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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


13. RESULTS When it comes to results, it is understood that someone who has achieved good results has at the same time realized the goal of their training. What results do we, actually, have in mind? Let us recall what, speaking of the purpose of practicing judo, said its founder Dr Jigoro Kano: “In this way we improve ourselves and become more valuable members of the community. And that is, at the same time, the ultimate goal of judo”. (Illustrated Kodokan Judo, Kodansha, Tokyo, 1955, pp. 7- 13). This means that those who have became more refined and valuable members of the community, have achieved greater results and realized the goal of their practice and training. Often is a means represented as an objective and by that logic, competition results are understood as the ultimate goal in sports.Training, competitions, medals, awards ... these are all but means for achieving the primary objective - perfection. Every modern society encourages sporting activities just because of the improvement of individuals who, thus, become more useful to themselves, others and community to which they belong. All those who are successful in their careers state that they would not be so successful if they had not practiced judo. Many of them say that judo gave definition to their life ways and helped them succeed. Akademician Zuvdija Hodžić, Prof. Mihailo Burić, dr Dušan Martinović, Prof. Branko Radujković and many others have confirmed that. 155

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