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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

zarda 5:5; Rašović -

zarda 5:5; Rašović - Puškarević 0:5; Titograd- Hercegovac: Mićković – Protić 0:3; Lazović - Stanisavljević 5:0; Trifunović - Jelovec 10:0; Vujović - Subotić 5:5; Rašović - Dimitrijević 7:0; Hercegovac- Bosna: Protić - Filipović I 0:10; Stanisavljević - Filipović II 7:0; Jelovec - Brkić 7:0; Subotić - Bazarda 5:5; Dimitrijević - Puškarević 0:3.” The judokas from Titograd, having felt the sweet victory, realised that even though they were newcomers in the league, they had great chances to qualify for the final four. Thus motivated, they headed for Mostar (not for Sarajevo, as the article cited above claimed). Milorad Vujisić wrote an article for “Pobjeda“, entitled “Third Place - Great Success” and led in by “Titograd’s judokas at the tournament in Mostar”, which was published on July 9, 1966. The article read: “The Mostar tournament in judo has ended. One great competition is slowly falling into oblivion and becoming the past. The results are being reviewed and the missed chances are being counted. That is the way of things: after all big sport competitions, one always speculates that they could have done better. The team competition of the Eastern Group of the First Federal Judo League has gathered currently the best teams from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro in Mostar, on June 4-5. In the matches staged between “Student” (Belgrade), “Slavija” (Novi Sad), “Partizan” (Belgrade), “Bosna” (Sarajevo), “Hercegovac” (Mostar) and “Titograd” (Titograd), two teams have gone through to the final round for the ranking from the first to the fourth place in the state. Now the final matches between “Slavija” (Novi Sad), “Student” (Belgrade), “Mladost” (Zagreb) and “Olimpija” (Ljubljana) will decide this year’s team champion of the state. “Slavija” from Novi Sad won the Mostar tournament, whereas the second place went to “Student” from Belgrade. “Titograd” were ranked third. By winning the third place, Titograd’s judokas qualified among the six best teams in the country, a great success by any means, especially taking into account the fact that judo is a young sport in Montenegro. The team from Titograd had bad luck during the whole tournament. In the match against “Slavija”, the group leader, victory and complete triumph were within sight. In the fight Trifunović-Galašin, at a tie result, Trifunović was doing better until the final moments. However, wanting to end the fight effectively and add another convicing win, 72

73 Posebno priznanje zaslu‘uje Vujovi}, koji je uspio da odr‘i nerije{en Trifunović rezultat was caught sa Konstantinidisom. guard and Specifi~nim allowed his na~inom oppo- off nent to joint lock him. The joint borbe i velikom snagom Vujovi} and jethe sposoban team from i za Titograd. ve}e po- lock was fatal for Trifunović dvige. With this Ra{ovi} defeat, i Lazovi} the chance su obje borbe was missed zavr{ili for nerije{eno. Titograd to take Dok je za one Lazovi}a of the first ovo two uspjeh, places. dotle je Ra{ovi} Vujović merits ipak podbacio. special recognition jefor pomenuti putting up i Mi}kovi}a a good Vrijedno koji fight jeagainst na ovomKonstantinidis, turniru uspio da se the ravnopravno match which suprotstavi ended in a poznatim d‘udistima. Od ovog ta- draw. Using an orginal style of fighting and possessing lentovanog great strength, mladi}a, Vujović uz renders uporan rad, himself mo‘e able sefor o~ekivati even greater mnogo vi{e. feats. URašović jednoj borbi and pojavio Lazović se Miljevi} ended both koji their nije fights imao in a {to tie. da tra‘i Whereas u susretu this could sa Cveji}em. be considered Op{ti a utisak success je for da Lazović, Titograd Rašović fell short of expectations. Mićković too merits trenutno raspola‘e ekipom koja mo‘e special ravnopravno attention, having da se bori in i sa mind najboljim the fact timovima that he managed u zemlji. To to fight se pokazalo renowned i ovog judokas puta, on ali mu an equal nedostaje foot. With me~eva hard work, i turnirskog much iskustva. can be expected from this very talented young man. Presudno za neosvajanje jednog to be outclassed od prva dva by mjesta Cvejić. bila je Miljević also fought, but only takti~ka The overall neizgra|enost. feeling is Ra{ovi} that je “Titograd” jo{ jednom currently pogrije{io, has a team ovoga puta that can kobno, match {tothe jebest Trifunovi}a teams stavio in the country. u polute{ku This proved kategoriju to i tako be so this prefinjenog time as well, tehni~ara but the suprotstavio lack of matches snagatorima. and tournament experience je da is Trifunovi}a to be tack- ne O~igledno led with. treba seliti iz srednje kategorije. 71

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