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Day 1 - IFA International

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Notebooks & Netbooks

Notebooks & Netbooks Samsung Compact Notebook Samsung has unveiled the Chronos Series 7 notebook, which is launched next month. The range comes with a compact aluminium chassis, a matte display and a thickness of 24 millimetres. Displays will be 14-inch and 15.6-inch, and for the US market, models will be priced at between 00-00. PRODUCT update The Samsung Notebook 900X3A is skillfully crafted to weigh an impressive 1.31kg, and constructed with a sleek 16.3mm thin Duralumin shell, which is the same material used to build aircraft. Its design, with flowing curves, packs in a huge mobile performance. The SuperBright Plus LED screen delivers 16 million colours, and the marketleading 400nit brightness is 100% brighter than a normal 13” notebook. The computer also has a backlit keyboard, outstanding performance thanks the Intel® Core i5 Processor and the improved Solid-State Drive. Samsung Business Notebook The Samsung business notebook comes with anti-glare LED display with 15.6 inch diagonal screen delivers images in HD quality, and the company said that users can rely on “optimal readability” even in bright sunshine. In addition, LED technology provides for lower power consumption and a longer battery life. Lighter, Smarter, Faster Samsung’s new generation of sleek, chic notebooks are giving tablets a run for their money, says marketing chief Kyu Uhm Interview by Richard Barnes Kyu Uhm, Samsung's Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Marketing, IT Solutions Division, talks about how the two main product categories in his division — notebooks and netbooks — are holding up against the popularity of tablet PCs. Kyu Uhm Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Marketing, IT Solutions Division, Samsung Series 9 Notebook The netbook market is undeniably decreasing as a result of the increase in the tablet market. But with notebooks, there is no discernible impact on the premium and mainstream models. Moreover, the total global sales figure is expected to be around 200 million units, which means that the market isn’t shrinking. In fact, we expect it to grow. What do you see as the role of the PC in t o m o r r o w ’s h o m e - entertainment systems? In the living room, the TV is still the primary entertainment device for families. But PCs take over that role in the kids’ bedrooms and the home office. So for individual rooms in the house, the PC dominates. Having everything linked to a central PC is one possible scenario, but I don’t think most homes — or indeed most consumers — are ready for that yet. The new Windows 8 OS is based on a touch-screen system. Will all PCs in the future have touch capability? I believe so. "The market isn’t shrinking. In fact, we expect it to grow" Windows 8 is coming out in the second half of 2012, so most devices will have to have some sort of touch functionality by then, otherwise much of the innovation and convenience of the new OS will be lost. What key products you will be introducing at IFA this year? We’ll be unveiling the next version of the Series 9 Notebook, which has a beautiful and very slim design. The current thickness is 90mm so that will be reduced, as will the weight, which is currently 1.3kg. Hall 12 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 31

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