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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Gibson Headphones

News Gibson Headphones Innovation Mobile and consumer trends driving growth The headphone market is moving at unprecedented pace, says Pascal van Laer, Business Leader Headphones at Gibson Innovations, which manages the complete portfolio of Philips-branded headphones and headsets and boasts an extensive track record as a leading global innovator. He told IFA International about the key drivers inspiring the latest growth in the headphones sectors. Headphones have always been at the leading edge of consumer technology trends, combining innovation with the personal style and needs of the consumer. Today, that pace of change and opportunity for growth is bigger than ever. Driven by the adoption of smartphones, experience. We see this as a significant benefit: we’re all living in noisier environments, whether on a plane, train or sitting in a crowded coffee shop. We’re also developing new solutions for other consumer trends, among them the growth of a group we call ‘fit fanatic millennials’. MusicChain technology even allows two people to listen to the same music source – which is great when you are training together. Another development relates to increasing headphone use by kids. With the shift away from the traditional TV as the key entertainment source, solution for this younger demographic. What’s in stall for traditional music listeners? Music lovers demand a high quality listening experience. Our Philips Fidelio headphone range has always delivered a musical experience just as the artist intended, and we’re proud that the Fidelio range meets the stringent standards required for the High Resolution Audio stamp of quality. Pascal van Laer Business Leader Headphones, Gibson Innovations headphones that have a mic and controls to handle calls are now the rule, not the exception. And with the explosion of music streaming and power efficiency of Bluetooth, the freedom of wireless headphones is now available to everybody. Tell us about the consumer-led technologies that are revolutionising the headphone market at IFA 2015. Here at IFA we’re launching our range of wired and wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancelling ANC. Using our advanced ActiveShield Pro technology, our headphones eliminate up to 99% of background noise, allowing users to remove unwanted noise from their listening Staying fit and healthy is one of the top priorities for 37% of millennials (the 21-34 age group). More than 80% of them listen to music while working out, however over two thirds of the headphones used aren’t specifically sport headphones. That means heavy headsets, bouncing cables and uncomfortable or illfitting earbuds. Working out is tough, and your headphones need also to be tough to allow you to perform at your best. That’s why we’ve created our Philips ActionFit Sport headphone range. Also launched at IFA is our new wireless headphone with MusicChain, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for a tangle free workout. today’s children grow up using other forms technology, explaining why a third of children under two today have already used a smartphone or tablet to watch videos or play games. As these children get older, parents are increasingly recognising the need for a pair of headphones that can be used with smart devices. We see that around 70% of parents with children under 12 years old allow them to use headphones, but only a tiny proportion of these headphones are designed specifically for kids. Our new Philips SHK4000 wireless headphones are designed specifically to give children a high quality and safe listening experience. With built-in volume limiter and no wires, the headphones provide the perfect listening High Resolution Audio devices are capable of reproducing frequency and dynamic ranges from betterthan-CD quality music sources to deliver the best sound you’ve ever heard. All of these trends and advances in technology add up to providing better consumer experiences, whether it’s demanding the best from your headphones during an intense workout or delivering High Resolution Audio for the sound purist. Hall 22 Stand 101 Headphones have always been at the leading edge of consumer technology trends IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 15

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