčilo Markuš, Dragomir Škatarić and Zoran Leković 83

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