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Day 1 - IFA International

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NEWS The gfu Point of

NEWS The gfu Point of View Germany’s industry association – the heart of the IFA show – tracks and predicts key trends The big question on the first day of IFA is always, “what are the key groundswell trends this year?”… What are the “sweet spots” in terms of product, and what areas are in decline? We put the question to Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH – the organisation at the heart of IFA. All connected products are in demand and due to that “unconnected” products are falling out of favour. Specifically on the rise are smart TVs and connected audio. Concerning Home Appliances, both sectors -- major and small domestic appliances -- are doing quite well. Smart TV’s new possibilities, such as the additional offers on hand via the internet, are hot property. The viewer is able to be his own director of programmes, deciding what to watch and at what time. Networked health and wellness products are on the rise. What are the key trends here? There is a wide range of products such as versatile wearables and small domestic appliances. Fitness trackers and sleep sensors prove that connected solutions are offered for nearly every request. A gfustudy from May 2016 shows that consumers are receptive to this kind of support and to networked health: 73% of those questioned in Europe’s five biggest countries agreed that networked health will help to limit restrictions of chronic illness. ONLY IFA OFFERS THIS WORLDWIDE UNIQUE COMBINATION OF INNOVATION, FASCINATION AND ENTERTAINMENT What are your views of Smart Home products, and how they can be better sold in the retail environment? It will be of great importance to be able to dispel possible doubts and to demonstrate the advantages of Smart Home. In fact, the fear of overly complex technology sometimes seems to reduce the disposition to buy. Although a large number of those questioned in Germany and Europe are convinced that Smart Homes will help to save energy (Germany and Europe 39%), to increase security (Germany 43% / Europe 46%) and to simplify all day’s life (Germany 37% / Europe 42%). What do you see as being the key trends in major appliances? Multi-tasking and performance are the basis for a positive development in the Home Appliances sector. Major domestic appliances make housekeeping easier, they create wellbeing, and improve life, making it much more comfortable. Moreover, today’s home appliances are increasingly outstanding regarding sustainability, energy-efficiency and protection of resources. Disregarding already achieved improvements and measurable results, the possible lowest use of electric energy, water and detergent is still a highly topical issue. The manufacturers still manage to optimise the consumption figures from appliance generation to generation. Some devices even offer gesture-based operation. More and more smart, or connected appliances are emerging. Connected appliances can be controlled via mobile devices and apps. Current status, notifications or information regarding care, maintenance or service can be checked. Integrated cameras enable customers to view their oven or refrigerator even from abroad. Moreover they have a lot of hints for example how to save energy. More and more devices are Hans-Joachim Kamp Chairman of the Supervisory Board at gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH also able to exchange information with each other. Due to this, several devices can be controlled with only one panel. What do you think will be the most interesting things to watch for at this year’s IFA? It is IFA itself. Only IFA offers this worldwide unique combination of innovation, fascination and entertainment. IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2016 7

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