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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE Dr Reinhard Zinkann Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, Miele Smart and Sustainable Miele Forecasts Continued Growth Reinhard Zinkann outlines innovative product developments Miele Executive Director and Co-Proprietor Dr Reinhard Zinkann told IFA International that the Home Appliances market is "strong and stable" at the moment. "In 2014 the global major domestic appliance market expanded by 2-3 % (in volume). The small appliance market was positive as well. These trends remained strong and stable in the first 6 months of 2015 – and should further continue at least until year’s end." Geographically, he says: "In North America demand has been growing for more than two years. We see an optimistic consumer sentiment, increased spending power and a positive housing trend. The same can be said for Western and Middle Europe. Positive impetus comes also from Southern Europe a market which until recently suffered." The development of smart technology continues to be a major theme: "The smart home is past the kick-off phase. Exploring the IFA you will be surprised by the multitude of exhibitors presenting a huge variety of smart, value-adding solutions. Key for success is not so much the technology of the hardware. But the services behind." Looking at new developments from Miele Dr Zinkann says: "Firstly, we will be continuing with the next instalment in our Miele@home success story. New this year is a direct link between our TwinDos washing machine system and the Internet: The washing machine sends a text message to a mobile device, reminding the user that the machine is soon to run out of detergent. Further exciting topics are cooking and lifestyle products." Miele has considerably speeded up the development lead time for new products. "But Miele will never lose sight of its objective of producing long-lasting and durable products," says Dr Zinkann, "The company's founding fathers placed great store by high quality and extremely durable products. But sustainability at Miele is far more than that: It also means meeting social and environmental standard in the procurement of materials, good husbandry in production and ensuring our employees achieve a good work-life balance." Miele is a premium brand, and this is reflected in the design of its IFA stand which covers an area of 3000 m². Dr Zinkann says: "IFA is for us the most important trade show of all, even on an international level. We look forward to presenting our products to international markets even though a market launch in some countries is still one, two years down the line. This way we have our international sales partners on board at an early stage." Hall 2.1 Stand 101 Dirt Devil and Vax Technologies Will Lead to Smarter Cleaning Royal Appliance presents a wide range of new floorcare products Michael Grefkes Director of Marketing and Product Manager, Royal Appliance Int. Floorcare and cleaning specialist Royal Appliance Int. is presenting a wide range of new Dirt Devil and Vax products at IFA 2015, according to Director of Marketing and Product Manager Michael Grefkes. Staying true to the company's motto "leading technologies to smarter cleaning”, Royal Appliance will introduce new innovations to its Dirt Devil and Vax brands. "At IFA we're launching the generation 2 of the Dirt Devil rebel range which provides an even better performance than ever before" says Grefkes, "We have kept the outstanding design but redesigned the product from a technical point of view with regards to the ECO legislation. With a "Triple A" on the energy label, the new Dirt Devil rebel generation offers an even better cleaning performance using less energy at the same time. According to Grefkes, "What determines suction power is not the wattage of the motor, but the design of the entire machine. The new Dirt Devil Efficient Floorcare Technologies (EFCT) stand for the perfect interaction between all the components, optimising cleaning performance even at low energy consumption. New technology and experience gathered from actual practice in the household were incorporated in the development process." For Vax, the big news is the Vax Air cordless product series with powerful LithiumLife for a runtime up to 60 minutes. Key attributes include the Vax Air Cordless Lift, "which allows even more mobility. The complete vacuum unit can be easily lifted out and carried around. This makes it easy for the powerful suction to clean difficult-to-reach areas, steps or even the inside of the car," says Grefkes. The Vax Air Cordless Switch, meanwhile, means "quick cleaning on the spur of the moment. The powerful 20 V LithiumLife battery has a runtime of 30 minutes at full power, allowing it to clean an entire apartment." Explaining Royal Appliance's USPs, Grefkes says Dirt Devil's new Rebel range has "the best cleaning performance on hardfloor (A), the best filtration class (A) and the best energy efficiency class (A) at a great price-value ratio and has a very appealing colour - metal red." Vax meanwhile is a premium brand with innovative technologies that offers a complete range of powerful cordless products." In terms of the company's roadmap, Grefkes says: "Royal Appliance International is investing in new products and product development, always optimising products to meet consumer’s needs and expectations of today and tomorrow". Hall 3.1 Stand 102 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 35

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