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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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ADVERTORIAL News China Goes Global With the acceleration of economic globalization ever since 1990s, China has become a booming economy with irreplaceable advantages. The performance in the past 20 years has been exceptional. China’s washing machine’s production and sales increased tenfold in the past 10 years. Air conditioner sales increased by 1500%, and microwave oven sales increased by an astounding 3000%. The annual output of televisions has reached nearly 150 million units from 1 million units 10 years ago. China has thus become not only a huge consumer of electronic goods, but also one of the leading countries manufacturing and exporting technical consumer goods. Meanwhile, export sales of small domestic appliances like electric fans, vacuum cleaners, electric irons and kitchen appliances has exceeded over 100 million units. With improved product quality and performance, China is now not only the production base of the whole world, but also an ideal destination for international manufacturing and purchasing. Discover why – AT IFA 2015 – HALL 29. Li Dongsheng Chairman, TCL Corporation MAKING LIFE MORE “CREATIVE”: TCL A legend in China’s electronics industry, Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Corporation is back at IFA… and took us on a quick visit of his booth. With an area of nearly 1800 square meters, TCL’s stand at IFA 2015 is the largest stand a Chinese exhibitor has ever had in the history of IFA. Apart from the innovative products on our stand, there is a 270° video screen showcasing further information of TCL Corporation. Our acquisitions of Thomson’s TV business (in 2004), Alcatel’s mobile phone businesses (in 2004) and the right to use the Palm brand (in 2015) have equipped us with a global footprint in the US and European markets. Among the innovations, QLED 2.0 from TCL Multimedia makes the perfect combination of quantum dots technology, Dolby Vision HDR technology and curved TV technology, winning the Annual Innovative Product Award at IFA. GO PLAY and GO WATCH from TCL communication displayed on TCL’s booth target the young consumers, serving as a fashionable and caring companion in the form of smartphone or smart watch. Jean Franck Badalian White Goods Sales & Marketing Director Europe, Haier HAIER BANKS ON INNOVATION TO DRIVE SALES This year, Haier won a Plus X award for “most innovative brand of the year”. We asked Jean Franck Badalian - White Goods Sales & Marketing Director Europe what we should look for at the company’s booth. Visitors should take time to look at Haier’s Intelius 50 washing machine HW80-B14266A and Series 100 Side by Side refrigerator HRF800DGS8 – which were awarded with Plus X Awards this year. Among the many exciting product launches at IFA 2015, we present a cutting-edge solution for the connected home. The U + platform is an open interface protocol that allows home appliances to connect to each other giving consumers access to real-time information about their home appliances on their mobile devices, via dedicated apps. In addition, we are introducing the world’s first ‘no-compressor’ wine cellar and our Duo washing machine - which has a double drum, allowing users to run two different cycles in the upper and lower drum at the same time. Finally, we will introduce the EZY SOS watch, an innovative product concerning the safety of your family members. Via the SIM card in the watch and a dedicated app in the smartphone, you can localize a child or elderly person if they need your help. Morris Luo General Manager of Hisense Germany GmbH HISENSE BUILDS ON GLOBAL MARKETS Morris Luo, General Manager of Hisense Germany GmbH, talks to IFA International about his company’s products at this year’s show. At IFA 2015, we are providing the customers with a healthy, warm and comfortable life by experiencing our products. Visitors can interact with our brand new products such as Next Generation ULED TV, 4K Curved TV, Laser Cinema, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines and much more. Our key differentiating factors are technology, quality, integrity, and responsibility”: Hisense is investing more than 5% of annual sales revenue in R&D. Also, we have 12 R&D centres globally to strengthen key technologies and create leading-edge products. One of them is located in Dusseldorf, which focuses on the development of Smart TV. At IFA 2015, Hisense showcases the next generation of ULED TV. With Wide Colour Gamut, Quantum Dot, and Hi-view engine, Hisense ULED TV is capable of delivering more natural and vivid colours. Meanwhile, our new Cross Door Refrigerator, RQ793N4 series, with “kitchen-matched” design, triple zones and twin cooling system is a star product. With touch display and smart control via Wi-Fi, consumers can easily enjoy fresher food and an easier life. IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 11

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