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IFA International 2019 Review Edition

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY NEWS KOREAN INNOVATION ON SHOW AT IFA NEXT Korea’s Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) was at IFA to demonstrate some of its innovative advances, in the areas of AI data learning, IoT, factory systems and human motion analysis. Dr. Kim Hyun, Assistant Vice- President, ETRI also chaired a panel in the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine on the subject “ICT-enabled Smart Factory”. ETRI’s smart factory operation control system can be used to operate the factory of the future, providing optimum customised manufacturing based on 3D printing and robots. A scale model of this Factory as a Service (FaaS) process was in operation at IFA. It can manage the smart factory in real time or analyse the operational data using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, as well as reconfiguring the manufacturing line using modular design. This technology can be applied to large scale manufacturing, or to help smaller businesses quickly produce experimental products. ETRI researchers have developed a web-hard illegal content elimination system using internet of media technology – where AI is applied to information from various sources to analyse the harmfulness and authenticity of the data. They have also invented a deep learning system to help companies with data centres improve the speed and accuracy of deep learning, via a distributed computing platform that enables clusters to learn at up to four times the rate of previous systems. A scale model of ETRI’s smart factory robotic and 3D printing process The IFA stand also showed a working example of ETRI’s AI human motion analysis technology, which recognises, records and analyses a user’s actions and behaviour The potential applications of this technology vary from medical rehabilitation and sports coaching to perfecting dance choreography for a K-Pop concert ADVERTORIAL LIFX UNVEILS WORLD’S FIRST POLYCHROME SMART LIGHT BULB HISENSE STRENGTHENS HOLD ON EUROPE Candle Colour, the world's first Polychrome-enabled smart light bulb The Hisense stand at IFA 2019 Made possible by a tower of “uniquely addressable” LEDs inside the bulb’s casing, the Candle Colour is the first product of its kind, uniquely capable of emitting multiple colours from a single light source. Users can even paint patterns onto the bulb by drawing in the LIFX app. The beauty of the Polychromepowered Candle Colour, according to LIFX, is that mimics a candle flame, which is perfect for entertaining. It is also the first in the Candle bulb range to include “White to Warm”. LIFX’s smart light bulb was not the only product on show that utilises Polychrome Technology. LIFX’s Z LED strips have addressable zones - which allow for varied patterns and animated light on a light strip. LIFX launched an affordable and easy-to-apply variant, the ZTV (1m). LIFX’s Tile and Beam products, which utilise Polychrome Technology, have the ability to blend light within one discrete unit. Companies interested in LIFX should also note that the platform can be licensed In line with its international growth strategy, China’s Hisense Group encompasses three major brands: Hisense, Gorenje and ASKO. At IFA, key products on show included the Hisense laser TV, the hi-tech Gorenje refrigerator and a range of ASKO luxury kitchen appliances. Since 2006, Hisense has pursued a strategy of “brand globalisation” with an annual growth rate of over 20%. The European market is crucial to this strategy and over 10 years it has built a sales network for the German market and is now expanding out to countries including Spain, Italy, the UK and France. The company has also set up a European R & D centre and manufacturing facility. As a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA’s Euro 2016 and Euro 2020 tournaments, Hisense’s brand awareness has grown internationally IFA International • Monday 23 September 2019 7

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