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Day 1 - IFA International

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News In Sync With Life

News In Sync With Life The Internet of Things drives Samsung’s dynamic product line-up at IFA in 2015 Throughout an actionpacked press conference at the Messe Berlin CityCube, Samsung demonstrated how it is taking the Internet of Things (IoT) from vision to reality. Dr W.P. Hong, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Electronics, prefaced a roll-out of IoT devices and partnerships by noting that the company had sold 530 million products in Europe in the last five years, and remains the number one mobile phone and TV brand on the Continent. But the company was “looking ahead at new horizons for growth”, he said, referring to the huge potential for developing interconnected devices within the Internet of Things, which is estimated to be worth a trillion euro by 2020. “We are certain that IoT will revolutionise the world of consumer electronics,” said Dr Hong, who promised that by 2020 all Samsung devices will be “completely in sync with life”. Personalised well-being via the Samsung SleepSense device was the other big announcement, part of a digital health ecosystem that rolled out alongside digital mobility innovations like the Car Mode for Galaxy app that adds value to the driving experience in partnership with Volkswagen. CityCube Hall B / 101 Sony Launches World’s First 4K HD Smartphone The Xperia Z5 puts Sony at cutting edge of mobile market Sony has launched the world’s first UHD 4K HD smartphone at IFA 2015 which boasts a 5.5in 4k display screen and two day battery life. It is the flagship of a new range of Z5 phones that Sony hopes will put it at the centre of the highly competitive smartphone market. In a dramatic launch event at IFA on Wednesday, Sony’s chief executive, Kazuo Hirai revealed the new range along with other key developments across Sony’s audio, TV, camera and wearables ranges. The Xperia Z5 Premium has 801 pixels per inch (ppi) screen and is a big step up from its previous smartphones which had a maximum 423ppi. A key feature of the new Xperia Z5 is its large 32GB of storage and 3GB of live memory. It also claims to have the world’s fastest auto focus feature in a smartphone which focuses on an image within 0.03 seconds. It is also fitted with a Clear Image Zoom that increases image size by up to five times, Steady Shot functionality that claims to eliminate the problem of shaky videos and a fingerprint sensor for added security on the power button. Other launches include: Hear headphone series and new H.ear Walkman that supports Sony’s Hi- Res Audio technology; new HDR televisions that offer 10 times the quality of standard screens; and upgrades to its RX100 camera ranges. Hall 20 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 19

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